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Massdrop Blue Titanium AAA Flashlight

Massdrop Blue Titanium AAA Flashlight

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Updated 11/8
Hi Everyone,
I have a quick update on the Massdrop Blue Titanium AAA Flashlights. The flashlights are currently on their way to our warehouse in New Jersey. Once they arrive they will go through quality control checks, and will be prepared for shipment shortly after.
We are on track to meet our estimated ship date of November 20. We're looking forward to everyone receiving the blue titanium flashlight!

Updated 10/25
Hi Everyone,
We’re excited to announce the Massdrop Blue Titanium AAA Flashlight is entering the final stages of production! The flashlight has gone through some pretty extensive testing, including sitting in a pot of boiling water (while still shining!).

We are on track to meet our estimated ship date of November 20, and we’ll update everyone in 2 weeks with the status of the shipment.
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I've got the brass version with the same gold clip (I believe), I'd be willing to sell.
That seems incredibly dangerous to heat a battery over 100ºC in a sealed casing. There is a lot of data on the Energizer and Duracell websites regarding heat+batteries=bad.

Just my $0.02 on the issue... but please be careful.
The click switch is L - M - H... But I noticed after a time of being it resets to starting on L. Perhaps everyone knew that. I didn't but I like the feature.

Anyone know how long the 'reset period' is?
Has anyone else had trouble with the switch? After about 6-7 months of almost no usage the switch no longer works. The light will turn on, but hitting the switch has no effect whatsoever.
Yes. I bought 3 units brass finish at the last drop. 2 units have faulty e-switches (on/off). It just won't turn off. Massdrop just does not provide after sales service/repair/&/or spares. So be prepared to bin it if the on/off failed. My failed after less than 20 times usage. If you have not bought keep your money.
You don’t have to throw it out. I have one of the original ones without anodizing in titanium and m-l-h sequence. I like the sequence and have found that I can take the tail switch from one of my blue lights and it works. However, I am trying to get a replacement tail switch from the manufacturer or anyone else I can find it from.
Can anyone tell me how these compare to the small 90/120 lumen OLights?
No one huh? 👍
The little baby blue flashlight is pretty, functional, and apparently tough as nails. Very cool!
Any chance we will see this light updated to use the Nichia 219C, or the Cree XP-G3 LEDs? I've put off ordering this particular light, cause I already have a Brass one with a Nichia 219B and an old school rubber button black anodized Tool AAA with the Cree LED. It just don't make any sense for me to get another one of something I already have, just cause it's "purdy" (and it is!).

As much as I love the color of this, I just really wanna see a major improvement before I bite. Some significant update or upgrade... Better LEDs or official compatibility with 10440 lithium cells, or even a new AA version (I suspect that larger configuration would get the best befit from the high strength and light weight of titanium).
hi, will nichia be available for this in future?
People must actually like these really small, low output AAA battery flashlights. I just don't see the point when you can get an Emisar D4 Quad XP which isn't all that much bigger for 40 bucks and that little guy will throw off 3000+ lumens for like 20 mins. I just don't see the point of flashlights this small when just a little bigger and you can get something much more robust.
Much smaller in the hand than I thought it would be, but still a great flashlight!
Great unobtrusive light, switching modes is the only gripe that I have with it but it isn't a deal breaker. The only question now is longevity of the switch.
In really thinking of snagging this just to match my KeyBiner in blue Ti. But I just don't think I like it enough aside from as an aesthetic choice.
Beautiful flashlight but performance-wise it was very low-powered, $10 flashlights leave it in the dust. I gave it to my friend for a birthday present, he loved it so I didn't feel quite as ripped off.
Just joined the drop, found this exact light on gearbest for €29.66 but in silver but I'd rather stick with mass drop
Never thought I'd be willing to pay 35 bucks for a flashlight, but here we are... ;-)

Love it! (Yes, the way the brightness adjustment is designed is kinda weird, but I don't think it'll be a problem for me, personally).
How does it work to adjust the brightness?
When you click, it goes low brightness --> off --> medium brightness --> off --> high brightness --> off.

Sounds annoying, I know, but it's a nice, solid little button and you can click thru the on/off pretty quickly.