Lumintop BLF GT 2,000-Lumen Flashlightsearch

Lumintop BLF GT 2,000-Lumen Flashlight

Lumintop BLF GT 2,000-Lumen Flashlight

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"It’s also built with enhanced cooling fins to keep temperatures down. "

The cooling fins look pretty ordinary to me. In what way were they enhanced?
So batteries cost from $40 to $70 depending on where and what you buy correct? How's the heat after being on for 10 to 15 mins? Thanks, theo!
This thing runs cool. It won't have any heating issues. It's only 2000 lumen.
this is an awesome flashlight!
The description is misleading... telling people you can use this as a floodlight. Incorrect. It's a pure spot light thrower with a beam so long and tight, it's laser-like.
What batteries is everyone using?
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4 batteries can be used with the long tube as well, you just need to insert both (one with batteries + one empty) carriers. The recommendation is the batteries in the end carrier for balance, if you run it that way.
As buckten has stated. Samsung INR18650-30Q. With button top.
8 of these, will give you 24,000 mAh of capacity.

what was the price?
When do we receive this?
Now time to give it the vinh gtvn treatment
Though I detest Massderp, the $250 price on this torch is the best currently available. I've got two of these from the original group buy. The GT is truly worthy of it's 'Giggles' appellation. If you want a torch that will excite, you will not be disappointed with the BLF GT
Ordered, one hall of a light
Good deal on this light, which truly is an impressive performer.

The only other light I’d consider in this price range is Vinh Nguyen’s modified TN42vn. Full disclosure up front, you would give up a small amount of throw making this switch - approximately 800Kcd for the Spec 2 version of the TN42vn vs. 1.1Mcd for the BLF GT. But honesty, I doubt your eye could tell the difference if you weren’t comparing the two side by side.

If you can live with that one minor trade off, then you can enjoy the TN42vn’s slightly greater output (2250 lumens), much nicer color temperature (5000K vs 6500K) and vastly improved form factor, as it’s much smaller than the BLF GT. Just a suggestion.
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The GT isn't 6500K. It's alot warmer than that. I think it's in the 4500K range.
I would agree that differences in performance at that level would be tough to distinguish unless you were using them side by side. There is, however, a significant difference in form factor, particularly when the BLF GT is loaded with eight cells.
This flashlight is AWESOME! After months of waiting (I was part of the original group buy at BLF, the people who created this flashlight) I received the flashlight two weeks ago. It is amazing.

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