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Massdrop 4-Pin XLR-to-2.5mm TRRS Adapter

Massdrop 4-Pin XLR-to-2.5mm TRRS Adapter

Where's the price?
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We are excited to finally offer the adapter we have been hinting about. Several observant individuals have noticed the adapter used in photos of previous Drops and have asked questions.  Wait no longer!
Now you can get the most out of any IEM or headphone cable terminated with a 2.5mm TRRS connector. This adapter helps you use the balanced output from our two balanced amps: Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X and Massdrop x THX AAA 789. The Cavalli Liquid Carbon X amp was originally designed as a balanced IEM amp by Alex Cavalli.  The balanced topology allowed Alex to use very low noise specific parts in the design and the low gain has been set for IEM use. The THX AAA 789 amp low gain setting was also specifically designed to be able to drive very sensitive IEMs with an inaudible noise floor.    BALANCED DRIVE Improvements in bass definition, overall control of the drivers, and a lower noise floor overall are some of the potential benefits of a balanced system.   HOW DO YOU USE IT? Use this adapter with the balanced 2.5mm TRRS cables that we have been offering as an additional option with the Massdrop x Noble X IEM, the Massdrop x Noble Kaiser 10 IEM, and the Massdrop Plus IEMs.
The adapter also works with our new Massdrop x MEE audio 2-pin Balanced Cable and Adapter set. The Balanced Cable and adapter set can be purchased here and used with most 2-pin connector IEMs:

READY TO GO We hope to provide an easy and affordable way for anyone interested in building a balanced listening system. For many, this is the ultimate way to listen to your IEMs or headphones that can use a balanced cable. The adapter is entering directly into our Massdrop Made store with immediate inventory to ship within one business day!
Will this come back?
Bring this Back Please!
Can this be made with a 3.5mm or 1/4" plug please??
Well, that's really disappointing. It cost me £17.50 and UK Customs want £11.16 handling charge :(
Any chance this coming back soon?
Both the AKG K181 DJ phones and the Sennheiser HD6XX phone that I have a 1/8 in (3.5 mm) jack. So does that mean that this 4 pin to 2.5 mm will not fit? Is there a way to resolve this?
This is only meant for 2.5mm TRRS plugs. I don't have the AKG headphones or the Sennheiser 6XX, but I do have Sennheiser 600's. I purchased an aftermarket cable from a third party seller that was terminated with the 4-pin XLR. I don't think you'll find it as cheap as this adapter, but I'm not sure of any option that won't involve changing the stock headphone cable.
Hi! Everyone, I received this adaptor yesterday. The item is well-made and fits comfortably on my 4 pin XLR balanced output plug (Topping). It is light in weight, which is a GOOD thing. Because I do not want heavy weighted plugs distress my equipment connectors. It has a WHITE line (center top line) clearly marked on top so it is easy to correctly plug this into your audio equipment. With this item placed between the 4 pin XLR and 2.5 mm TRRS balanced cable, I checked the sound output from my silver cable with several headphones & IEM's. The sound quality is NICE. There is no detectable sound degrading via these multiple connectors. It is a well-spent $20. I strongly recommend this if you have a 4 pin XLR headphone outlet on your audio equipments. 
Will 4.4mm version be available soon?
Sorry I'm new to this, but can I just plug in any 2.5 mm cable into this adapter and be able to use the balanced output of my amp?
No. If you want to use a balanced output, it has to be a 4-pole TRRS 2.5mm connector. Look it up here.
If Massdrop can manufacture a 1/4"female to 4 pin XLR male AND vice-versa, it would be a godsend . This doesn't exist on the market whatsoever and would be a revolution, eliminating sound-altering cabling on current types of XLR adaptors/extensions. I know the connector might be bulky, but it's totally worth it! @CEE_TEE @ltopper
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Hey I never mentioned it being balanced! It's all good, just a misunderstanding :)
Hi dleblanc, Thanks for the suggestions! We do pay attention and keep our eyes out on what the community would like to see. This particular adapter was chosen because they are more rare and difficult to find. Please keep the comments coming and thanks to everyone for your participation and support. :)
Looks like I'm preaching to the choir, but a Pentaconn version of this would be great.
Woo Audio has this already..... bit pricey though

Just as I make my own of these you release one lol
I tried to order, put in my address and credit card, but the Place Order button did not become dark. Also tried Pay Pal, but same problem. Only 12 hours left so I guess I will miss this drop.
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Well it confused me and I wasted a lot of time reading FAQs. But I have got it ordered now. Thanks for your help.
Don't get befuddled by the drop end times. Massdrop Made stuff will close drop at the end of the day and literally reopen immediately till sold out, or go on indefinitely whichever faster
Thanks for doing this. Ordered Other sizes are available from VE Audio, the Monk Earbuds 2.5TRRS to 4PIN XLR  3.5TRRS to 4PIN XLR  4.4 to 4PIN XLR

Wooo a 4.4 option
This drop is GREAT! Assuming this works as expected, for $20, this is a steal. Instead of buying a separate custom cable for each of several headphones, I can now limit the number to just a couple headphone connections. Thanks, guys.
So my HiFiMan DAP uses a 3.5mm TRRS (w/sections wired differently than a 2.5mm TRRS) and the Pono DAP uses 2x 3.5mm TRS for its balanced outs. Time for some standardization!! Need a whole box of adapters such as this to use HPs and IEMs with the different devices.
4.4mm TRRRS is supposed to be the new standard for balanced audio, for both portable and desktop. It's getting adopted slowly.
Please make one for 4.4mm balanced.
thank you Sir.
Massdrop should make a male xlr to female Pentaconn version of this!
I'm probably repeating this, but please consider making the same for 4.4mm and 3.5mm TRRS.
I'm greatful for this adapter Massdrope. Please make more like this.
Isn't this a 2.5mm TRRS to 4-Pin XLR?? You guys got it backwards
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Yeah, the way these things are named isn't always consistent.
which would be pretty huge if buying off a spec sheet or description. I'd be pretty angry haha
Please consider doing the same for 4.4mm and 3.5mm TRRS
I have never seen a 3.5mm balanced output on anything.
4.4mm balanced version please...
I just tried to join/buy but it didn't allow me to finalise my order. Also interested to know if a 4.4 version will be available.
Is there a 4.4mm version available?
This is great, but not exactly what i'm looking for [3-pin to 3.5 mm that fits into the AKG M220], if anyone comes across this let me know via comment!
You're looking for an adapter to allow you to use any 3.5mm cables with your AKG? AKG cable is female side, so good luck. type "CablesOnline XLR 3-Pin Female to 3.5mm (1/8") TRS" into amazon. It's silver but I'm pretty sure they're the only maker of that adapter, it is very odd being 3 pin XLR female to 3.5mm TRS female. Only 8 dollars.
Wonderful. Massdrop; please make more affordable adapters like these - please and thank you.