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Logiix Piston Connect Braid+ Sync/Charge Cable

Logiix Piston Connect Braid+ Sync/Charge Cable

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It is important to have a cable that actually supports USB C standards for proper quick charging and data transfer speeds. This cable has ZERO actual specs listed, just buzz words to sound nice... "Thick gauge wiring"... That is so silly who determines what thick is? 28g is thicker than 30g... but not close to what USB C needs.

HOWEVER, this cable at its cheapest drop price is just stupid expensive even with free shipping.

The Google engineer who started the whole issue of manufacturers who just put a USB C plug on a cord and call it good while not actually supporting USB C requirements has a list on amazon that he recommends, yes some are older posts but the cable are still in stock and WAY cheaper.

This is a Bad Drop.


Is this monster cable 2.0? You can find these for $5 or elsewhere.
Do these support Quick Charge?
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Ahh, thanks. I thought there was some kind of requirement. I might have been thinking about Syncing then which is already mentioned.
@KHamm: This is entirely false. There are no regulations for these manufacturers and many do not follow spec. Those that do follow a spec follow one of the many "levels" of allowable USB compatability (there is no "one" USB-C spec, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB-C#Compatibility_with_other_fast_charging_technology). This problematic nature of USB cables (where manufacturers don't list specs or certifications they've met) becomes more important the newer the version of quick charge, as the requirements for voltage, etc continue to increase. Don't buy cables that don't list their exact USB specification. No, saying USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 is not enough.
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