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Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle

Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle

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Keep A Poker Face

In case you and your friends don’t have enough trust issues, the Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle is here to provide hours of backstabbing, treachery, and fun. Featuring two games built around bluffing mechanics, Mascarade and Sheriff of Nottingham, this is the perfect game to help you practice your lying, diplomacy, and poker face.

Note: This bundle includes Mascarade, the Mascarade Expansion, and Sheriff of Nottingham.

Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle


The Italian renaissance was known for celebrating beauty, art, and the mystery of the Masquerade. Beautiful masks, anonymous characters, and endless intrigue are abound in Bruno Faidutti’s Mascarade card game. This drop includes both the core game and the expansion set, featuring 13 new character cards. 

Mascarade Official Rules (PDF)

Mascarade: Expansion Official Rules (PDF)

Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle

At the beginning of the game, players receive one character card. The first player then can choose to secretly swap their card with the person on their left without looking. This process continues for every player in the game so at the end of all the swapping, nobody is quite sure who they are.

Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle
Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle

Throughout the game characters must utilize their character powers to collect coins, but if they are caught bluffing they must pay the penalty! Mascarade is a social interaction game that revolves heavily on communication and the ability to best the competition using intrigue and a stealthy strategy.

Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle

Starlight Citadel Masquerade Review


  • Players: 2 - 13
  • Recommended for ages 10 and up
  • Playing time: 20 minutes

Sheriff of Nottingham

Nottingham is a town full of honest merchants, rare goods, and strict lawmen. In Sheriff of Nottingham, players will take turns playing either merchants or the notoriously skeptical Sheriff. where players may try to lie or cheat to sneak illegal contraband past the Sheriff’s watchful eye. Bribery, extortion, and diplomacy are all important aspects of strategy in this hilarious but clever game. 

Sheriff of Nottingham Official Rules (PDF)

Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle
Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle
Massdrop Bluffing Games Bundle

TableTop: Sheriff of Nottingham Episode


  • 3 - 5 Players
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Playing time: 45 - 60 minutes


  • Mascarade
  • Mascarade (The Expansion)
  • Sheriff of Nottingham


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