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Massdrop Blue Box: Spyderco Para 3

Massdrop Blue Box: Spyderco Para 3

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Got the S110V completed my collection. Top is Millie in S110v and middle is Para 2 S110v.
I got the Military C36GPE, and they're not kidding about how big this is. Kind of a weird first Spyderco to add to my collection, but I'll take it. :)
got a plane Jane black DLC militar.
Plain Jane, but always fun to try. Great knife regardless, thumbs up
I also received the Para 3 S110V in Blurple. Couldn't be happier. A Millie would have been nice too, but I most likely would have sold it to buy another Para 2 or 3.
WOW, I actually got lucky for once.
Hoped for s110v blurple para3 and whammo that's what I received.

Wishing the best to all the rest
Just received mine, no upgrade just the standard black G-10
And what the tracking show about the weight ?
Not sure, I didn't see anything about the weight, I don't believe the weight is going to very from the standard to the up grades (in in fact there are as many as they say) the upgrade is just the knife with different scales. Not an extra knife.
My tracking shows a parcel of 9x7x3 at 0.6lbs arriving Tuesday the 18th. Seems large for a knife.
My packet is 0,33 lbs. Perhaps, it's a additionnal prize, but I think, you have an upgrade.
Turned out to be the Para 3 S110V!
Hello anybody got his yet?
Did you get the upgrade?
I don't understand why we don't know what prize is unlock. If it's possible To have news about this drop.
Ok, when I made this purchase yesterday the counter said there were 299 sold (which would have made me at least 300, unlocking all the various extras, part of the reason I signed up). Today I got an email that says, "Congrats on picking up the Massdrop Blue Box: Spyderco Para 3! You and 118 other members made this drop a success. Here's your receipt:"
Which is it, over 300 purchased like it said when I made my purchase, or only 118 purchased which would not unlock the best of the extras? Or am I missing something?
I think it's 118 or 119 (you+118) for this drop. The 300+ is the total sold including previous drops.
If is shows 224 sold, then why aren't the first 2 extras unlocked yet?
Hello, excuse my english, I have a question. For the additionnal prize, what is the number for unlock ?

If I'm shopping for a para 3 I'm not going to be interested in the larger "upgraded" military ones. This drop doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
This drop isn't for someone just shopping for a para 3. It's for someone who would like a para 3, but want the chance at the upgrade. You can go buy a plain jane para 3 from, for the same price, zero shipping and get it in a couple days.
Like all spyderco drops on massdrop I know I can buy this knife for a few dollars more somewhere else. Thanks for the info and I'm glad this drop works for you. But for ME it doesn't make sense