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Clears please.
I purchased this identical model under a different brand name for use with Mac based on their claims of compatibility; it is only compatible on the first layer (the basic number pad); you have to leave the Num lock off (thus you get a dead LED; unaesthetic, to say the least), because if you accidentally hit it, it produces bizarre ASCII code and audible error alerts from macOS; and the function layer is completely useless as well, producing a similar result. I even tried to capture device-specific keycodes in Keyboard Maestro and Karibiner, with no luck. But for $18 Prime on Amazon, I was willing to block the numlock key from functioning, and also stiffening the Fn key to prevent accidental use (you still need it to adjust the LED); and then just use it as the simple 10 key I need it for anyway. I will say the “Cherry” (read: knockoffs) switches are actually pretty okay. I even outfitted it with my custom Mac-specific-typeface keys from Max Keyboard, to make it look more like it belongs. But, then I just became really annoyed with the fact that the LED layer is not light-leak-baffled, and it bleeds WAAAAY too much bright blue light on my keyboard tray, and is really just distracting while working, even at its dimmest setting, sitting between the two halves of my Kinesis Edge keyboard. I am considering building my own baffle/ masking layer to prevent most light from emanating from the device from other than the key cap printing itself. Honestly, I’m still just looking for a better device; but there really isn’t one; the ones that can be made truly Mac compatible are either cheap and ugly, both ugly and expensive, or expensive and not fully compatible, or expensive and include features I don’t want (e.g., Ducky with calculator).
Any status updates on the September 11 fulfillment date? Is that still on schedule?
Anyone else have an issue with the FN keys? I occasionally get a weird lozenge character instead of open or closed parenthesis:
Tried to determine what character this is
I just returned one of these back to Amazon because when I used it on my iMac it would freak out if more than one key was down at once. It would typically duplicate the first key press so 12 would come out as 112. Has anyone else noticed this issue, is it just with Macs?
Oh! Then I’ll not be buying this. Gonna wait for @MiTo’s Laser themed Staryu-like pad. Can’t wait.
Same issue here. I also can't use the dollar, euro, or yen signs. When I try, it prints out numbers that I think are the charset encoding literal values.
If this had a removable cable I would be interested for sure
Has anybody already received the order? How's the quality of the version with Gateron switch? There are many negative feedback on the reliability of this switch types on the net...
i love my gateron switches. I have a magicforce 49 key and it has never acted up. I have a switch tester (my opinion might change if I try the retooled cherry switches) but the quality of gateron switches is higher than cherry IMO
Would like an update of some kind, considering it's now 4 days past estimated shipping date.
I did get the usual Massdrop email earlier this week:
Due to an unexpected delay, these orders may ship later than the original estimated ship date. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know.If you would prefer to cancel your order, please contact Community Support using the “Contact Support” button on your transactions page and our Community Support Team will be able to help cancel your order up until it is ready for shipment.
Did our orders for these ship out yesterday per the expected ship date of 5/7/18?
Is this a true numpad (sending numpad keycodes), or a remapped number row?
If I already have a full sized keyboard, can I use the separate numpad to have extra keys like a macropad?
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No problem it just means reprogramming the functions
Ah - okay. Thank you. I can understand that. ;)
So there are no pics of Icy White? They are all in Blue backlit, am I right?
I'm really interested in this numpad, but does it support 'alt' functionality? (for instance, where you hold 'alt', and use a combination of numpad numbers to type out en/em-dashes, and other keys that aren't on a typical keyboard layout, as shown here: )
This is a really good question. I would also like to know that, since I certainly would expect it to.
I am "assuming" you somehow attach this to your keyboard? If so, how do you do it? Again, sorry to have to ask...
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Thank you. Which switches should I select? I am thinking that I want the exact setup that is pictured.
Thank you.
This is a question hard to answer, because it depends on preference! Usual answer would be to go to a mall, meetup ... to try out different switches.
Something to read: -
It might be good to know as a starting point, do you want audible and tactile feedback like mx blue or mx green; linear switches without a tactile feedback like mx red, mx black, speed silver; tactile feedback like mx brown, mx clear.
So many options, different folks, different strokes :)
Replacable switches?
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But do they require desoldering or are they socketed to be replacable?
Ahhh... Excuse my previous post -- clearly hadn't had enough coffee in the A.M. and was talking about caps. Nah the switches would have to be desoldered.
Amazon has these for ~$10 more via Prime shipping, instead of 3-months from now.
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As a %, $10 is significant. But considering shipping here, the difference is less than $5.
Not seeing the "cool blue;" blue on here looks like a purpley blue, from the posted pics.
Just to follow up for those interested. Amazon lists one of these with a "cool blue" option. I purchased it to go along with my cheapo Velocifire TKL, which I guess is no longer available.
Turns out the Amazon "cool blue" option is actually the same as the "purpley blue" option offered here. I'll be returning it and probably just pick up the matching non-backlit velocifire wireless numpad with blues for $15. Perhaps that will be my first foray into switch swapping to matching browns.
When trying to access the manual: "File was deleted from server. File was deleted by owner or exceeded maximum storage time (100 days from last download). "
I get it that bandwidth is expensive, but this practice of uploading user manuals on is simply annoying.
Just wondering about the real status of the current drop~ 3 days now since supposed ship date, but still reads "Order placed with the vendor".
Its a great keypad, just know that the Icy white is definitely white, not some light blue like on the 49 key offering. I picked the wrong backlight color and now I'll have to gift it somehow. I wish they had shown Icy White in the pictures so this wouldnt have happened.
All dressed up. Thanks MD!
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Taihao Miami + Anemone
Just bought the paradise set myself. wanted a softer version of the miami. Very excited for my first set of caps :)
Just got this from the last drop. Honestly can't be beat for the price. Nice lightweight key pad with nice functions. Highly recommend. You will not find something better for cheaper.
Hello MD shipping updates on this would be great! Eagerly excited for this to arrive.
"Shipping updates are love, Shipping updates are life"
Even though as I mentioned earlier this Numpad sucks with Mac, I was finally able to put it all together: my Dancer SA Custom Keycaps (, my Magicforce 68-Key Mini Mechanical Keyboard (, this Numpad, and the Dancer custom-sleeved USB cable ( I think the results are rather fetching.

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Ohhhhhh thanks, didn't know that you could ever remove them
Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, there's a ferrite bead on the numpad cable. As far as I can tell it's moulded on, so not designed to be removable. The custom-built USB cable for the keyboard doesn't, of course.
Selling this (blue leds and cherry brown switches) on ebay for $25 plus s&h (US only) if anyone's interested. Can ship quick. I bought this a couple of drops ago but ended up going a different route with my set-up before it was delivered. So the one I have is brand-new in-the-box.
November ship date? :(
I'll be patient, but damn, I'll have ordered a full size keyboard by then, haha.
Woo! Very excited to get my hand on these.
Yep. Exactly the same one.
Is the picture of the white version with the lights on, the Icy White one or the Blue one?

I like my Magicforce stuff a lot, but they really need to make these programmable. Especially on a numpad where extra keys are added over a traditional keyboard, many people will want to use them for different things.
I know it isn't reprogramming the numpad, but I intend on using this with HIDMacros to program keystrokes.
Any feedback on how well this works for reprogramming? I bought a similar numpad on Amazon and HIDmacros sees [numpad]+[char] which makes it pretty worthless. (Some games only see numpad key no matter what's pressed, haven't been able to script around it.)
Is Gateron Clear an option? If not, please include? Thanks.
A gat clear liker. Definitely in the minority