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League of Legends Ahri Keycaps

League of Legends Ahri Keycaps

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Who is the manufacturer? Is there other skillsets available?
I like them, but we all know that they will get shiny or wear thru the anodizing. The description makes them sound like admantium!
Yeah it would have been cool if they had say like 5-10 champion ability skillset keycaps right off the bat, but I'm guessing this is mostly to gauge how popular this type of product is. Ahri is one of the most popular mids so I guess it makes sense.
i mean, if it came in another set then just ahri, but with just her its only targeting her fans.
24 dollars for one aluminum keycap with single color icon. Not sure how this is worthy.
I'd like some textured keycaps, it's pretty hard switching from FPS games to LoL, wouldn't you know other variants? I don't think aluminium keycaps are the best for long gaming sessions...

Edit: Also why did they include the passive spell? It looks pretty, but it is kinda pointless imo.
seriously... why the hell does it cost that much for a cnc'd piece of aluminum.
Same reason computer processors are hundreds of dollars. For the profit.
O_O Where are the rengar keys?
I thought $20 for all of them. When I looked in the cart... f*ck no
haha ya they are kind of expensive, but there are a lot of options out there for keycaps and if people want to spend the extra $$$ for these higher-end ones it's all good I figure.. lots of places to get full keycap sets or even custom images for cheap. wasd keyboards has good customization options.
I only want the red(charm) key, how to get only this one?
You can choose which key you want when ordering or you can purchase all 5 during the checkout when you select options...

Hope this drop is successful!
Thanks man for the help!
I think these look amazing. If you don't want to buy them because of the price that's fine, but don't discourage others for buying something for themselves.
They dont look that much like something out of Lol, nobody cares about skill icons
Make these for other MOBAs (HotS specifically) and i'll for sure buy.
If the first four are abilities, what is the green one? I think there should be some standard LoL logo caps first before delving into specific champs. The price is laughable, too, almost insulting.
It's her passive. Don't know what key you'd put it on, though.
maybe flash