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Triple-Driver IEM With a Carbon Fiber Look

The Magaosi X3 is the latest in the brand’s streak of affordable, high-quality multi-driver IEMs. The three balanced-armature drivers deliver a smooth sound, while the ergonomic clear housing is complete with a stylish carbon-fiber-like faceplate reminiscent of what you’d find on higher-end custom IEMs. Along with a braided MMCX-to-3.5-millimeter cable, the X3 comes with a Bluetooth cable that makes it versatile for mobile use. Plus, the IEM’s MMCX connector ensures easy cable replacement in the future. The Audio123 blog says, “The X3 is a smooth-sounding iem that is able to produce relaxing bass, intimate midrange, and controlled treble. There is a fine execution with finesse shown and it ensures an enjoyable, fatigue-free listening session … The X3 is a good IEM to celebrate the third anniversary of Magaosi.”


  • Magaosi
  • Driver unit: 3 balanced armatures (Knowles 22955, 29689, 33518)
  • Impedance: 21 ohms
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz–20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 118 db
  • Distortion: ≤ 1%
  • L&R channel balance sensitivity: ≤ 2 dB
  • Max input power: 10 mW
  • Cable length: 3.9 ft (1.2 m)
  • Wire material: Copper and silver-plated mixed cable
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Plug: ⅛ in (3.5 mm), gold plated


  • Magaosi B3 MMCX Bluetooth cable
  • 8 pairs of silicone ear tips
  • Carrying case


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Recent Activity

Just got them ( a day early to boot), and for an IEM with 3 BAs, I'm a little conflicted on how to feel. The mids, and especially make vocals, sound pretty hollow. Instrumental separation isn't particularly great either. Everything has a very hollow or veiled sound to it, and playing with EQ can only sort of salvage voices in general. Not entirely sure what's going on there. The only positive thing i can say right now is the isolation is the best out of any IEM I've ever had (a short list to be fair), but I've got 2 fans on high in my room and I can barely hear them even if I try. They're supremely comfortable to wear, as well, and are a good contender for being something I can sleep with in my ears. The MMCX connectors are tight without being difficult to remove, and each earbud has a nice weight to it. The cable that comes pre-installed also has a nice feeling to it as well I'm going to give them a few days, maybe even try to burn them in, but I'm going to have to do quite a bit of EQ before i can use these over the FiiO F9s. I'm hoping something changes. Edit: The bluetooth cable that comes with it is very nice too. I took another few hours and played around with the EQ and a few spare MMCX cables I have lying around, and I've got them to where I can hear the amount of sparkle I was desperately missing. Had some good results with the other cables, including a balanced cable from the F9s. Definitely glad I could salvage these. The Bluetooth cable is very convenient and easy to charge and pair, so I'm looking forward to using it in the future (probably all the time).

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