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Anyone from the latest drop hear anything about shipping yet?
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Just got an update from FedEx delivery manager. Shipped from NJ amd scheduled to arrive on Thursday! B.Hutch when should I expect to hear about warranty?
Scratch that, just received the e-mail from LG about my TV being registered and have an account made.
What is the loophole that gets around Massdrop not being an authorized dealer when Massdrop is explicitly mentioned on LG's site as such?
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The warranty is already registered for you. You will receive an email from LG after purchase. Thanks.
B.Hutch - I purchased an OLED on another drop, but have yet to receive a confirmation email of warranty registration from LG. The payment was processed on 4/3 and due to arrive on 4/10. I'm not getting the warm on fuzzy on this vague "it has not been an issue in the past". Having a "warranty" is one thing, but making a claim is different. In order to complete a warranty claim a receipt is typically needed. What happens if LG holds true to the "authorized" dealers only in the future? What documentation do I provide? What is the loophole that gets around the authorized dealer statement?
Only thing it's missing is IPS
WTB 65 inch Pls.
65 inch model please.
I hear ya, wish I could add it.
Just wondering, why can't you?
Is this a good deal? Did I just find the same one for $1189, or is this different:
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There are a lot of reviews that indicate bestchoiceav and ebuy are basically scam sites. If you try and actually buy the TV you will end up being told it is out of stock at that price, but they can offer something else for additional money, etc etc.

All of the major players have this hovering around $1,700 right now.
Also, do some research on that company. I dont think you will want to purchase from them. They are a known bait and switch scam site.
Best tv hands down I kinda wish I bought it here for $1450. I got it from best b.. for $1700 but I had them deliver it and set it up and wall mount it though. Even though I paid more it was still worth it. I recommend this tv to any one who wants better then led/lcd and plasma. You won’t be disappointed.
1699 here:
Yea not that great of a deal at $1,449 as it stands, but that next price drop could make it really enticing.
The final drop price for this product is $1449 which is $250 cheaper than anyone out there. A lower price is just not possible as we are offering the lowest we can at this point.
I too am looking for the 65 inch model please.
Any chance the 65 inch model is going to be available in this or an upcoming drop?