Lion Steel SR2 Mini Molletasearch

Lion Steel SR2 Mini Molleta

Lion Steel SR2 Mini Molleta

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Roto lock is locking every time I open the knife. the Torx in the roto lock is pretty shady looking, might be strip city. Would like to just have no lock at all, any suggestions? if the roto lock didn't lock every time I opened it this knife is perfect. Deep pocket carry, super cool frame design, great ergos, and most important the Blade, great blade shape and thickness And unique tough cutting edge.
Mass drop deals are not so great on production knives it's more like they get the overstock and discount a lil. Can find this elsewhere for same price at a store that can deal with returns and problems better than mass drop can. That being said I could only find green one here for a 100$'so I'm crossing my fingers I get a good one.
I want one these...I love the Handle and Blade...
but I don't know about that little wheel that keep the blade in check seems like it could be a real nuisance...
I read a few people mention it as a major problem while others don't make much of it...
so I don't know what to think!
Any of guys have a Lionsteel with this feature?
What is your experience!!
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LOL!! See what I'm saying ! And I can't lock mine while it's closed. I thought you we're speaking from experience. Bad Wayoftread! No biscuit for you. LOL

Fabulous knife with the worst #$%#$ lock system ever invented.

Tighten the torx screw to unlocked.
I don't understand the appeal of the locking system on this/these knives. I think it's the worst design I've ever had the opportunity to deploy. God forbid if I had to open quickly in a moment of dire need...I'd just be food for wolves.

You can't tell where the wheel is in rotation by just the feel. Is it locked or unlocked...let me fiddle with it first and find out. Other than that it's a very fine specimen that opens into place with solid authority and not even a wee bit of lateral or another movement of the blade.

So why go and ruin it with such a funky mechanism? :-/
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll lock it down and see how it carries. I've found I drifted to the Zero Tolerance camp due to simple, solid performance. They just feel good in my hand. First one was the 390CF, then the 450CF but it's a bitch to flip open and too light for EDC so I got the 456. But it is a beast for EDC and something is going to come along and knock it out of daily use. The extra size/weight the 456 brings is a bit much for *my* pocket. It's barely tolerable with aftermarket low carry clip. That being said it will be hard to replace it in any other way. The 456 can handle a LOT.

One of the reasons I picked up the SR2 was a dishonest seller on Amazon made the green look like something completely different. DOES NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to the picture they used but I didn't have time to deal with it at the time so I got stuck with it. Maybe stuck won't be so bad now. =)
My bad, I just got mine and it locks every time I open it, F*€#£%£}£, and I can't get it to stay unlocked. I guess its like rocket science to make a knife and were to stupid to understand it.
Lionsteel does makes an awesome knife, I have the SR1 aluminum, SR1 Titanium with damascus blade and just recently found the SR11 Titanium Sleipner flipper. Once you handle the new Lionsteel flipper models, these older SR1 and SR2 models seem to completely lose their appeal. I have larger hands and the SR11 fits me very well...this SR2 is just too small but may be ideal for the gentleman with smaller hands. Do yourself a favor and check out Lionsteel's new flipper models (SR11, SR22) these new models are way better!
My hands are XL. Though I love the design and the steel used and the fact that it is an integral or monoblock handle, it is too small and too slippery in my hands for me to be happy. And as a PS for people trying to use the rotolock to keep it is a very simple device only designed to keep it open so you are not concerned that the lock failing (which would take some crazy bad luck to have happen anyways). I have never heard of anyone having an issue with rotolock except here on this forum so maybe these are from the ‘delete bin’??? Who knows but it is a much-awarded design and iconic for the brand (and apparently from a small-handed part of the world). (No, that was NOT a Trump joke! It just seems an unreasonably uncomfortable wield for a big hand.)
The photos for this knife don't show a full view of both sides of the blade. Does this knife come with a Massdrop logo?
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You are saying that the logo is a dealbreaker for you in one breath, and in the next saying that you never really liked the designs and that's why you aren't interested.

Either way, your weird tirade against me for daring to converse with you in a discussion board is enough for me, you have yourself a normal one bud.
Once again, you have misrepresented what I said, twisting my words into what you want them to be, rather than what I actually said.

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that you read some of the posts that other people made in this discussion of LION STEEL knives, and mistakenly attributed them to me. That's the only way that I can keep from thinking you're a complete < profanity not used here for civility >.

You may want to re-read the posts in this discussion, and pay careful attention to the ones that I posted, and the ones I did not.
Mine came a bit dull. Any advice on sharpening since the edge seems to be convex? I don’t have a strap sharpener, just stones.
Buy a sharpening system. I have the KME system and it's awesome. If you have knives you must have a sharpening system.
Strop it. This isn't a slicing knife so it's not gonna be super slicey sharp.
I wasnt aware aluminum sr-2 came in sleipnir. I thought all sr-1 and sr-2 were d2
Even at this price point it doesn't seem appealing, the materials are too cheapo.
I can find 39$ knives with titanium and great steel. It's not the material that bumps up the price(although knife companies push this idea) it the quality of how it's put together and how good the design is that ,for me make up the price point.