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LM Products Rutledge Briefcase

LM Products Rutledge Briefcase

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That full leather version you had on Touch of Modern was simply awesome!
Stay tuned... :)
I've worn through two $30 briefcases this semester, and have been looking for one that'll hold up for a long time. The only bad thing about being a broke college student is the "broke" part...
There are many interesting bags on the LM website, but most do not have inside views... I can't speak for the guys who buy these bags, but women like to know everything about the inside of the bag... pockets, spaces, zippers, compartments, key latches, pen sleeves, etc etc. So I'll issue a shout-out to Tyler at LM, pls add interior images of ALL your bags, not just the one featured here on Massdrop... Please!
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What interior shot? Lol. If you are referring to the zoomed in artsy marketing photograph of a notebook in a pocket, it provides no context or perspective.

How about taking a photograph with books and a laptop in the bag. No macro photography please. The bag looked fine but there is no way I would pull the trigger without seeing what it can hold.
I was referring to the ones I took for you at my home and linked to in comments - not the macro studio shot. Nevertheless, I appreciate your comments and we'll work with MassDrop to provide the best photos possible of interior shots in future drops.

Tyler - CEO // LM
Wish we could see pictures of the inside.
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And i do see a naked Rhodia in need of a cover! 😂
Just to update this string, there are new photos included in this drop to further illustrate capacity and scale. Hope these are helpful to the community.

Tyler - CEO//LM
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