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Luxury Ink Bottle Bundle

Luxury Ink Bottle Bundle

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I admit I own several of these. It bears repeating, the drop says “Luxury Bottles” and that’s definitely what you’re paying for—because there‘s absolutely nothing at all special about the ink, regardless of what you’re paying for the container. These manufacturers, like many liquor producers these days, have discovered fancy bottles return fancy profits. Don’t encourage them unduly!

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Are you calling me a liar? Why you no good, dirty-rotten, side-winde'n, varmint!
Say, you haven't been drinking the stuff, have you?
;- )
Huh? Iroshizuku are part of this drop.
@Massdrop What's with the arbitrary limit of 5? Trying to get all my Iroshizuku in one fell swoop and the website is keeping me from giving you all my money!!
You so crazy, Massdrop love you long time!
you'll be lucky to get any.. MD has cancelled the last 2 drops for these.
Too bad aquamarine isn't available :/
I'm sure there are people out the who can read Japanese Romaji, but for the rest of us, could you put what colors each of them are in English?
Here's a decent chart:

Here's another link that should help you -
I personal can never have too many inks. Great Drop, Thank you MD.
Think this is high when you buy online (e.g. Goulet Pens) total online is only $71. Still a little discount thoguh.
I just joined. The Edelstein inks are currently $27 each at Goulet, so this is three for the price of two.
Goulet's don't ship for free ...

I'm baffled though that we get free shipping on this one (not complaining, mind) but the stupid Rhodia square notebook was $8 to the US :(
I hope MD is able to verify some inventory availability this time
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I've heard Sailor Kobe #21 Taisanji Yellow is a great alternative. Thanks for the reply.
Taisanji Yellow is more golden honey than orange-ish brown of Edelstein's Amber.
just got a notice that this drop was cancelled
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When i revived the email from Paypal it told me only refund $159.08. however, I just checked my Bank account today and i do get AUD$163.85 back to my Credit card. so i think at least i got my money back. hope this time MD will do the job, second try.
I swear, you Australians crack me up!