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Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

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Today I seen the Marshall Killburn Cream Bluetooth Speaker drop. I just checked back and it has disappeared!?
How do I find this again.
Cancelled? Well now I don't feel so bad about missing out on it.
I don't think this is a true statement - what kind of vendor would have 109 refurbished units!!! And why was I not notified by email of my cancel order?? Arghhh!!
Hey everyone,

Bad news. We were told by our vendor that these were new units. After the drop started they double checked their stock and have informed us that these are in fact refurbished units. On a personal and professional level I do not feel comfortable selling something that was not as advertised and therefore I am shutting down this drop. No one has been, or will be charged for anything and any PayPal holds will be released. We apologize for the confusion on this, but we feel more comfortable cancelling this than fulfilling an incorrect product.

Thanks all and have a good weekend
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No wonder. It was way too good to be true at that price.
Boo. Hiss. Argh. But understandable and I respect the choice.

May be you could have beat him up on the price some more ($150?) and put it up for vote whether to continue?
Yeah, I decided to pull the trigger on this. I've had a TDK A33 bluetooth speaker that I've been using for a while and been happy with, but I've been wanting something a bit more robust and I've always been a fan of Marshall's products.
Is there international warranty for this?
if only we had an option for shipping..
I'm tempted as my sound bar died this week and I could easily spend this for a new one. My big gripe is no remote to control it with the TV. Almost a deal breaker since that would be what I use it for 90% of the time.
This is a very good deal - it's optical IN btw
Very tempted to get this and return the Yamaha sound bar I just bough since this apparently looks and sounds amazing...BUT...there seems to be a unanimous consensus regarding poor B/T connectivity and speaker longevity. Alarming number of reviews said these failed within a year or shortly thereafter.

Can anyone comment if this is still an ongoing issues? I would hate to end up with literal Ferrari of B/T speakers LMAO
I owned this. The sound is mediocre....not impressive at all. Ended up with the Infinity One BT speaker and had a blast.
From what I hear, nothing wrong with the Bluetooth. You just have to make sure it's disconnected from everything except the device you want to use before using it. Apparently it will do a dug of war and back and forth connect between devices which is why people had problems.
Can I change shipping address later? I'm in the middle of moving to a new city.
Has anyone looked at the reviews on for this device? Looks like there are some serious bluetooth issues.
I wouldn't say they are serious issues. The portable version (Kilburn) is NOT aptx compatible, and thus doesn't sound as nice over bluetooth. This one is. The other issue is interference. I have wifi, microwave, TV in my house and have not suffered an issue. I would buy this with confidence if you plan to use the bluetooth. I also hear Marshall CS is good, and swapping if there is an issue is something you can expect. I've been nothing with pleased with my Kilburn except for the lack of power and lack of aptX, but for a portable, it's a fair trade off. The stanmore is better but isn't portable.
Anyone know if these are new or refurbs? The listing doesn't specify, thanks.
These are new units.
great to know, thanks--