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Maratac Peanut LED Kit

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$77.24 USD = $101.33 CAD. Not much of a deal at all.

Great light but........ if you carry it on your key chain.... from bumping around the the head eventually starts to unscrew downwards and falls off losing it somewhere in the street. Mine fell off a week ago. I own the stainless one and I owned the copper one until the head unscrewed and fell off. The only way to have good retention of the head on the threads is to find/use a thick thread lubricant. Great lights though, good milling unlike Jet Beam. The light is cheaper on CountyComm's web site if you leave it in the cart for 24-72 hours you get a 10% off code and additionally you can use your points accrued from previous purchases.
Was the copper head more prone to loosen than the stainless steel one?
I still have the stainless one which is on the spare key chain, .... I carried the copper one daily. Can't tighten these down too much or the light comes on, can't keep them too loose either. I used Jet Beams 'silicone grease' on the copper one which unfortunately may be good on a standard size light but too thin on these type of little lights/threads. I really liked the copper one, won't purchase another.
More than 20 € shipping to Europe for an item of this size is (still) ridiculous! A shame.
Ridiculously bright for something this size, and even the low mode is enough to light up the bathroom for whatever business needs to be done. It only really feels solid when it is screwed together without the battery. Battery in, it must be unscrewed an annoying amount to remain off. That is, it has some thread wiggle.. okay, only when I'm fidgeting with it, but it does make me feel like moisture and dirt might maybe somehow get past the o-ring, or the head might work its way completely off. Also, the inner threads on my copper peanut are slightly damaged in one spot, but I'll chalk that up to bleary-eyed Mondays and rushed Fridays at the factory. I just added another o-ring (nice that the machining allows for this), and now it feels properly snug and gives me peace of mind regarding dust and water intrusion. I'll probably end up trying to modify it so that it is almost completely screwed tight in high mode, making the gap much smaller in the off position. Any ideas?
Shipping is killing this. How on earth can you charge that much for shipping for such a small package?
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Ah. Is that the reason. Thanks! Still, I'd buy this in a heartbeat if the shipping was lowered. Its a common battery so.i wouldn't mind it being shipped without battery
Totally agree, they should have anticipated this issue and made the battery an optional addon
It’s definitely cute. But I’m concerned about the practicality of a secondary unit that could get lost or misplaced. It seems to be more of a novelty light.
For keychain lights my wife and I prefer the Olight i3E EOS. Yeah, I know, 90 lumens. But it’s a keychain light. You’re not going to do Search & Rescue with it.
That being said, I am eyeing Maratac’s Copper CR123 LED Flashlight. That definitely looks useful and compact. And only $10 more at Maratac’s site.
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How many Lumen is the other one you like for $10 more??
To bad "shipping" didn't look as cool or last as long as this flash light considering I would be paying the same for both roughly.

Then add on tariffs and duty fees, I would be paying over $100 for this light all total.
Same for shipping to Australia Bloody ridiculous
24$ shipping to The Netherlands is ridiculous, sadly.
Awesome light! I own two, one in copper and Stainless Steel (and a few other lights made by Maratac/C.C.) . What is particularly great is the milling, unlike the similar sized light made by JETBeam (which has wiggle) the Maratac/C.C. light has no loose wiggle in the threads either in the closed or open positions (similar sized JETBeam does). Surprisingly quite bright for it's size, perfect on a key chain. REVISION: Head eventually starts to unscrew downwards eventually falling off (from moving/bumping around on the key chain) in the street and you never find it. I still have the stainless one which is on the spare key chain, .... I carried the copper one daily. Can't tighten these down too much or the light comes on, can't keep them too loose either. I used Jet Beams 'silicone grease' on the copper one which unfortunately may be good on a standard size light but too thin on these type of little lights/threads. I really liked the copper one, won't purchase another.

Absolutely! I love finding kit that's compact enough that you don't give it a second thought until you need it. And of course, besides the utility of use itself, looking good certainly doesn't hurt.
Nice picture brother!! Thanks for sharing
No shipping to Germany, really a pity Massdrop!!!!!!
The peanut led is well made and is 39 because of what it’s made of and rechargeable and 2 or 3inches long ,nice pc for the money considering its build quality gadget
And 32 to 40 bucks is a lot of money for 145 lumens gadget
This is THE BEST light of this type and size, I own two of them, one stainless steel and one in copper, the copper is my favorite. 145 lumens is bright for a small light like this. Perfectly done tolerances especially the threads... I returned a " Jetbeam Mini-RC Copper" the very next day which was HORRIBLE compared the this Maratac. The Massdrop price though is a lot more than I paid for the light several months ago on CountyComm's web site which was $32.95 using their discount code. This Maratac copper peanut light is superb and makes any other lights of this type/size look sick.
"Shipping & Handling: $44.00" for Croatia. Laughable.
Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I can't seem to access two different brightness settings. Am I missing something obvious?
Btw, I plan to use this as a safety light for my dog when walking in the pre-dawn mornings. As such, I wanted a diffuser like the ones included with Maratec's AAA flashlights. Turns out those diffusers will fit over the Peanut, completely encapsulating it. Will try it out tomorrow morning and see how long the battery lasts at the one brightness level I'm able to get.
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This is my second copper one. I bought one last year and love it. Have no trouble getting both settings with that light. This new one, however, doesn’t have but one light setting. I tried twisting it as hard as I could but it just won’t give me the brighter setting. I’m disappointed because I love my older one. Another thing I don’t like is that you have to change the head to charge it.
Send it back for exchange... supposed to have low and high settings.
145 lumens not very bright
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My point is for its "size" at 145 lumens using a Cree XP-G2 S4 , it's amazingly bright. Do you know of a light that size that's bright? It's not 1000 -12000 lumens and doesn't need to be.
Many palm size led pcs are out there at 1000 lumens and higher if you are happy with 145 lumens that’s great I was just saying 145 lumens and at 32 bucks is high dollar for that and all leds don’t have to be 12000 lumens but it’s out there if needed gadget
I have all three that I bought directly from County Comm. If you sign up for their emails, you can get really good deals when they first release them, or when they release new versions of previous items. They usually have them on sale for ~48 hrs after the email gets sent out, then the price goes back up to their regular price. I picked up all of them when they initially released, SS first, then the Copper & Brass. I'm still hoping they release a Ti version.
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It's been a while, but I believe they went for $29.99? I remember it was a good enough price that I could afford to buy the brass and copper at the same time. LOL
Paid $32.95 from CountyComm with one of their codes. Superior light to Jetbeams similar sized light which was a joke.
Too bad that it does not ship to germany
The stainless steel version is $38 on Amazon with free shipping.....
Hello Requesters - This is available on Amazon (free shipping USA) if you're interested.
Hey, Massdrop:
On CountryComm's site (which is run by the company that makes this light), the copper version of the Peanut is $1.50 more than the brass, not $5.00 more. The stainless steel version is $5.00 less than the brass, not $10 more.
The copper difference is annoying, but that's the one I'm buying.
The steel difference has to be a mistake. You should probably fix it for the sake of people who prefer steel.
Stainless steel: $40 Brass: $45 Copper: $46.50
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They are running the drop again and still have not adjusted pricing. The SS is basically not a deal at all in this drop. Currently SS $42.95 (CountyComm, $38 Amazon) CU $46.50 (County Comm) BR $$49.50 (County Comm)
So definitely don't get the SS in this drop.
To anyone who's considering this drop but wants the Stainless Steel model:
Right now, the Stainless Steel Peanut on Amazon has an applicable $3.80 promotion on the $38.00 price. If you have an Amazon Visa card, you'll also get 5% back.
Without the store card, the total is $34.20 with free shipping if you have Prime, and there's no tax Stateside unless you live in California. That's $1.79 less than the *brass* model on Massdrop and $11.79 less than the steel model .
Wake up and fix what is clearly a mistake in pricing. You've let it continue for two drops now even though I've tried contacting you. Until you fix this, people who want SS should jump on that Amazon sale.
Things to know: The Peanut's light has a 25-minute run time at the highest setting. Find that assassin quickly! The battery takes 35-55 minutes to recharge. The battery itself is a 10180 Lithium Cell 70mAh. A pack of four sells for around $13.00 on Ali Baba, though I'd look elsewhere. My point: the battery seems easy to replace.
Turns out this flashlight is a tad more powerful than the Lumintop Tool series. Once I realized that, I nearly joined this drop only to learn that the copper version had sold out. Part of me is glad to be free of the temptation!
Shipping to UK too rich for my taste ☹️ Strange as other CC Mararac drops have shipped with 'normal' p&p – I'm out on this one 👎
"Sorry, this drop cannot be shipped to IT." ... Probably it's better avoid shipping to Italy than asking 44$ for Croatia or 35$ for Canada. I'm asking to myself why I do not unsubscribe, because it's impossibile to buy from massdrop anymore: almost everything cannot be shipped (i.e: knives or this dangerous led) or it's way too expensive. I use massdrop only like a community where look at good stuff, but I've to buy them somewhere else, because here it's just impossibile.
$36 + $44 usd shipping to Croatia?????
Why is this $35 shipping to Canada? This is a small lightweight package! Is Countycomm mailing these out to each buyer or are they shipping them to MD directly and MD will send to each buyer? I know Countycomm won't even deliver to Canada unless the amount you're buying is $75 so maybe that is why $35 shipping ($40 + $35 = $75). But $35 shipping for something this small and light is not justifiable or reasonable.
$36usd plus $35usd shipping to Canada. Dang.
Another question. How well does this work one handed? I am hoping this is easier than some.
I found these on ebay for less than $1. I'm guessing shipping is what's killing it for most of you, but I'm in NY and even with shipping I'm not able to find it cheaper than on here.