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I grabbed one last time it dropped. I opened a balance and a mana short. Kinda cool that I have a fresh balance for my cube in addition to all the beautiful white border lands. Overall value for the deck was low but you shouldn't buy these expecting high value returns. If you're looking for specific cards out of these honestly buying the singles online is your best bet.
Got my box on friday. It was in good condition however i got a bunk box that included no Rares. Hopefully others have better luck.
Why? Why in the world would they ship to US only?
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Why WoTC would do something like that?
The rule only applies to sets that are less than 2 years old. Afterwards anyone can ship any box anywhere. Massdrop just has a blanket rule they've chose to use. karnophage
If I order 1 Starter Deck would it be enough to make 2 decks and play with a friend?
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No, not even close actually. What you want is a duel deck.
Yes, but you really want (2) starters. You'll end up with enough of each color between the 2 boxes to be able to build a couple of 2 color decks to play with.
Way back in the day, my friend had 2 decks of what's now called alpha. I didn't buy cards for a couple of years because we'd just assemble a deck each out of which ever box we picked up, and we'd play. It worked great. Now, I think I've down sized to just a cubic foot or two of the damned things.
I bought this product purely for nostalgia reasons. But this product is highly suspicious of a repacked product. The top of the package looked like it was resealed. Not one card over 25 cents. Now some will say well 4th isn't that great of a set I would agree. However (and yes it could be just the luck of the draw) even the incredibly cheap cards (again I did not buy for investment reasons) crusade and channel are only cards that a person would even consider taking. Where I don't necessarily regret buying the product I do not think will buy MTG products from mass drop again.
This is probably a stupid question, but I'm assuming that unlike Pokemon, older MTG cards are actually legal? In sanctioned Pokemon TCG matches you can only use cards from more recent sets...
you are partially correct. in magic there are different formats, standard is the format where you can only use the most recent sets to play, modern is the format which allows any card since 7th edition (I think), legacy which allows *almost* every card (see vintage), and vintage which allows every card with restricted cards. Each format has its own ban list with cards deemed to powerful for the format with vintage being the only set that has a restricted list instead of a ban list. Restricted means you can only have one of a particular card (black lotus, mox(s), etc) in your deck. The cards in this drop would be legal in vintage, legacy, and a few in modern as well seeing as reprints can be found in newer sets.
The modern format starts with 8th edition
4th Edition has 0 power in it with all the terrible ante cards as rares. This is the core set I started with and missed out on all the fun and power from Revised and 3rd.
I ain't to enticed by this, but y'all may want to double check the price. It says it's 40 bucks, with a 20 buck MRSP. I know Massdrop is often criticized for its deals (or lack thereof) but this seems to ridiculous to be intentional.
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Confirmed. I don't remember if 4E had it printed on the box or not, but these were definitely $9.99 and eventually went up in later expansions.

For $20, you could get a 2-player set that was essentially 2 of these, plus a sweet faux leather dice bag and glass life counter beads.

4E DOES have access to the following rares: Land Tax, Mana Vault, Sylvan Library, and Strip Mine (all between $20-$10 value). Also in the set are Birds of Paradise, Wrath of God, Lord of Atlantis, Winter Orb, Hurkyl's Recall, Armageddon, Howling Mine, and a few other notables.

It's not "worth it" from a player's point of view, but these are becoming harder to find in unopened condition and thus have become collector's items in that state. That's why they are listed so high.
$8.99 if memory serves.
I have Received my two decks that I have ordered I have strong suspicions that the decks are non genuine. I have a card within the set that I received (Weakness) which seems to have a hair on the right side of the card after closer inspection it is printed on the card itself which makes me believe that these are scans and unauthorized reprints of these starter decks I just wanted to post here before I contact Support directly to let everyone know to stay away
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Yeah, this seems extremely farfetched. If you wanted to print fake magic cards why wouldn't you just print fake versions of the $50 or $100 or $1,000 cards? Also why go through the trouble of attempting to make them look sealed? That's a lot of money on card stock, deck boxes, and not to mention the time and effort. It's basically akin to not only counterfeiting pennies, which isn't worth the raw materials you'd use, but then hand rolling then in 50 cent wraps.

The "ripoff" here isn't that it's fake, it's that you'll be very unlikely to open more value then the cost of the product. But that "ripoff" is basically a cornerstone of Magic the Gathering. Sealed product is always much less likely to contain more value then its cost.
Will this be aviable for people outside of the US? Previous MTG products (cards) have't been aviable for shipping, and it doesn't say which country it only ships to anymore (next to the price).
Note: As with all sealed Magic: the Gathering products, this drop is limited to customers within the United States.

It's in the order details towards the top of the page.