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No mention of VTEC, disappointed!
Hahaha i knew i wasn't the only one that noticed this.
If anyone wants a pair of these for a better price, I'm looking to sell mine in mint for $200 shipped via PayPal goods and services. I have a fair amount of rep on a few trading forums.
This price plus Honda wing...I'll pass.
Having lived in China I've tried my fair share of indie startup iems at ridiculously low prices. This price is not one of them.
What's with the Honda motorcycle logo rip off?
Feel free to disregard people's comments about pricing, dear Massdrop team.
But the ZERO purchase should be enough to tell you that this is not a deal at all...

This is a popular IEM right now, it SHOULD sell very well if you had negotiated 15-20% rebate over the mrsp price (260-265$).
If you cannot get this kind of rebate, don't lose your time proposing such deals.
Just remembered the drop of LZA4.....(having purchaaed LZA4 some time ago on a drop here....) that LZA4 were 20% to 30% down of the original price those days...
Such a shame now....
Be smart enough ......
Get PaiAudio MR3........
(much cheaper ) from Penon these days it is totallly up to this competition range......
Haha 0 sold!
If MD would sell it for 200-210 USD the "zero" would have some other digits at the left side.. :) Any chi-fi follower knows that he will be able to buy LZ A5 below 200 USD in few months.. And by the way I would prefer to buy the package with upcoming new extra filters that LZ have already announced..
yup, no point in getting a dated product some months from now when it will be 50$ cheaper by the time you get it with more nozzles.
If AKG N5005 and A&K (actually Jerry Harvey) Michelle would have a baby, it'd have been this IEM's I guess.
As interesting as these are, it's looking like this drop will fail. Hope they can position this better for future drops.
Honda wings and price aside. These earphones sound stupendous for price of admision. People that have ownd the Dunu DN2000J will appreciate these earphones. And I would consider these an upgrade to the Dunus. They have a very spacious and impeccable imagery for sound that is more neutral in presenation with excellent bass/ sub bass emphasis and reference type detail retrieval. LZ is currently working on more filter nozzles to tune these even more but for the price. These are excellent.
Dont make me laugh at this price...
Are Massdrop people serious on this one???
At this price...i cannot believe anyone will be interested....
This is like selling lza5 on their actually price...this is not a drop really...
Just a warning: Penonaudio sells them for 269$ worldwide with an actual warranty, unlike Massdrop.
5% rebate, is that really the best MD can do ?
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Mostly from buying clothes online. Some returns were denyed and others claim they never recieved my return and Paypal took their side.
obviously u didn't use trackable post, u need to do it properly, return it with tracking and paypal will pay for the shipping, it won't cost u anything.
Also u don't need seller to accept the return request, once u made a claim u will receive the seller's post address, just send it back without saying anything to the seller, show paypal the invoice and tracking with seller's address in it then u will get ur refund. Seller got no rights to deny any returns due to paypal's policy.