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I just arrived home from overseas only, after unpacking the TV, to discover the screen had a big crack in the middle. The screen
is blank. The shipper or packer must have grabbed the screen in the middle. I am shocked!
I will never buy a TV from an online vendor. At least a local business will have to set it up. Unlikey that LG nor Massdrop will honor the warranty. A lesson for me and for all.
!!!!BEWARE. This whole experience has been terrible. Massdrop did not register my TV, as they said they would if you update your information in your profile. LG does not support Massdrop. this is direct from their resolution department. IF YOU HAVE A DEFECTIVE TV, YOU WILL ONLY BE REFUNDED WHAT YOU PAID, LG WILL NOT REPLACE THE TV. LG says it is the responsibility of the seller to replace the tv, they do not have the inventory or capability to replace a tv for anyone. The tv's get shipped straight from Korea to the seller.
Stuck red pixel. !!!
A couple of weeks after having the 65" TV, a red pixel stuck on. I tried the pixel refresher several times. Did a factory reset as suggested by LG. I tried several pixel fixer videos from youtube. Nothing made it go away. !!!! LG does not stand by their TVs
I had contacted LG. They put a local TV repair facility in contact with me. They had me send pictures to them. I did that 3 business days ago & have not heard anything.
*****Update 5/30/18: I am told by the repair facility that LG wants the panel replaced. The panels are on back order. The earliest it might arrive is August. To the credit of the repair facility, he says he is trying to get the entire tv replaced so that I don't have to wait until August at the earliest for a Repair of a Brand New TV. Thank you to them since this is a Brand New TV that failed in the First Two Weeks. Still awaiting resolution since the 17th on a process that started around the 11th *****
****** Second Update 6/18/18. After the TV repair facility submitted the RMA, it was approved. I was contacted a few days later by LG. The gentleman told me the do not have any TVs in stock, that I would have to send them back the TV & they would send me a check for what I paid for it. After getting off the phone a friend suggested I ask if it could be upgraded or send out a different model & I would pay the difference. I just spoke with them today. The first person said he would have to get back with me. His supervisor called. She tells me that Massdrop is not a vendor that they support. ALSO, that they do not Carry ANY Inventory, so that is why they cannot send me a TV. I have already sold my previous TV to a friend for much lower than I should have because I got such a good price on this. Now I will not have any tv, or will have to buy a different one. If I want something comparable to what I had, I'd have to pay at least $1500, which is $700 more than I sold mine for. I am screwed. I won;t be able to find something comparable to this tv for the same price now. *****
A negative for Massdrop is also that LG says thety did not have my information. It was not registered to me as Massdrop promised it would be in their drop.I had to provide LG with all my info. Yes, I filled out my name, address, email, etc as Massdrop said needed to be for them to register it.
I have bought many TVs & always refused to buy one from online in case there is a problem with the TV. I didn't want to have to deal with repairs or shipping.
I had never had a problem with any TV I had purchased before. I have bought many in search of the one that functions properly with other CEC devices & looks amazing with dark enough dark scenes & black bars. Vizio, Hisense, multiple Samsungs. Never had a "failure" before. So I said, why not go ahead & jump in on this Massdrop for the 65E7P. It will be okay. It's an upper tier model in their lineup.
The picture is amazing & I have never had a tv that just works with other CEC devices. Although it could use a menu, back for other devices & stop button to make it the perfect multiple remote eliminator. Works better than both of my $250+ harmony remotes.
As I mentioned, the controls & device selection Just wotrk, even devices that are connected through my receiver! You select the input device you want (again, even ones it detected through the receiver!), it turns the device on & you can control it. There are some buttons that are not there for Tivo use or Bluray player control, like a Stop button, but this functionality alone is amazing.
It might seem unfair to rate it a 1 star when it is the best TV I have ever seen and used, picture quality & functionality wise. But when you purchase an upper tier (there are two models lower than this b & c) tv, I'd expect a replacement, at least withing the first couple of weeks.
I Really worry about burn in on that pixel even if they can get it to stop being stuck on red.
I will change the rating if the issue is resolved satisfactorily.
**** Rating stays at 1. There was not a satisfactory resolution. They will refund me the money or repair with no ETA. Maybe August some time*****
Hey damonn07,
You are right, it sounds like that would be an unpleasant experience for anyone. As a first time, online purchaser of a high-end TV your experience should have been a simple one with nothing but years of viewing enjoyment afterward.
First, let me apologize for this experience as it is never Massdrops intent for its members to be left with a product that a. Does not work as expected b. Then have no clear and fast way to resolve the issue c. and finally, be left without a quality tv because you sold your old one thinking everything was 100%.
The way it typically works is once you purchase an LG TV and it has been delivered our authorized LG reseller registers your warranty for you with the information you provided when you signed up for Massdrop. Within the week you should receive an email directly from LG confirming your product warranty and registration.
LG does not support Massdrop but they do support the authorized reseller we work with. It does sound like LG dropped the ball here only offering two options for a resolve a. wait until August for a new replacement panel or b. get a refund for the amount you paid. Please keep us informed of how your experience progresses and also let us know if we can help out in any way.

whats a bait and switch scam
for those of you that are looking for an OLED, a site that i trust with my life( and most importantly my money) is RTINGS.com they go through and extensively review different tv panels, and put the B7 and B7P as the best OLED you can buy right now, considering cost, build quality and performance. I will say though, if you also follow IGN DEALS on facebook, i have seen this TV go for $899 on sale. so save your money and wait for a better time to pull the trigger.
Just a heads up Costco has the same price for the B7A with 3 year square trade extended warranty.
In the Specs under General for the E7P it lists 65". Presumably that's a mistake, but it makes me wonder if maybe someone got the wrong cut and paste and if there might be more errors.

The difference between the two models is limited to the audio, is that correct?
Not the first mistake by a long shot. MD loves to forget to proof-read drop descriptions.
Why this is the B7A $200 more than the one from the drop that ended 3 or 4 days ago?
that's the MD way lol, raising prices on outdated tech :) Seriously though, this one is from a different supplier most likely
Here is the trick. Tvstores has the 8bit instead of the 10bit version. The difference is quite noticible. I cancelled my order with them once they informed me of the difference.

8bit vs 10bit video
8bit tvstores scam

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Even so, it's unlikely you would tell the difference unless you actually like oversaturation.
There's a reason I hate wide gamut screens with a passion. For as long as they've been out, the standards are not moving. --;

The only question here would be: did their cheapened chinese version compensate the resulting color and profiles? If yes then there is nothing wrong with it, unless you are playing a game created exclusively for wide gamut HDR (all the current ones are not and look like crap in hdr mode, and even then calibration is required which will never happen with TVs much less unstable ones like OLED)
Either way I would not buy from that company..
There is limited content that is hdr/wide gamut but with dolby vision and newer hdr standards wide gamut I find very beneficial, I greatly enjoy it on my ks8000, and when calibrated well it has greatly improved my ability through my computer to edit raw photos on my tv and watch netflix or blueray hdr content I find hdr content limiting but visually when well calbirated a bigger deal than 4k especially at the 55 inch range. So yeah deep blacks are awesome but for this price hdr better,be there and with dolby vision it comes out of the box 10,times better calbrated than previous screens hdr wise, but with some calibration there is no question hdr is the biggest difference in tvs for this price range it is iust about how much range your tv can do.
Same TV is 999 shipped at tvsuperstores. how is this a better deal?

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It's most likely a refurb being sold as new, or bait and switch.
buydig and cleveland av are reputable though.
Yeah. Check out BBB ratings. Total bait and switch scam.
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