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Literary Notecards Bundle

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I’m a kindred spirit to you both! I even have two budgies, 14 fountain pens and 10 bottles of beautiful inks. I lived in the library from age 5-20, and felt more at home there than anywhere. I want this drop so bad but living on disability makes it difficult.
BTW, where do you find pen-pals?
Try Fountain Pen Network. They have both postcard and letter pen pals.
Is the Card Catalog wooden or cardboard?
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Yep, as Vajra found, the box is a thick cardboard.
:( Just seeing this now. I thought it was a wooden box.
I am drooling over the Card Catalog set. Would def join this drop if I didn't already have the set of pun cards.
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Wait, when you join the Library of Congress, they give you a card catalogue as a souvenir? Is it one drawer? Or a 3x3 set?

If you don't mind me asking , how much was the membership?

I miss the smell of card catalogs and would love to get my hands on another one. Thus far, I've only seen pretty abused metal version that are rusting ;(
No, I meant that I got a library card as a souvenir! The membership is free :)
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