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Hey Friends,

Very excited for the launch of the ALT to followup the CTRL launch. 65% keyboards have always been one of my favorite form factors. It allows me to take advantage of the smaller footprint on a compact keyboard and still give me to easily access the arrow cluster and navigation cluster which I use daily - from spreadsheets to video games.

The ALT will ship with the same features that made the CTRL awesome - the firmware will be based on QMK and we will be adding it to our keyboard configurator for easy reprogramming. The same RGB lighting and customization. The keyboard also has dual USB C connections that functions as an USB hub and the PCB will ship with Kaihua hotswap sockets to allow for easy switch swapping.

This keyboard is another step in our eventual goal to make custom keyboard design more accessible to the community. We will continue to work on this line and add more offerings in the future - for example a matching numpad - since there were a lot of request for those in the CTRL drop.

For community members, this simplifies the experience of owning a custom keyboard, for community designers, this solves the hardest parts of your technical back end. This solution for designers means more projects will make the leap from concept to production, increasing the diversity of designs available to the community at large.

Thanks for your interest and support, none of this would be possible without you and the continued support of the mech keys community at large.

Last, a few administrative notes on this drop:
The drop is set to end on May 24th. However, we will be doing a payment capture on April 30 so we can initiate tooling for some of the components in the ALT.
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Depends on the game. Buy what I have my F keys bound to are typically less used buttons but something I don't want to have some sort of alt/ctrl/fn + button press to do. More of a "heat of the moment" type bind that is a reactive skill/macro to use that I don't want to stretch my hand to use and figure out am I pressing G or H on my keyboard. F10-F12 are things typically reserved for Shadowplay/Share macros (record, save last 15 minutes, screenshot capture), I use F9 for push to talk that is bound to a USB foot pedal, so that's really the only F key I do not need. So that leaves me with 8 macro/bind buttons. Other things like MMOs are similar long cooldown abilities/buffs/potions/skills. Sure, I could get one of those 20 thumb button mice, but I really dislike how those feel and they're just too clunky for me.

The other benefit is that I have a better "homing" with them as F1, F4, F5, F8 are easy to find the edges of the function keys, so those are my most used. I'll do something like F1-F4 as grenade selections in a game, F5-F8 would be consumables. That's why I really liked the Sentraq S65-Plus and had been 99% on getting it. Sure, I lose 2 F keys (3 if I end up using one of them as a dedicated ESC) but I have a homing to each row and it gives me 10 buttons within reach of my hand and I have an easy way to home row find them. I was actually considering it over buying the CTRL, but when I started pricing it out I was getting a hot swap switch and RGB backlit keyboard for a lower cost than the S65 Plus.

I honestly don't game often enough to justify it.
YanboWu Any chance there will be spare units for sale once the drop is over or that it will be dropped again anytime soon? Regretting so much for not getting it. :(
Please do this in a black version!
Pretty upset I missed out on this....would definitely love it if it opened back up for latecomers...
Me too
How do we claim the first run production perks that came a long with this drop?
I already used my $10 credit if that's what you're asking about, applied it towards some Speed Heavy switches.
When will that status of this change to "Order placed with vendor"?
Looks like it has
Wow, I passed on this waiting to see what the new batch of Clue boards looked like. Have they always been $229 without switches, stabilizers or keycaps!? That seems a little outrageous to me, especially being a kit.
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But compared to this drop? Was this drop so much cheaper cause of the group buy aspect? Just seems like this keyboard offers far more for FAR less. The clue would end up be >=$300 after all is said and done. Plus my labor costs lol.
Not sure. My guess is that its partly that the ALT is a simpler design, and partly that since Massdrop is planning on making more, the machining costs can be a bit less.
Hope there's a Zelios switch drop before this comes out. They're on "sale" now I believe @ $.75 each directly. Would a drop compete with this?
Does anyone have a picture of this board with SA keycaps? I'm trying to decide if i want to order a set to put on it when it arrives.
Do we anticipate this drop to return? Missed it by a day :(
I got to the page with 30 minutes to go and decided not to join. Hoping there's another drop with a similar keyboard before October so I don't regret my decision lol. Also curious to see what the new batch of Clue boards look like, that was a big reason I didn't commit to the drop.
Now I just gotta find a matching mouse :P Any suggestions?
Now that the drop has ended, whats the total # sold? Super curious. I decided on the Laser ALT