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Luxury Ink Bottle Bundle

Luxury Ink Bottle Bundle

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You guys have to consider that my order placed in March hasn’t arrived yet.

I believe this MD is a complete disaster.
I received my inks back in June
Mine finally arrived yesterday. It took almost four months :-(
Using amazon, for most of combos of ink this drop isn't worth it at all. Edison inks ~ $20. Pilot ~ $18 Mont Blanc ~ 22. So basically unless you are buying the most expensive inks, this drop, after shipping, is more expensive than amazon. Also there is the added benefit of not having to deal with MD service. This drop is extremely underwhelming, MD needs to do better to earn my money.
Tldr: you only save $5
How is this one different from last time when our order was cancelled after a 3.5 month wait?

Also: "Estimated ship date is Sep 26, 2018 PT."

That's ... (hang on a sec, counting on fingers) _two_ months from now.
after 2 prior cancellations, the latest drop actually delivered back in June
Huh. I was just informed last week that MD couldn't possibly fill my order and was issuing a full refund. Now the drop is live again.

Not a fan of the games MD.
Same here, friend tells me they got a shipping notice, but I haven't heard anything.

I'm in no rush, so I'm not too concerned, but MD isn't doing itself any favors with the information blackout and general sub-par customer relations on this drop.
The delivery date is over a month, but there is neither shipping notice nor telling what is going on. If the shipping is delayed like this, isn't it proper for the MD to send us a proper notice with sincere apology?

I think the MD went on a summer vacation.
Still waiting for a shipping notice.
Anyone else still waiting for shipment? I still haven't received any updates.
This is not one of their stellar successes.

(Still haven't received my shipping notice, glad to see that at least some of you did)
I got a notice that these have actually shipped.
The estimated shipping date of the latest drop was May 30th, but not shipped yet after almost 3 weeks.

Any updates?
Mine actually shipped yesterday so yours might be shipping soon if it hasn't already.
Hi there MD, is there any updates regarding the status of the latest drop?
I admit I own several of these. It bears repeating, the drop says “Luxury Bottles” and that’s definitely what you’re paying for—because there‘s absolutely nothing at all special about the ink, regardless of what you’re paying for the container. These manufacturers, like many liquor producers these days, have discovered fancy bottles return fancy profits. Don’t encourage them unduly!

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Are you calling me a liar? Why you no good, dirty-rotten, side-winde'n, varmint!
Say, you haven't been drinking the stuff, have you?
;- )
Huh? Iroshizuku are part of this drop.
@Massdrop What's with the arbitrary limit of 5? Trying to get all my Iroshizuku in one fell swoop and the website is keeping me from giving you all my money!!
You so crazy, Massdrop love you long time!
you'll be lucky to get any.. MD has cancelled the last 2 drops for these.