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Marmot 800fp Down Sleeping Bags

Marmot 800fp Down Sleeping Bags

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Just received my Hydrogen bag in Canada today. No duty charges, somehow!! I can’t believe that. I’m worried there was a mistake and will come collect it haha. VERY pleasantly surprised about no duty charges.
Of all the things to not get a duty charge on, this is one of the better ones. Nice.
I hope these Marmot bags come back to Massdrop for sale soon. I need 2 sleeping bags for my wife and I for our upcoming summer trip.
Acquiring lightweight gear is expensive, Massdrop sales help out a lot for those on a budget.
Also want a hydrogen regular length. They went out of stock first.
Returned from a hike to find out the regular length hydrogen are all gone. I hope for another chance soon.
Is there a chance to add Marmot Lithium sleeping bag?
Any chance of more regular length hydrogen's? Guess I waited too long to pull the trigger.
Can the men's and women's bags be zipped together?
The description says it comes with a stuff sack, but does it also come with the mesh storage sack?
Very happy this drop popped up again. Is the down in the Hydrogen treated with the Marmot down-defender? Or is it just the DWR treatment on the shell?
That bullet about Down Defender applies to all 3 bags, according to Marmot.

I have some items with treated down and some that are untreated. I guess treated is better if it gets wet, untreated is better if it stays dry... but I have no experience with wet down myself, that I can recall. Slightly damp from condensation, yes, but not properly wetted.
I think they must have added that bullet since my post. I looked very closely earlier. Very possible I just didn’t see it, too. Thanks!
Hey Joshlon Ant696 ! Both models are made in a standard and long version. The option being offered on this drop is the standard sleeping bag as the long is not available.
They are both lefthand zip Ozzie3015.
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Sorry, humor is hard to get across on the internet. My comment was meant in jest -- I do not actually believe any sleeping bag company is deliberately trying to make it more difficult for women to zip up their bags.

If you compare men's and women's bags generally you will see men's bags are left zip, womens are right zip. I presume this was done so a hetero couple could partially unzip their bags and face each other. This is only my assumption.

It never occurred to me that a left hand zip bag would be easier to open, as I've used both left and right and never noticed a difference.

In regards to left zip being in this drop, that is because it is a men's sleeping bag. The majority of bags sold are mens. So rhe majority of bags out there are left zip.
Sometimes they're called "unisex", but if they're not wider in the hip than the shoulder, they're mens.

Anyhow, thank you for responding to my comment -- I would have never known my humor didn't come across otherwise!
baha! My apologies. Yes, humour is sometimes a hard translation to the internet especially if it’s sarcastic humour. ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
Anyone knows if the stuff sack is waterproof?
I own the Hydrogen. The stuff sack that comes with it is not waterproof. It's a basic stuff sack with a drawstring closure.
Define regular length?
I was going to ask the same thing. I don't see an option to choose the longer length.
Regular length is the only option available in this drop. Thanks for asking.