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Magic YoYo N12

Magic YoYo N12

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Shark’s Honor

The Magic YoYo N12 (Shark’s Honor) is an affordable metal yo-yo built to be an ideal intermediate competition level yo-yo with precision balance, weight, and string trick style. It comes in 10 various colors with splash options, and ships with the center bearing. Crafted out of aluminum 6061 and designed with a butterfly body shape, the texture is bead blasted and features a 10 ball KK bearing.

Magic YoYo N12
Magic YoYo N12

Note: At check out, choose between blue, aqua, red, army green, green w/ white splash (+$3), blue w/ white splash(+$3).

blue w/ white splash
green w/ white splash
Magic YoYo N12


  • Magic YOYO
  • Series: N12
  • Recommended for Ages 8 and up
  • Weight: 67.58g
  • 2.16 in (55 mm) diameter
  • 1.73 in (44 m) width
  • Butterfly body shape
  • Aluminum 6061
  • Bead blasted
  • 10 Ball KK Bearing
  • Bearing size: C


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Estimated ship date is May 29, 2015 PT.

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