Luckies of London Corkboard Mapsearch

Luckies of London Corkboard Map

Luckies of London Corkboard Map

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Souvenir Simplifier

If there’s one thing that world travelers love more than seeing new lands, it’s getting back home and informing everyone else of their discoveries. Instead of accumulating trinkets, stacking up photo albums, and stringing together flags, try a simple and subtle way of staking out where you’ve been and pinning up memories of far-off places. With the Corkboard Map from Luckies of London, carving out your spot in the world has never been easier.

Luckies of London Corkboard Map

Uncork Adventure

Arriving in a sturdy natural card box, the globe comes disassembled in 16 separate pieces, letting you put as much ocean between each continent as you want. After peeling off the backing strips, simply press the cork piece to your wall and let the self-sticking adhesive take hold. Whether you do a traditional orientation or slice up the map to your fancy, the world is in your hands.

Luckies of London Corkboard Map

Pin-Up World

Now that you’re all set-up, either let the understated cork speak for itself or start pinning up postcards and snapshots with the provided 16 map pins. Post your favorite attraction, remind yourself of a foreign friend, or just place the pins themselves for a visualization of where you’ve been and where you’re going next. A simple accessory for anyone who’s seen the world or wants to see it every day, the Corkboard Map from Luckies of London pins the wonders of the world to your wall.

Luckies of London Corkboard Map


  • Made from cork
  • 16 self adhesive map pieces
  • 16 map pins
  • Packed in natural card box
  • Dimensions- 39.4 x 0.2 x 17.9 in (100.08 x 0.51 x 45.47 cm)
  • Weight- 6.7 oz (189.94 g)


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