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Magi Nation Duel Bundle

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5 Potent Decks From a Cult Classic

Filled with wacky references and anime-style artwork, Magi Nation Duel sparked a lot of intrigue in the early 2000s. Though it never took off like its creators hoped, the game developed an undeniable cult following over the years. With this bundle, you’ll get a limited-edition booster box and four different starter theme decks, each with a different flavor. The first two starter decks come from Nightmare’s Dawn, filled with creepy creatures and dark figures. The second two starter decks come from Voice of Storms, which features beasts born from icy conflict and desert warfare.


  • Booster box: 36 packs 
  • Theme decks: Deck for one player, six-sided die, rule book, energy tokens


  • Magi Nation Duel Limited Booster Box
  • Nightmare's Dawn Bograth Starter Theme Deck
  • Nightmare's Dawn Paradwyn Starter Theme Deck
  • Voice of the Storms Nar Starter Theme Deck
  • Voice of the Storms Sands of D'resh Starter Theme Deck


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