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I will echo the comment that the corners and angles are sharp on this knife which makes it uncomfortable for extended use. Additionally, my example has a very weak detent which makes for lazy flipping. There are times when it has failed to deploy fully.
Received the knife. Delayed in customs by the fact that customs could not find an invoice in the package as usually required when you ship anything abroad. Beautiful knife...not an EDC as the sharp angles in the handle create numerous issues for longtime use as does the sharp liner lock. When i look at Maserin's homepage it looks different. The angles of the carbon fibre look more rounded and the linerlock have knurling or cutouts that makes it less agressive. Also the grind is different, different screws are used and the flipper tab is smaller. Are the ones we were sold unfinished , an earlier version, a later version or a separate version just for us? I am not complaining as I have several shelfqueens already and it is a Beautiful knife and i must say the pictures in this site shows the knife as received exactly, just wondering
Avoid the Wire Carbon Fiber... The ends of some of the wires are exposed and can be felt when holding the knife
i wouldnt say avoid it, but... dont expect to use it. if you are collecting them, go for it. they also provide some sand paper which will sand off the exposed titanium. however it wont ever stop, so you will endlessly be sanding the knife lol.

it looks great tho. but i agree, if you want to use it, go with the standard carbon fiber and not the titanium carbon fiber version.

i have the TI wire and am probably going to get the standard carbon fiber version. especially at this price.
You answered my question before I could even ask. Thank you!
I just got my knife delivered and couldn't be more happy! thanks so much. It is such a beautiful knife!
How easy is it to remove the scales/grips from this knife? Are special tools required?
i disassembled mine about a month ago. was easy to do. there was some stubborn screws, so i had to use a heat gun to remove them because locktite was holding the screws in.

torx bits are all you will need other than a heat gun/hair dryer. a 120watt soldering iron may also work to remove the screws stuck from loctite.

heat is the only thing that will make loctite let go. another trick is to shock the loctite. this is more troublesome, and i havent tried it, but put your screwdriver into the screw (with the correct bit) and make sure the knife is on a wrapped up towel on a sturdy surface (the towel below the knife to absorb the shock) and hit the driver. this may shock the loctite and the screw will become loose. again i havent tried it so im not sure how much of a whack you have to give it).

some people boil water and put the knife into the boiling water for a very little bit. again i haven't done that, but some say it works, im not sure the actual correct way to do this. apparently boiling water is around 212 deg, so that probably wont hurt anything on the knife.

in any case, screws should be removed easily, if you cannot turn a screw in a knife easy, then dont force it, you have loctite holding the screws in. different types of loctite hold stronger than others, RED loctite is the worst. blue and purple are easy to remove by hand tho.
The price is about $50 less than the going price on the internet.
Love the blade shape on this one. Beautiful carbon fiber too.
id highly recommend this model. avoid the titanium wire version unless you are just collecting it. its not a user knife as the titanium will always be poking your fingers and you will endlessly have to sand it down with the included sand paper. still a great version and it looks amazing, but id say for collecting only, unless you want to deal with that.

this price is unbeatable sofar. same price as it was offered prior. tho the wait the first time it was offered was a bit long, i think over 2 months or so.

the only other issue that is already mentioned is that it does not have a strong detent to hold the blade in when shacking the knife. meaning the blade will flip out with some small amount of force when you flick the knife without the touching the flipper tab. see the video that someone else posted in this thread. that may cause some legal issues in your state or country. but other than that the detent is great for flipping, but it prefers push button for flipping the flipper tab.

other than that its a stellar knife. great quality and really nice action. you can read my prior details for more.

-edited to try and clarify what i ment about the detent.
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Detent on mine is perfect.  Not too hard, but stiff enough for good flipping action.  I would have to shake it really hard for the blade to pop out.  I do agree about the titanium wire.  It looks awesome, but in practical use, it's kind annoying, although I think I did get all of the stray sharp ends on mine taken care of.
Thanks, I appreciate knowing that about the detent. I think I'll bite on this one.
New update, I filled out a "missing mail" form on the USPS website after my previous post. I just checked the tracking info and the knife has magically teleported from New Jersey to my local PO for delivery tomorrow. I had sent an email to Massdrop asking quite literally if they "could get on the horn with USPS and light a fire under their asses" so maybe they did and that helped too, I dont know.

If you fill out the form below, include everything you can including the description, part number and photo of the knife.

My thoughts are, after all this, Massdrop needs to do what they can to ensure shit stays in one carrier's house instead of being transfered around, if possible.
I'm in the same boat, my shipping info hasn't updated since the 13th. I guess they have one more day till its outside of that 3-10 day window. I'm in New Orleans anyone one else down south and still waiting on there's?
Check my post below, hope it helps. -K
Still no knife. The DHL website says it was tendered to USPS on August 13, and the USPS website says Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS the same day. Nothing has changed in 10 days...
Still haven't received my knife. According to the DHL tracking info, it's been in Raleigh for the past week. Great.
Smooth flipper, but possibly illegal... My knife arrived today and is smooth, too smooth. I can easily deploy the knife with a wrist flick. In addition a light tap at the end will cause the blade to open. Anyone else have this problem? I posted a YouTube video that shows the problem.

Mine, too, if I do it right. I'm not going to carry this big boy too much, I think. I like it, but I dunno if I'll carry it.
It is not spring assisted. Legally, it is not a switchblade. In any case, it is something I do not need. You should see the damage I can do with my bite on the carotid...history!