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Manufactus Carstel Sant'Angelo Latched Journal

Manufactus Carstel Sant'Angelo Latched Journal

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If this comes back up for sale, would love to know.
Handmade items deserve respect for the craft maker, its craftsmanship as well as its imperfections as the image from this drop shows. Each one is unique. Its a matter of choice and preference. If you feel its overpriced, don't buy it. Refills are easy to find since its a standard A5 refill you can look in Amazon, Staples or Office Depot, etc. etc. . Only thing you need to be careful is that refill should have a paperback cover if its too thick it may not slide into the leather sleeve.
Shouldn't this be "Castel Sant'Angelo"? Where did that r come from? No such word as "carstel" in Italian... just sayin'
Can anyone suggest where I can buy refills for this journal?
These are my favorite
Are there photos of how the journals fit into the cover? I want to see if it's possible to insert other journals as refills once the one provided is finished.
Refills slide into sleeves. Very easy as long as cover on the refill is not too thick.
I have a different Manufactus journal which I love. What I want to know is if there is a way to buy the journal refills without buying the leather journa, since I already have it. The journal pages are fantastic and take well to my fountain pens...
I bought this journal quite some time ago, and originally, I liked it...but now I don't

Something for those to be aware of here. The latch that's there is hugely problematic. When you open the journal, part of the latch (the long piece that the lock fits into) is a real issue. You can't really lay this book flat, and write on the left page. If you try to, you will have a non-flat surface, and things move around.

If you write on the right side of the page only, and never write on the back of a page, then this journal does okay....but that's a lot of wasted paper. Another way you can go about this is placing a book or journal under the upper and lower edge as you're writing. This will also help create a steady surface. Still...not really worth it in my view.

I still use it, but only for a journal that I do very little writing in. I use it for general notes when making coffee or whatever. There are a lot better journals out there.
That’s a deal breaker for me, thanks for the Review.
Any more comments as far as an A5 journal working okay in this journal cover?
I'm glad I'm not the only one who is a bit worried about refills. I just put a Rhodia Webnotebook in there, too, and it does seem to work. Tight fit, as other said, but the thickness is makes the cover feel a little loose.

To any who are considering this notebook. Please beware and take note of what people are saying about the refills. The paper for the notebook that comes with it isn't great, either. I get a fair amount of feathering with my TWSBI fine tip (modified and ground, it's probably closer to a medium now). I was able to write about 5-10 pages or so before the feathering kinda got to me a bit more than I'm willing to deal with. Also, considering finding replacement notebooks is very hard..well, there's an issue.
Came in today and it is beautiful. I pulled out the journal paper and replaced it with an A5 Leuchtturm 1917 which fits perfectly. I only wish it had a pen holder. The Quiver single pen holder fits but they don't have a matching color as far as I can see. I'll try the Mocha color and see how it looks.
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I mean I'm not wrong when I say that either $55 plus shipping this really is an over rated book
Honestly I think it's a little over rated
Can one get a grid paper refill for this cover?
has anyone come across a good refill for these?
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Sorry Devreux, I just now saw your reply. In case you didn't from other comments, I do stuff the covers into the leather pockets. It loosens up some over time, and allows you to close the cover to line up the latch easily.

Hope that helps.
My Rhodia Webnotebook fit snugly out of the box, I was curious about how it feels to write in it since there's a slight ridge in the first and last pages where the leather piece of the pocket ends, about a third in from the outer sides. It isn't very noticeable to me. I do find it difficult to write on the left side though due to the metal piece - it gets a bit wobbly.