Maserin 550 OneFold Pocket Knife w/ Money Clipsearch

Maserin 550 OneFold Pocket Knife w/ Money Clip

Maserin 550 OneFold Pocket Knife w/ Money Clip

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I'm very dissatisfied with this drop. The liner lock in this knife is the worst I've ever seen. The lock does not engage when the knife is opened. To get the knife to lock in place, you have to pull the blade back past it's full extension while pushing the liner lock into place. I took a gamble spending this much on such a small knife and it didn't pay off
You don't ship to Spain, I assume, right?
Wound up being too small and simultaneously too bulky, with a pretty poor edge profile on such a small knife and it doesn't even come with a great edge. The clip is too stiff to work as a good money clip and the placement of said clip makes it suck for pocket use. Not comfortable in the hand either.
It's pretty, especially in olivewood, but this knife was a big fat flop for me and I do not recommend it. I went back to my spyderco kiwi.
This thing's pretty ugly imo
Received mine and very nice little folder, will certainly pick up a couple as nice gifts for people if another drop comes along.
The way it’s built, it looks like the wood scale will break if you squeeze too hard.
It´s not the most sturdiest piece of equipment, but I have mine for half a year now (without problems) and mainly use it for opening packets/cutting lunch at work. It´s nice to edc if you don´t need a heavy duty knife because you don´t get any funny looks because doesn´t look dangerous at all. I also quite like the finish and craftsmanship on it.
Are all pocket clips also referred to as money clips? It can either hold a few bills, or hook onto your pocket, but not both?
I missed the last drop so got this knife from Amazon. It's a great knife for the price. seems very well made and the metal/wood combo is very nice. If you use the clip normally (and NOT as a money clip?) it does sit kind of high out of your pocket, but still nice. The lack of finish on the wood will just mean it will patina with use. I think that's okay and will still look good with some years on it. Overall, perfect for what it is.


So mine finally arrived and as expected it's tiny (size comparison between the Proelia TX010 and a Raid Ops EDCK), and for the price 440 steel is pretty standard (but for this price you can get a steel will cutjack with D2 tool steel, but it isn't as small or as fashionable). Build quality feels ok, the wood bit has no coating or any treatment so beware of any damage. And the action was way too stiff out of the box so I suggest loosening it a tiny bit so it's usable (does mess with the cantering and introduces blade play). It's running on a single brass (I think) washer with 2 plastic/silicone pads between the washer and the blade and the frame, which is quite odd.
mine arrived and worked great. But literally after the first day it became difficult to open one handed. I then noticed that a crack had developed and the wood piece was pressing against the blade. It was a minor amount of contact but I'm disappointed that it couldn't make it through a single day of light use. Literally only opened one package with it so far.

Just received mine. Olivewood is nice although really pale-looking. What I didn't like so much is that it's not lacquered. So it will get stained and messed up, if you will. Maybe I would have gone for the other option if I was aware of this.
The knife is small but perfect for let's say, business/IT people. Fits great in a laptop bag. It's basically a very small, usable knife that can be carried in any attire.
is there gonna be another drop with the olivewood handle? its already sold out :(
just a quick question, what will be the description of the package? will it actually say pocket knife? some countries it is illegal to ship knives and probably only way to ship them over is to say for example, kitchen tools or gardening tools. just curious to know what the description will be before I join this drop.
how about a picture of the topside while closed?
any chance for more olive wood?
Why are we adding money clips to everything now? Never once have a thought, "Wow this is a nice tool, if it only had a place to clip money so everyone can see how baller I am while using it.
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The knife does look gorgeous and with its steel it should be a fantastic everyday knife that stands out from the crowd, not to mention doesn't look as intimidating or shocking if you pull it out in public on a busy street corner to peel and apple while you have your morning coffee.
I agree. While my personal "pocket knife" is, and forever will be an Opinel No. 8 (stainless or carbon, depending on what I'm feeling) for its timeless beauty, simplicity, and the fact that so many people recognize it and say "holy crap I remember those!" I do really need a pocket knife that has a clip and sits fairly flush without being "too big" because I use my knives every day as a medic, and tend to carry one of my opinels, which flops around in my pocket, and a gerber micro utility blade knife in my breast pocket. I really wanted a smaller folding (I'm legally allowed to use an assist open knife in WA state while on duty, but am kinda "meh" on them) blade that clips to the inside of one of my leg pockets. And this looks both gorgeous, thin, and well made.
perhaps a photo with some bills in it? just so we can have a photo for reference considering that function is part of the name?
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There is mention of "money stop" in the description of the knife on Maserin's website.
Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.
What are these like? I know Maserin are an Italian manufacturer so at least they're not made in China.
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I've got a little Maserin carbon fiber and Sandvik steel slipjoint that is very nicely made. Italian blades are generally of good quality (I have a LionSpy that is stunning quality, along with a few others).
Thanks for your replies James and Tigerman. I liked it and got onto the dropwagon the first day. Fingers crossed!