LG ThinQ 55" 4K HDR Smart LED UHD TVsearch

LG ThinQ 55" 4K HDR Smart LED UHD TV

LG ThinQ 55" 4K HDR Smart LED UHD TV

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can you do a drop for the sony x900e? it seems to be about the best 50-55" tv in the market right now despite being a year old, and given that it's for about 800 bucks at retailers you should be able to get a pretty sweet deal here and get a lot of buyers. I had bought an LG in a previous drop, the uj7700, but its blacks weren't all that great and build quality was meh as well, so I don't have too high expectations from the TV in this drop, but the sony is really good with a true 4k display and excellent build and deep blacks
Here you go on BHP https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1317742-REG/sony_xbr_49x900e_x900e_series_49_4k.html?ap=y&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8IX05bzC2wIVQSSBCh3yPwQ5EAYYASABEgJvfPD_BwE
Like I said in the comments, it's about 800 at almost every retailer. BHP is 2 bucks cheaper. I know that Massdrop could do a bit better.
RGBW Panel. Not really 4k. Google 'LG RGBW'
IPS means no buy unless you're planning on using this in a very sunlit room. VA panels give superior blacks and contrast.
Howdy Everyone,

I apologize that the models numbers got overlook in the drop description page. They have been added.

We are selling the 2018 models here on this drop.

55" - 55UK7700
65" - 65UK7700


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Amazon has the 55" in stock for cheaper, 65" is the same price buy it now with free prime shipping.
Went back and got better cost for this drop. New pricing is already in place.


Here you go, I believe this is the model and the prices reflect LG's promotional prices on it. Looks like the photos were taken right off of the site as well.
Was it this hard to put a link to the model in the description:


Amazon has it for $849 for the 65" yet you want to charge me $1100 for the same model?


Do better.
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This looks to be a new model:

But it's still a few dollars less expensive on Amazon $1,196.99
New pricing is in place for this drop.
Model #? Maybe a link to the product on LG's site?
Main title says HRD not HDR
Wait, this doesn't support Dolby Vision?.. Well that's a backwards step...
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Yeah, it’s very confusing. I’m also assuming the “HRD” in the drop title was intended to be “HDR”, but I may be wrong on that. Maybe they just wanted to make sure you know that 4K is a high resolution display
The description appears to be taken from copy used on other sites for an entirely different model, the 55" C7P OLED. The UK7700 does not support Dolby Vision (you can see on their website that their displays that do support Dolby Vision, for example the SK9500, explicitly say so).
Could we get a zoomed in shot of the rear ports?
Link I just added into discussion to LG's site has a zoomed in picture. I believe its the right model (pricing and pictures match).
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