Marvel Legendary Standalones 2-Packsearch

Marvel Legendary Standalones 2-Pack

Marvel Legendary Standalones 2-Pack

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Champions, Creeps, and Creatures

The Marvel Universe is thrown into chaos with the rising force of its most popular Villains, and the strange arrival of hostile Alien invaders. In the Marvel Legendary Standalones 2-pack, we’re bringing you two standalone versions of the popular card game Marvel Legendary [LINK to Legendary drop.] Take on the role of your favorite villain in Legendary Villains, or defend against strange extraterrestrial encounters in Legendary Encounters.

  • Note: This bundle includes 2 standalone games (Villains and Encounters) and one Marvel Legendary T Shirt. Legendary Villains is compatible for play with the Legendary Base Game.
  • At check out, you can add the Villians expansion game, Fear Itself, for an additional $15.
  • Select your shirt size at check out.
Marvel Legendary Standalones 2-Pack
Marvel Legendary Standalones 2-Pack

Legendary Gameplay

These two standalones play just like the Legendary Base Game. In Legendary: Villains, take on the role of your favorite bad guys and team up against (or with) the heroes of the Marvel universe. In Legendary Encounters, team up to survive against a horde of alien enemies, with characters like Ripley, Bishop, Dallas, and Corporal Hicks. (Note: While Villains can be integrated with the original game, Legendary Encounters is compatible but cannot be fully integrated.)

Marvel Legendary Standalones 2-Pack

Marvelous Style

Included in this drop is a sleek limited edition t shirt featuring the Marvel Legendary logo. Show off your allegiance and be a champion of style with these stunning new threads.

Marvel Legendary Standalones 2-Pack


  • For 1 to 5 players
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up
  • Playing time: 45 minutes
  • Included
  • Legendary: Villains
  • Legendary: Encounters
  • Marvel Legendary T Shirt


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