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Logiix Piston Connect Steel Braided Cables

Logiix Piston Connect Steel Braided Cables

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Wait, some of you are really paying $25 for a cable???? Seriously?? Why wouldn't you buy 2 from Anker/MonoPrice with a lifetime warranty, and swap out the broken one while awaiting an RMA?
It's terrible broke after a month of use.
Is it possible to give option to users to pick custom length size cable, like I am looking for 35cm and 15cm? Thank you
Why would you make such a expensive cable and them make the USB-C one in the LOWEST SPEC? It should be at LEAST USB 3.1 Gen.2 with USB PD (ultimate would be the same but with the added support of DisplayPort over USB.)...instead, you guys make it USB 2.0 cable...retarded.
I don't know why lightning cables that last are so hard to find. I bought 6 of these on the last drop, and 3 were bad. I contacted support, but they indicated these cables are out of stock and they would need to replace the cables with something else. I find that very frustrating. On the plus side, of the 3 that are good, I haven't had any problems. Also experienced no issues with the USB-C cables.
I received replacement cables, and they all work without issue. For lightning cables, these are great, you just need to check them and request replacements if they do not work.
Would like one in mini USB
This cable looks very solid, but it is a piece of sh!t
I was walking carrying charging phone in my pocket and it simply got bended + those "teeth" that should hold cable inside the phones socket hid inside and do not do their job anymore.

Absolute waste of money.
Hello sergpank

Thank you for your response. Please email us at customerservice@logiix.net and we will help you sort through the issues with the cable. Our steel cables offer a limited 3 year warranty, and we can start a warranty claim.

We look forward to assisting you.
Hi !

I bought the micro USB one two months ago and it's already kinda broke, as the cable is starting to get out from the USB plug and wires are getting out too. I bought another cable, but not a Logiix one.
Hey TheHaricover , I am so sorry you are facing difficulties with your cable. I would be more than happy to help you out with a replacement cable if you contact LOGiiX at customerservice@logiix.net.
Could you please confirm if the micro USB connector on the micro USB cable in the current drop will be reversible?

See earlier post for reference: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/logiix-piston-connect-steel-braided-cables/talk/1796313
Does anyone else get a really mild continuous electic shock from this cable when small a portion of exposed skin lightly touches the cable?
Yeah. And my cable is starting to not work. I'm pretty sad cause I bought it like 2 months ago. Won't buy Logiix again. I use the Micro USB cable
Hey @Flavourcountry, I am so sorry you are experiencing this issue with your cable. I would be more than happy to help you out with a warranty claim if you contact LOGiiX at customerservice@logiix.net.
The cables i bought on Aug 14, 2016 broke today the head was lose it could turn 360 degree even the normal cables that come with the phone don't have that problem.
had mines for only about a month, pretty the same issue

edit: u would figure that, for what they actually sell for, it would be of better quality
Hey, I am so sorry you are facing difficulties with your cable. I would be more than happy to help you open a warranty claim if you contact LOGiiX at customerservice@logiix.net.
Purchased both the microUSB-to-USBA and auxiliary cables and have used them for a year (the previous drops were in September and October 2016). The microUSB cable works great with no problems so far. The auxiliary cable works normally, but the cable tends to twist and tangle itself unless it is spread out. Not sure why that is, I have treated both cables in the same manner and have coiled them similarly, yet the auxiliary cable self-tangles and the USB cable works like brand new.

The one thing that the Logiix USB cable has that I haven't seen elsewhere is that both of the connectors (the micro-B USB terminal and the USB-A terminal) are able to fit in their respective receptacles and work properly no matter which direction the connector was plugged in. The mysterious yet infamous phenomenon of USB cables requiring three tries to plug properly (despite only having two possible orientations) quietly slinks away to bother other nice people. The way it works is the USB-A connector (which usually has one half open and the other half solid) only has a divider in the middle which houses the pins, and the micro-B USB connector is shaped more like a diamond to fit in either orientation.

I received these godlike cables in the September 2016 drop; when I re-joined eagerly the next month I was beyond despair when I discovered the cables were normal cables which only fit one way. If you so choose to join this drop, I wish you some amount of luck so you too can stop fretting about silly things like the orientation of a USB connector.

These cables work great and you won't go wrong with this drop. However, my personal favorites (the latest in the everlasting struggle to find the perfect USB cable) are cables from ANKER. High quality cables for low quality price. I recommend you try out a cable or two, and am open to any recommendations for better cables!
Two far cheaper options...both were $12 for two cables when purchased.

Which is amazing for a metal jacketed cable, but since it is a mesh you'd want to keep it away from water. It is quite pressure resident though, since I can't crush the cable with my fingers and it is super bendable. Feels like chainmail...oh, and charges faster than my factory cable for my S6, fast charging and standard.

And on MassDrop...

They are more like a coiled spring. You can pull them apart and expose the jacketing underneath, but they seem about the same build quality as the first set. They are smoother than the first set. I was looking for something tough to give to a kid, so something water tight/nigh indestructible. These are thinner than I expected. Still nice, though not water tight. Also, they aren't magnetic like I had hoped.

Either way, $6 per cable is way better than this drop.