LG Wireless Soundbars With High-Resolution Audiosearch

LG Wireless Soundbars With High-Resolution Audio

LG Wireless Soundbars With High-Resolution Audio

Where's the price?
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will it ship to canada?
The drops back
Yes, that's weird. Kinda fishy. Wonder what happened?
My guess is it was released too early? Will be a future drop not meant for today perhaps?
Hmm drop went inactive all of a sudden..
Looks like the LG SJ4Y for anyone wondering. http://www.lg.com/us/home-audio/lg-SJ4Y-sound-bar
Where is the description?
Why no description and additional photos? ūü§Ē

Also, would be interested in the observations of anyone that owns this unit, or comparable ones. Do these really add to the experience of watching television? Do they include an amp?

One problem we have is that the volume of some streaming content is quite low. Even maxing out the TVs volume doesn't make it load enough. Would a unit like this help?
Definitely recommend a sound bar over tv speakers. That's how I got hooked on home audio. My main issue has always been space constraints. Started with Vizio sound bar, then added a sub, then got small kef uniq surround speakers, then the first receiver. Before you know it am knee deep into this lol. Kef LS50 in the living room as mains and R100 in the bed room and went through at least 5 or 6 receiver upgrades. Long story short, only get this sound bar if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars later on perfecting your home audio experience lol
Still have the original Vizio sound bar btw. It's in the guest bedroom and still works great 8 years later.
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