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LifeStraw Mission 12L Water Purifier

LifeStraw Mission 12L Water Purifier

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Compact Roll-Top Reservoir

Ideal for producing large amounts clean drinking water at base camp, while car camping, or when traveling with a large group, the LifeStraw Mission 12-liter water purifier is a convenient solution to smaller purify-as-you-go systems. Lightweight and compact at just under a pound, this roll bag purifier removes at least 99.99 percent of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, instantly raising your freshwater source to US EPA drinking standards. It’s designed to filter up to 4,755 gallons (or 18,000 liters) of water—enough to supply a family of five for up to three years. Plus, the included shoulder strap makes carrying easy and also enables the bag to be hung from a tree or post.

How It Works

You won’t need electrical power, batteries, replacement parts, running water, or a piped-in supply to get your LifeStraw Mission going. Once the roll bag is filled, the water moves through the meter-long PVC hose (where gravity creates a high flow rate) and then an advanced ultra-filtration cartridge, designed to handle turbid and muddy water. Finally, the dirty water is released from the red tap, while the clean water tap is turned to release purified water.

LifeStraw Mission 12L Water Purifier

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  • LifeStraw
  • Capacity: 12 L (3.2 gal)
  • Flow rate: 12 L/minute
  • Filters up to 4,755 gal (18,000 L) to 0.02 microns (20 nm)
  • Construction: BPA- and chemical-free ABS plastic
  • Designed to handle turbid and muddy water
  • Easy-to-clean pre-filter and purification cartridge
  • Removes 99.999% of viruses
  • Removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria
  • Removes 99.99% waterborne protozoa
  • No aftertaste
  • Meets US EPA drinking water standards
  • Weight: 15 oz (425 g)


  • Shoulder strap


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