Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB Headset (Refurb)search

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB Headset (Refurb)

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB Headset (Refurb)

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these headsets are complete garbage, had to return 3 pairs before I got one that wasn't dysfunctional. After about a month of use the headband adhesive will start to fall off and the whole headset starts to squeak. Just spend a couple of extra bucks on the pc37x.
Do NOT buy these garbage headsets. I have a long list of warranty returns to get replacements from logitech in the last 3 years. 8 g930's and 1 recent g933. The 933 has lasted surprisingly a year, while the 930's i would get maybe 2-3 months from. I will have to send the 933 back again, battery inside thinks its empty charge after finished charging it.

Avoid them, or get the full warranty.
This one was recently available on LogiTech's Site for 43.50 with a Discount Code on Slickdeals
My brother purchased those at that price and they emailed him a day later saying it was an accident and gave him a 30% Off coupon as compensation.
If you or your brother are active on Social media, call the Company out on Twitter & Facebook, telling them that, that is unacceptable behavior. You never know, you could still get a deal !!
These have been on woot multiple times for 49.99...
Do these work with xbox?
yes, basically anything with a usb A port.
Posted about this a while back also and this is not really a deal. You can get them off of eBay from high-feedback sellers with a 90-day warranty for $77 right this moment, no waiting, and with free shipping. Wait for a $15 off $75 flash coupon, which eBay runs all the time, and you'll be paying around $60. If you want these new, you can get them for $100 during the holidays from Newegg, Amazon, or BestBuy. In some cases you'll be paying less than $100 because there are Masterpass and Visa Checkout deals that stack on top of the discounted price. Plus you'll be getting extra warranty through your credit card, which can be up to 2 extra years if you use Citi cards.
selling refurbished shit? wtf Massdrop?!
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They don't shove it down your throat I don't know what reason you have to complain? Selling refurb "shit" provides people who may not be in the best financial position, or those who don't want to pay full retail price, with a cost effective means of getting what they want. Jesus quit bitching about something that's not there to bitch about.
Except this isn't a good deal for the G933 new, much less refurbished. You can get them new for under $100 when they go on sale from most sites. I bought mine from microcenter for less than $100 new, and I wasn't waiting for a good deal.
I own a pair of these that I got 2 years ago. The wireless would cut out all the time. I contacted logitech and they sent me a replacement pair. They too also had wireless issues. At that point I got a different headset. I did love the wireless aspect when it worked and the mic was better than what I was using at the time. Also, I wear glasses which made the headset leak out sound and get a little uncomfortable after a while since it would press against my glasses in a way other headphones don't. You can just use this thing plugged in which fixes the wireless issue that I had, but for that price you can get better wired headsets.

Note: I love logitech and own 5 of their mices. I just don't think their headsets are for me.
I'm not sure were everyone is seeing a better deal. These are the latest and top end model of Logitech gaming headphones. The best price I've seen is on Amazon for$127.99 http://a.co/fjiZGsj

No idea where the $93 pair are.

That being said for factory refurbished @ $80 ... price wise this is a good drop!

HOWEVER, since all sales final from Massdrop and you only get a 90 day warranty on them from Logitech... is $48 savings and waiting a a few weeks worth to get a product with a poor warranty and pretty BAD reviews everywhere?

I did own a pair of these but I returned them the same day since when you turn the volume up, anyone in the same room can hear exactly what you are listening too. My wife who was 20 feet away could sing along with the song I was playing. I needed something more discreet. Also check below of other people's posts of owning these before you join.
Not really a good deal yet again, when a new model goes for $93
I was just looking at this on amazon last night. It is $93 there for new and delivered in two days. Not a great deal on the mass drop offer here.
Why no int'l shipping tho :(
I have this, buyer beware, when you tilt backwards the entire headphone will come off due to the foam ear cups...
note i purchased a new pair of these with 2 yr warranty from logitech plus for 3 dollars a extended 4 yr warranty from amazon for my son for xmas for 89.99 i have read all the bad reviews on these but i also did my home work and and all the issues that people have has nothing to do with the logitech headset nor the software i have built my own gaming pc and my sons with windows 10 64 bit myself i have the G613 wireless gaming keyboard and the G608 mouse my son has the G910 orion spark gaming keyboard with the G933 artemis spectrum RGB 7.1 that work on his gaming pc his xbox one and neither he nor i have had any issues i have been with logitech since my first gaming build in 1999-2000 and i think it great that they have done what all the other gaming keyboards headsets and gaming mouse have failed to do my wireless G613 and G603 are better and fast than any mechanical keyboard and mouse i have tried and as far as any problems are is if you do not download the logitech gaming software for their product correctly yes you will have problems every issue i have read on their newer gaming components have been all related to wrong applications on owners pc not running correctly or they need to update there gaming pc or build a new one you can't expect all this new technology to run on a 5-6 year old desktop or even if you have a pc build that out of date you will need to research to find out what you need to run these newer peripherals have a great new year
Holy sh**...that entire post has no punctuation.