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Magic Maze Board Game Bundle

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Escape With the Loot Before Time Runs Out

You and your counterparts have been robbed of all your prized possessions. Luckily, the Magic Maze shopping mall has more than enough plunder to go around. The only problem is the guards don’t take kindly to looters, and everybody in your crew needs to restock. In Magic Maze, up to eight players collaborate to get past the guards and loot the bountiful mall. At the start of the game, players get 3 minutes to take actions—which could be anything from moving to exploring a new area to riding an escalator. All this takes rigorous cooperation between all players to grab what they need and escape before time runs out. This drop also includes the Maximum Security expansion, which includes various additions to customize the game. Helpers like ventilation shafts and spells make the game a bit easier, while Challenges like reinforcement guards and sensors make it all the more difficult.


  • Designed by Kasper Lapp
  • Artwork by Gyom
  • Players: 1–8
  • Playing time: 15 min
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up


  • Magic Maze
  • Magic Maze: Maximum Security


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