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Luminox XCOR 5260 Series Automatic Watch

Luminox XCOR 5260 Series Automatic Watch

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Any update on the shipping on this? October 26th has come and gone... Thank you
Please bring this one back at the earlier, rather than the last drop @ +$200. I'll sign up! It's a cool watch, but the XCOR brand, sadly, has little value today as its time ticks away.
Previous complaints about the shipping time are not encouraging...
Wanted to chime in on this issue.......My name is Max Robertson and I am the COO for Luminox. Mass Drop was not at fault for the late shipping on this last drop on this watch. We had a delay in our Swiss factory with regard to getting this watch produced in a short term turn around period AND then to compound the issue, we had a customs hold put on the shipment after it was received, because we were also importing some UV lights, which we use at the point of sale to demonstrate the tritium tube today's climate, anything that gets tagged with "laser" in the description in a "no go" for customs. The watches being sold today currently reside in my warehouse in NJ and will be available for immediate shipment. Thanks........
Good to have feedback from the Manufacturer!

great watch anf great watch!
45.5 (ie approx 46) mm + holy katz that's a ginormous watch.
a cool watch, really really cool watch actually , but a very very big watch.
I was stuck more by the 18mm thickness but I agree she's a big girl.
Agreed, somewhat expected that a valjoux 7750 based movement by it's very construction will be pretty thick so but agreed 18mm is significant girth I think my valjoux based chrono is 15mm But I'd have to pull a spec sheet

just checked mine is 16mm, which is on par and close to what i tend to see with other valjoux 7750 chronos
While I find it a bit overpriced, that really is a cool design that's a major departure from any Luminox I've ever seen.
$599 last time weren't they? Why the price rise?
PS: These are still using tritium I think (states: 25 years Night Vision Tubes)

Yes. All Luminox watches employ LLT (Luminox Light Technology) in our watches on the H,M,S and hour markers. These are tritium glass vials as you have referenced. The expected life of the gas is 25 years and we warranty the illumination for 10 years. Thanks
Nice to see Luminox departing from their usual faux Navy SEALs shtick. Also seems to be a decent price for anything with a 7750 in it.
Are we still expecting an update today for those orders that didn't ship? I might not have enough patience to wait past today if the news isn't great.
how long did it take before it arrived?
After contacting customer service twice, I was told that my order is on back order with no eta.

Massdrop isn't worth it and they can't expect customers to endure bad service.

Fare thee well.

I'm out.
I contacted support and was told an update is coming today, 5/18/17, supposedly with shipping info.

Fingers crossed!
Massdrop, I'm in the logistics business and we ship thousands of orders a day, most of which are far more complex than putting a single item in a single box. 50 orders would be produced and shipped within the first hour, if not quicker. If you're doing this work yourselves, give us a chance at helping and making all of your customers much happier with your turnaround time.

We're two weeks late at this point. When will these ship?

How long does it take to put fifty boxes in fifty bigger boxes and then add labels and postage? You were able to process my order and charge my credit card in seconds.

This delay is taking all the the fun from buying from Massdrop.

Please provide an update. Better yet, deliver my

still waiting for an update...