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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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How come the silver one doesn't have the same logo in the picture?
Well they are cheaper because it's not anodized color like the others. It's the same pricing on their official site. The silver one with no logo just looks like it could be older, but it does have the strain relief added on the cord.
Come on guys buy this thing. I need that $20 for other stuff!
Is the 220v version also in this drop?
I just jumped in. This looks like a good desktop vape. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it goes through. I also dropped a link on /r/vaporents, here:
This thing is a monster, highly recommended. Commit today!
Going to try to read most of the LSV thread on FC. Was about to drop some dough on the EVO , this is a hellofa deal, just need to see if the shoe fits
Too bad its usa only
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Maybe some Europeans would be ok with that ? or is it a problem ?
Unfortunately, it is a problem since we would be selling in someone else's territory. We can only ship to US and Canada, maybe down the line we can distribute world wide, but we can only purchase 110v because of this agreement.

Thanks for your interest.


i'd get this if it was lowest price. wow, I really wish this would have hit lowest price..
go on planetvape if you guys need bong adapters , they have 14 to 14 and 18 to 14 mm . hands down my favorite vape for bonging , cant believe you guys got IT SO CHEAP , i bought mine used from a friend for same price you guys are getting it new lol.
It is not a portable, it has to be plugged in. It is far more powerful than any battery powered vape.
I'm really surprised this drop isn't more popular. I've been waiting for this vape to show up here.
Does it have a battery or does it need to be plugged in to use?
plug with a 10 foot cord
As much as I want one I will have to skip this drop. Sad days, as I really need another vape for my growing collection. Hopefully around September +/- it will be around again.
Are we able to combine colors at all, or do we have to stick with a solid color?
One solid color.
And just when I was thinking of getting one! perfect timing, lol
What size GonG does this use?
18.8mm, here is some more information of the four types we are offering:
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