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Massdrop Brass AAA Pocket Flashlight

Massdrop Brass AAA Pocket Flashlight

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The weight (with and without battery) is listed for the copper and titanium versions of this flashlight but not the brass... what is the weight on this light?
I purchased mine here 6 months ago, it’s been used for a total run time of MAYBE 12 to 15 minutes, last week the switch just crapped out!! What the freakin heck! I mean C’mon the body is perfect why can’t the switch be nice too??

So does anyone know where I could send it to be rebuilt into a dependable flashlight? I love the body too much to just throw away. Any info would be appreciated! Or is it easy to get parts to do DIY?
This is a "Lumintop Tool" flashlight in different metal. The base flashlight is around $3 from China.
My flashlight I bought at the last drop doesn't work anymore and its been just over a year. I wouldn't buy this again. Save your money for a Fenix.
To second someone else on the board, Gwen from Massdrop Support is just totally unhelpful.

Its a flashlight not something complex, it should work for more than a year. Or let us buy tail caps so we don't have to throw it away.
Pretty bummed, I've been carrying this for a few months and the main part unscrewed at some point and fell off my keychain. Still got the switch part but lost the majority.
I cannot get my flashlight to turn on. What could I be doing wrong?
Most likely you & me have the sane issue. The on/off e-switch faulty. I bought 3 units, from the last drop. 2 units. Toby & Gwen from support community not helpful at all for after sales. Not extending any help even though i wanted to buy the spare tail cap (end cap) to replace. Many who bought have encountered this problem. The support community don't try to solve this problem. Yet try to get backer to support the drop. Very un-enthtical bussiness behaviour.
Thanks for your response and advice.
is it possible to get a replacement for the tail?..i think mine died when teh battery exploded inside it...damn duracells
You unit have a faulty on/off e-switch like mine. Refer my earlier comments to dszpiro. Left with no choice i used mine as paper weights.
I got this and loved it so much I got the copper one too. I'd love to have one in 925 silver. Please make that happen :)
The instructions mention "Click to Turn On/Off' Press To Select Brightness". There is only one kind of response I have gotten from the button, though, which is to turn off/on AND cycle the brightnesses. Example usage:

1. Off
2. Press button to click, starts on low
3. Press button to click, off
4. Press button to click, turns on at medium
5. Press button to click, turns off
6. Press button to click, turns on at high.

There is no non-click press I am able to perform that has any effect on the light. I find this pretty disappointing, as I would like to be able to pick the brightness with one type of interaction and toggle on/off with another. I was planning on using this for looking around inside machines I'm repairing on low intensity most of the time, turning on and off as needed. Instead, I'll now have to press it 5 times to bring it back on at the desired intensity.

After looking through the discussion, I saw talk of two different types of switch parts. Are there any of the other kind (that have separate UX for changing intensity and toggling on/off) that Massdrop could send my way?

Are there any other AAA LED lights I could buy to use instead of this one?
You want a lumintop tool aaa (basically this light) with the rubber reverse clicky switch. it's basically exactly what you want it to do, full click turns on-off, half-click changes brightness, only drawback on that switch is that it doesn't tail stand as the switch protrudes.
What is the difference of the CREE XP-G2 R5 LED and CREE XP-G3 LED ?

Also how durable is the brass casing. As I just gotten mine today and I'm on the edge about realling using it or not. As most other flashlights I've used in the past was aluminum based.
EDC for over a year and love this light! Just lost the clip, any idea if I can order a replacement?
Nice little light with great battery life but the green tint Is a bit annoying. The light is running the Nichia led.
pls make a floor version. like the button more than a twisty
I have the copper one too. Both seem to be well made. The copper one seems to be brighter on high than the brass one on high but still nice.
Significantly less bright than I thought it would be & the flashlight clip broke the first day I had it.
Can you use another battery besides a AAA with this light? Lithium or otherwise?
Any AAA should work (I’ve used Duracells, Everready, and Eneloops.

I did read elsewhere that 10440’s won’t work due to the high voltage.