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I just got my tracking number, says it's already in my city....!!!
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How is it?
Pretty good, the shipping box came in one piece, well packed. The TV is great. I came from a Samsung LED DLP from 2009 :P
Has anybody received a TV yet ???
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I would hope not. I have only joined one other drop before this, and that shipped on the posted estimated ship date.
I got a tracking number yesterday how about you ??
Are there any updates on the shipment? It has been two days since the estimated ship date, but still hasn't seen a tracking number or heard anything from Massdrop.
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I agree. This feels like someone really dropped the ball on this order. 5 days after estimated ship date and no official status update from Massdrop is just bad customer service.
I cancelled my order and asked for a refund. It's a shame they can't do better than this.
Today is the ship date...when will we be given a tracking #? Thanks.
Great buy and good deal. LG uses the same display panel all the way up to their $5000 sets. Buy this if your looking for OLED.
My personal opinion: if you're concerned about the price, don't buy it. This applies to all things.

In this case particularly, though, the older a product is, the sooner this will be mass dumped when the next gen arrives.
4k oled is my next purchase for a big TV.. but i got my 65 inch samsung curved just about a year ago AND i'l wait for samsung to have a mass market oled TV in another year or so.. i DO like the LG ultrawide gaming displays i use.. these are sharp and clear and have a narrow bezel..
EDIT: if it were not for property taxes (about $10k) i would probably get this after reading the comments below.. :-)
Great tv good price but I would expect that if you gonna pay that much money that one might as well spend the extra 400 to get it at a brick store for the easy return/issue handling.
We bought the 55" version at Costco a couple months ago. If you haven't seen the LG OLED in person, it's nothing short of amazing. I almost wish I had held off now that I see this deal.
This is a good deal. The 2018s will most likely be introduced at CES so for sure the 2017s will be getting cleared out. I paid 2229 Black Friday weekend. It's a very nice TV. Mine has a little of the yellow/light brown stain (for lack of a better word) on the left edge when the picture is totally white (like many commercials) - this is apparently a widespread problem if you spend any time on the various home theater forums. But for most general programming it is unnoticeable.
This is a good deal. It’s $2650 at Costco.
I guess the $1,799 deal at Fry's was pretty good, then!
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Interesting. The Fry’s around here (Phoenix) had the 65b7a for $2296 for Black Friday. Same with Best Buy and Amazon. I haven’t seen it lower than that at any legit retailer. I’m glad I waited since this is the lowest I’ve seen it and mass drop doesn’t collect sales tax for AZ either saving me even more.
same here i have had one of the worst cust service experiences of my life from fry' never again