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Logiix 10W Wireless Qi Stand Charger

Logiix 10W Wireless Qi Stand Charger

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Why bother with this? This kind of chargers is ~$15 on eBay. I got two (one for $10, other for $12) and they both have FastCharge support - work great on my Galaxy S8 and friend's iPhone X.
RavPower sells wireless chargers cheaper then this and include the USB adapter.
Will it charge the pixel 2?
Did you ever get an answer to your question?
So articles go back and forth on this topic, but I just wanted to know the opinions of people here. Do you notice increased degradation of battery life when leaving the phone on a charging stand/pad whenever not in use? Currently I charge with USB at ~20% battery to full.
The phone will stop charging when full and switch to a standby mode to protect your battery. This is all done in the phone rather than the charger -- the technology is pretty sophisticated. And no, I've not noticed any issues. I charge with a Tylt at home (all night, 8 hours or more) and an older Qi Infinity charger at work. Both are 3-coil. My current and previous phones were both charged wirelessly nearly 100% of their life.
Is this thing only one coil? As in is the charging coil only in the center of the device or like Belkin's wireless charger does it have more than one coil so it doesn't matter what kind of position the phone is in for it to charge.
Their product page doesn't show the phone ever being placed on it turned on its side, or mention anything about additional coils, so I'm assuming they just have one coil in the center.

I have this sample on my desk now. I have a Samsung Note 8 and can place the phone either horizontal or vertical on the charger and it still works.

FWIW if I use 10W wireless charging I like to make sure my charger includes a fan to offset any heat at that charging rate, so I just got an Anker PowerWave 7.5 instead. For the price it's actually $10 cheaper than this one's MSRP and is currently on Amazon, you basically trade convertibility for a cooling fan.


EDIT -- Since this was more than some could handle, just to be clear, this linked charging stand is $10 more than the current Massdrop deal (possibly $15 if enough commit to this deal). This is obvious when you open the link, I was referring to the MSRP price for this stand to compare features/cost.

Also, Amazon lists this at $89.99 MSRP, but Anker sells it themselves for $49.99 MSRP; hopefully this can let you make a more informed decision, good luck with whichever option you choose!
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OK, I know you may mean well but this repeated discourse is only serving to unnecessarily continue this argument. Regardless of what was said and how exactly it was communicated, kauboy did end up contributing to an edit in my OP, and no amount of back-and-forth here will prove to force some admission or confession that you're hoping for.

This is not what these comment threads are for, and like Jaysun said, above all else let's be civil. Consider this spat resolved.
Advantage of this over other cheaper chargers? Aesthetics?
It may be more its versatility, in how it can convert to either lying down or standing up within the same form factor. Still not sure if that justifies its price, as $39.99 seems more reasonable than a true discount.
The cheap $20 support this as well. There is no reason this should be more than $20. I can understand if they included the power supply, but they don't include it as well (which is another $15).
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