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Massdrop Blue Box: Spyderco Military

Massdrop Blue Box: Spyderco Military

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Seems like this turned into a Black Blade Camo Dump. No Papers were included in the box with the knife. Anybody else?
received my knife, got a black blade camo after ordering a black handle, I guess I wasn't expecting that the upgrade to a black blade didn't guarantee your handle colour. Not a big gripe though, anyone who didn't like the tacky digicam can search up rit dye to fix their g10 up, I'll probably be doing a wine red or royal blue job.
Apparently won't be seeing it until the 21st. Absendia only told me what happened on the 11th(it actually leaving the US) today as I've been checking every morning, and I'm getting no tracking whatsoever for Canada post. I really feel like this can be improved
Just got a black blade camo here in Australia. After many Blue Box's, this is my first upgrade!
Well Fedex has officially torqued me off. Was supposed to arrive Wednesday. Got changed to today. Then tomorrow. Now they are telling me I won't get it until next Tuesday, 2/21 (shipped 2/9) - with no explanation why!
Honestly, how can it take close to 2 weeks to ship a small package from NJ to CO?
Yea that's sounds a little weird. I live in Aurora and I got my a day earlier then what the estimated. Would have thought it would on the same truck as mine
From the tracking notice it was in Aurora on Wednesday. Then, inexplicably, it wound up back in Olathe, KS today at 7pm. Now they're saying it's going to take until Tuesday to get it here again.
Go figure...
MiTi Fluted here.

Congrats! (a little jeally)
Thanks! Would have been happy with any of them but this Fluted Ti is a work of art!
Just got mine. Dark blue s110v
My 6x6x6" box was an envelope. Shipping weight was 0.5 lbs.

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Nope. Plain metal. Hope I never have to grip it bloody. I would have been perfectly happy with G10, especially the blue
I'm sure most don't care, but tracking this shipment has been nothing short of a poorly written comedy.

The package left NJ last Thursday (2/9) headed to me, in Iowa. It went from NJ, to PA, to IL, then to KS (and now i'm assuming on its way to me....i shouldn't assume). It isn't expected to arrive on my front step until this Thursday, so it technically still has 2 days to check out a few more states (I hear Nebraska is riveting this time of the year!). My shipment has also lost .1lbs somewhere along the lines (started as .3 in NJ, left KS last night at .2). I fear for the health of my knife....I don't think he is staying properly hydrated.
I probably could have hitch hiked to NJ and back faster than this shipping...
My shipment started out as .7 pounds (2 knives) and, as yours did, lost .1 pound at Olathe KS on its way to CO. And I see the projected delivery date has been delayed by one day. So I get to remain in suspense for even longer, heh.
.482 lbs hopefully a titanium and pouch......
Never again will I gamble on one of these blue boxes. This is my third buy and for the third time, I got the worst of the bunch... Anyone wanna buy a brand new camo military?
Black Blade?
Plain blade w/camo scales. BNIB $160 shipped priority.