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I bought this from Amazon a while ago. The only thing I don't like about it is the cable, looks fragile.
I own a pair of these and just wanted to come into the discussion for the drop to give a hearty recommendation for them. Yes there is no detachable cable, and yes the cable is actually quite thin and could probably be snapped quite easily, but these are an amazing deal for the price.

I was able to get a pair about a year ago for like 35 bucks on ebay, but I haven't seen them at that price ever since (I've wanted to buy a backup pair). These have a really great sounding midrange that is well represented in the mix with a refreshingly natural tonality (some high mids like female vocals can sound a bit shrilly in certain songs at higher volumes, but this is me nitpicking). The bass reproduction is pretty insane as well. In fact, I could see how some people might think that these have too much bass, but even though these have a noticeable bump in the bass, it is well controlled and doesn't mask the fantastic mids. Highs are sharp sounding and convey a lot of detail for something in this pricerange.

I've also been using these as my gym pair of headphones for almost 7 months now, and they have had no signs of degradation due to sweat.

These are my favorite IEMs that I own out of Meze 12 classics, Audio technica ath-cks99, and some klipsch Image s4.
How is that possible? AptX support?

haha...apparently impossible. They should double check the specification before posting the drop.
Guess I'll start it off for the discussion

"Hurr durr...

No removable cables? I'm such a clumsy person and easily break cables.

Hurr durr..."
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Agreed. Well the Shure 215 is a classic. I feel we live in great times - yes the flagships are getting more and more expensive (and better) - with the rule of diminishing returns in full effect. The $1,000 in ear is certainly better than the $600 one, but is it worth the increase in sound quality. For some it is, for some it isn't. On the other hand, the budget priced offerings are getting better and better. What 5 years ago would have cost you $100 you can today get for $30 - sound quality wise. And the $100 range is getting so good - it would have qualified for top-of-the-line just a few years back.

Anyhow - you should always enjoy the music, after all audio gear is nothing in itself, it's the music it plays that makes it good.
Can't agree more on the low and mid tier gear. It's substantially better than it's been in years while the pure HiFi gear has honestly been stagnant sans a few standout examples.

The 215s were my very first "audiophile" IEM I got in the early 2000's and have been hooked ever since. I honestly still really enjoy them despite them not being as resolving, coherent, or "technically" better than my 846.

Although I have IEMs with many BAs, I've been on a dynamic driver kick and I'm having a hard time going back. It's the most bizarre thing where something like the Campfire Vega which isn't neutral or balanced or whatever, blows me away. It has such a unique sound that I find refreshing when everyone wants to be flat, neutral, and analytical. The Vega doesn't give an eff and is punchy, dynamic, and all up in your face while still being highly resolving. I wish we had more of that these days.
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