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Lotus Vaporizer

Lotus Vaporizer

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Lotus Designs

Designed by an MIT-educated medical device engineer, the Lotus Vaporizer offers a clean, tasty hit, within a heating time of two seconds. The Lotus’ design makes it so that hot air only touches the herb when the user inhales, not before and not after. The unit features a aluminum stem and a maple wood vapor cap, which securely attaches to the bowl of the solid aluminum pipe stem via a strong magnetic connection. The water pipe adaptor converts a 14 mm water pipe into a vaporizer effortlessly.

Mendocino Therapeutic Demo: Video Here

NOTE: At Check out you will be able add the water-pipe attachment for $22.99.

Lotus Vaporizer
Lotus Vaporizer
Lotus Vaporizer


  • Lotus Vaporizer
  • No lighter fumes
  • Aluminum stem
  • Attached stir stick
  • Water pipe adaptor kit (+$22.99)


  • 1 × Lotus Vaporizer Pipe V3
  • (Natural color Cap + 6.5" Aluminum body)
  • 1 × Single Flame Torch
  • 1 × Zipper pouch


Lotus Vaporizer


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