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Mühle-Glashütte Seebataillon GMT Automatic Watch

Mühle-Glashütte Seebataillon GMT Automatic Watch

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A $4,000 (msrp) made in Germany?? That’s a first
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Ahhh I was told there would be no math. Tnx bro
Interesting! There doesn't seem to be a huge price difference between this drop and the ones you can find on other retail sites.
Do you mind sharing said retailers? I’ve never seen this watch this low anywhere else. Used market appears to be at least 20% higher. Best new I’ve seen is at least 30% higher. I think 2k for a 3.6k watch is a good deal. The question is if it is worth it to pull the trigger. 
I saw a few (Brand New) on sale for ~2.2k USD a couple of months ago. The cheapest one you can find now is ~2.5k. I guess at this point in time this is the best deal!
Great design and look, but are German "sea battalion" troops really going to be given 2K mechanical watches as standard issue? I doubt they would need a display back as well.
I think they wear Timex
This video on YouTube shows the watch from unboxing to wrist, revealing a lot of the details. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZIvdfWiCtY
Still waiting for their einzeiger to show up.
it's only £2600 rrp in uk and available for £2000. Time we pay shipping and taxes I can get it cheaper from authorised dealer, Not a great deal.
Is the quick-set on the hour or GMT hand?
Maybe you get a discount if you join the "German Navy Sea Battalion"? https://www.muehle-glashuette.de/en/wristwatches/functional-wristwatches/seebataillon-gmt/

glass backs on a "tool" watch are just dumb. 
Every watch should have a glass back! Anyway, nobody can see it except you.
no shit man
Badass look—would be a great buy at $1000 or so. For $2000? Get a Sinn.
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What kind of warranty is Massdrop providing then, if any?
It's on this site. Look!
I would like to know if mass drop or manufacture warranty apply here I doubt that you’re selita movement will be going to germany for repair
You will get unstamped Mühle-Glashütte warranty documents and a stated Massdrop 1-year warranty (no paperwork included with watch). So, you are not getting a Mühle-Glashütte international warranty.  I participated in the last drop of this watch.
Thank you for the information I appreciate it
$2000 for a watch with a Sellita movement? Ok.
yeah and sellita movement on a dive watch with  an exhibition back smh
Knowing what time it is in England when you're swimming 900+ feet underwater has always been under appreciated. Well no more!
Quite expensive for an ETA ...
Actually since it use the glashutte name, it has to offer at least 50% of the value of the movement as made in glashutte. So it's an ETA base with in-house modification. All Glashutte watches has this rule.
In this exemple, the regulation systems is completely inhouse.
Main modification to the base movement is their woodpecker neck regulation and rotor to insure better accuracy in harsh conditions (i.e. shock resistance).
Mühle Glashütte caliber Mühle SW 330-1 Brand: Mühle Glashütte Reference: Mühle SW 330-1 Base: Sellita SW330-1 Movement: Automatic Display: Analog Diameter: 25.60 Jewels: 25 Reserve: 42 Frequency: 28800 Date: Date Hands: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Additional 24 Hour Hand (adjustable)
Description • Automatic winding • Patented woodpecker neck regulation and Mühle rotor • Characteristic surface finishes with blued screws, Glashütte solarization and perlage • Hour, minute and second with stop-second • Date with fast date correction • Second time zone and/or 24-hour-display • 42-hr power reserve • Ø 25.6 mm; H 4.1 mm
if wrist size is small, the only way is to cut the strap given no microadjustment holes on the buckle ?
If you have a small wrist you don't need to be buying a 45mm watch...
I think almost everyone has to cut the strap. I got a 46-mm Glycine watch with this type of strap, and it was long enough to fit the 99 percent case and thus too long for everyone else. Think of it as a bracelet where you remove links, but the links cannot be put back on. You need to be careful because the replacement strap will cost 2 or 3 hundred dollars from the maker. There are guide lines for cutting, but you don't necessarily want to use those. You want to cut such that the maxium amount of silicone remains under the buckle, which will be different on each side. To cut I used an Olfa rolling razor disk cutter with a new blade and a stainless steel ruler on a cutting surface. I did it little by little over days, and I made sure that I didn't cut too much. Your wrist size varies throughout the day depending on your hydration and other factors, so you need to test each new cut for a couple of days . And your wrist size also varies with your weight, so keep that in mind. For bracelets, I like them a little bangly, but these silicone straps are very stiff and work better when they are not too loose. You have a steel watch on top, a big steel deployant buckle on the bottom, and thick, stiff silicone on the sides. It's a much more solid feel than a steel bracelet. If you ever sell the watch it needs to be to someone with a wrist your size or smaller, so this isn't a watch for watch flippers.
Its so beautiful but so expensive.
Fancy, but i can't put $2000 on my arm. 😃
This is a really great deal for this watch... wish my budget wasn't so constrained at the moment or I'd be in.
The Seebataillon GMT is not technically a diver. It is a maritime operations watch commissioned by the German Naval Force Protection Battalion - name: Seebatallion; motto: "From land to sea - From sea to land" - whose remit ranges from relief, rescue and evacuation missions to the protection of sea routes, ships, ports, and strategically important positions against asymmetric threats and terrorist attacks. They also carry out the reconnaissance, identification, and control of ordnance on water and land. Kind of a combination of the Coast Guard and Navy Seals. It has a bi-directional bezel for event timing and a GMT complication because international shipping paperwork is documented in GMT time just like for air transportation. And being a titanium case it is very lightweight and tough with proprietary modifications to the base movement to resist shock. Price is good, but not great.
Bloody nice watch, wearing mine as we speak..... great price. Big watch but light due to the titanium, strap very comfortable but you have to cut to size which may be a problem for some. Definitely 21 jewels not 25 as stated. Would highly recommend a great GMT watch
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im a photographer.  I understand.  i'm just saying what it looks like.  45mm is a big watch.  i'm a fairly big guy.  my sweet spot is 42mm with 22mm lugs like my pelagos or my Seiko turtle.  of course he obviously sees it differently.
you can lie to me as much as you like with that comment because i can't try that stuff. no girlfriend. lol
It's a solid-ass looking sucker. I've never seen a strap like that, sort of silicone with separate end pieces? I assume that the endpieces come out to accommodate other straps? Although my experience with the equally hefty Glycine Aquarius is that these big mother watches don't work so well with third-party straps, unless the straps are really thick.
Tragically well out of my price range, but that is a stunning looking watch..
I've owned a Muhle Glashutte (The SAR) before and they are amazing watches. I'm in.
Numbers on bezel wrong way?? 45 30 15??
It's a countdown bezel rather than a timing bezel.
Looks nice, what's the lug to lug?
Description say 25 jewel movement but caseback picture says 21 jewel. Hmmm🤔
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I have a steinhart gmt with eta 2893-2 movement always 21 jewels 2824-2 2892-2 25 jewels gmt eta 21 jewels
Steinhart is a much better buy