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After more than one Year with these in ears, i have to say that the nozzles are utter shit.
The sound signature changes heavily with moisture, which is unavoidable during the summer and / or long wears.
Both the Black and Grey filtershave lost their high frequencies and after taking them apart, i noticed that the small sheet beneath the grills have discoloured and went sticky.

Just after regular wear. I clean my ears daily.
I cannot find replacements for these. Only Penon Audio sells full packs of filters for a utter ridiculous price given how cheaply made they are.

I would recommend getting IEM's without a modular system for longevity.

Apart from those issues the sound is insane.
I love(d) the hell out of the fun sounds with Red/Black combo.
where can we get these, I can see they are ali express but I’m worried if they could be fake. Also how is it holding up for daily use.
WTB: Don't know if anybody is willing to part with theirs, but I'm willing to buy. Email philip_sfo (at) outlook (dot) com

Yes they are good but the cable is shitty.
Replace the cable or do no buy them...
After having these for a while - disappointed in the quality. The wire covering has become brittle and cracked, causing the signal-carrying wires to be pinched and then fray. At this point the right is unusable and the left is crackling. This is from regular use, seated at a workstation, around 4 hours a day 5 days a week.
I haven't had this issue, and I've had them over a year. Have you contacted Penon at all about this?
Hi guys. I have a pair of these and would like to sell them. They are excellent and very little use. No issues with these. I'm just used to cans and don't do mobile listening. Selling for 140.00 shipped.
Cheers, Ron...
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Got them two days ago! Ronbo thanks for the easy process!
Awesome. Hope you enjoy them. Cheers.
I've been using these for a week and thought I'd chime in for people who are on the fence, I listen to mostly hip-hop, rnb, and soul. I'd say if you're in the U.S. and can pay the list price it's a steal. I like wearing my in ears down and these are VERY comfortable worn down (you just have to swap the cables R/L). I can go a whole work day without fatigue, but I did take a couple days to find the perfect fit, that being said they aren't the most comfortable due to their size. However I'd say the size is just right for something that provides such great sub bass and clear + rich mids. No sibilance to mention even with the filters meant for more treble like blue. The semi open backs do not leak much, I'm not sure if it's related but these iems have a very pleasant airiness to the music. The soundstage is quite wide, feels much wider than my HE 400i's. The filters are fun but I just found a set up I liked and won't be switching it until I get bored.

Amped these are a beast as the bass is even more noticeable and I would believe it scales well with better sources, I've only tested an 8+, 2016 Macbook Pro, Fulla 2, and Massdrops O2 amp, as a combo and standalone. After hearing it with just the Fulla 2 I've stopped using my O2 at work :). Well anyway I don't know anything but I'm happy with my experience and would recommend these
I bought these and am pleased with the sound quality but I can't get them to fit me correctly. I guess I have small ears ( anti tragus?) and it causes these to be very uncomfortable for me.

I'll be in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Phoenix in February so I could meet up to sell or ship them to someone living in the US or Canada.

$100 USD.

email me if you are interested: slovetro (at) gmail (dot) com
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Got an email from seller claiming he's reached an agreement with someone who responded to him sooner.
That's true! The sale has already been negotiated but has yet to take place. Sorry that I forgot to reply here. My bad.

I have Lz A4 for sale if anyone interested I bought sennheiser ie 80s and shure 535 and want to sell them to one fortunate person. Very good sound stage on these for sure.

I am selling it for $120 shipping in states only everything is included.

I also have nuforce hem6 i think i have all ear buds for them and selling for $220. Same shipping in states only.
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Yes nuforce is on sale, I wasn't selling shure se535 tho. I sold lz a4. What is your email address. You will b getting email from this email address gaurab43@gmail(dot) com
every time I see this drop I want them, but the drops always happen at the worst possible time for me
I got the RHA T20, Noble X, Logitech UE900S . How would LZ A4 compair?

These sound lovely, but there is intermittent cutting out on one earphone wheb the cable is rotated in its socket. So far I’m not sold on removable cable headphones. My Sure 215s has the same issue till it died.
Have you tried unplugging the cable and plugging it back in? I've never had this issue with the multiple SE215 pairs that I've owned

Also be careful about who you buy Shure IEMs from on Amazon, there are counterfeits being listed