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Massdrop Brass AAA Pocket Flashlight

Massdrop Brass AAA Pocket Flashlight

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What type is the cut white foam in the case? Polyurethane?
Mine crapped out today. Hadn’t used it in a long time. Wouldn’t turn on. Tried new battery and it won’t work. Can’t justify buying another. I’ve had it two years but it was rarely used.
Ordered one last summer. Not even a year later it's completely stopped working. I liked it when it was working, but a flashlight should last more than 8 months...
I bought this one as an extra and went to turn it on and it doesn't work. I tested it when I first got it and it was fine. I don't know what happened, it's been sitting on a shelf. Tried 3 different types of new AAA batteries. Any one have any ideas?
When is the cree light going to be back in stock?????
I have one of these in blue with the brass rings. I've owned it for about a year and EDC it. However, in that time the brass coating has completely come off of the clip. Light still works like a champ though
I've had one of these in my pocket every single day for a year and a half. Only issue is one evening over the summer while working outdoors in a storm and taking it in and out of my pocket repeatedly, the clip popped off and was lost in the mud. Is there any way to get another one?
Is it possible to buy a replacement pocket clip?
have 2 of these, switch works intermittently on both. sometimes taking the battery out then putting it back in helps it work again. pretty crap. massdrop really needs to work on their qc
Bought mine when they first Dropped. Switch has stopped working. Anyone have any information of fixing, or getting MD to provide a fix?
Bought in 31.03.2017, work ok until 06.2018, from that point no power on :( Maybe the switch it is defective, i will try to replace with new one.
Ordered the flashlight, read all the reviews about people having trouble with the switch. Tried to cancel before the item was shipped, but was unable to cancel the order. That is just bad practice.
Mine seems to eat batteries like a junky, even when it's off. It'll work with fresh batteries for some time. I'll turn it off. Then, it won't turn on again. This with Eneloop batteries.
Hello, can anyone tell me if this is the Nichia 219BT? I currently own one of the original Lumintop Ti versions and love it's led. Are they using the same in the Brass Massdrop as well? Thanks in advance.
I just read the 300 reviews. There appears to be very poor QC here. The fact that MD does not stand behind these is more than enuf to prevent me from even considering a purchase.
I'd but this in a heartbeat if it had a deep carry pocket clip. What makes engineers think they want their gear poking out?
what made some of you guys that bought this pick it over the copper?
I'm torn between the brass and copper versions of this light. They both look great after the patina develops, but I'm limiting myself to a single light, and I'd be open to input. I'm also carrying the brass Ferrum Forge Utility Blade.


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Did you get one of these flashlights? If so which one and how do you like it?
Not yet, but I will most likely buy one this month.
Are these made by Lumintop or Maratac?
Maratac does not make lights, they get them from Lumintop
Took my light camping last weekend, when it worked it was great, but it would randomly decide not to turn on - generally when I needed it. VERY frustrating. Emailed massdrop, but haven't received a response.
Mine stopped working as well. It looks like the switch is faulty as I managed it to turn on with a firm smack to my palm. Unfortunately, it cannot switch modes or turn off. The battery has to be removed. It's pretty little paperweight. Too bad. I really liked this light.
Mine stopped turning on after less than 6 months of use. Looks like people have a similar experience in the comments, imho stay away unless they plan on replacing these. The reason it stopped working seems to be corrosion at the terminals. I tried using some deoxit to fix it to no avail.
Looks like mine has a junk switch as well , really sucks I liked this light . not even a year old , never used up the first battery.
Looks like my switch has failed as well, any chance of a miracle such as a replacement switch or even replacement torch under a warranty?
The weight (with and without battery) is listed for the copper and titanium versions of this flashlight but not the brass... what is the weight on this light?
I purchased mine here 6 months ago, it’s been used for a total run time of MAYBE 12 to 15 minutes, last week the switch just crapped out!! What the freakin heck! I mean C’mon the body is perfect why can’t the switch be nice too??
So does anyone know where I could send it to be rebuilt into a dependable flashlight? I love the body too much to just throw away. Any info would be appreciated! Or is it easy to get parts to do DIY? DN
Ditto. If I could see better,I'd try and fix the connection. But I think it had a melt down tonight and a pretty piece of junk now.
This is a "Lumintop Tool" flashlight in different metal. The base flashlight is around $3 from China.
My flashlight I bought at the last drop doesn't work anymore and its been just over a year. I wouldn't buy this again. Save your money for a Fenix. To second someone else on the board, Gwen from Massdrop Support is just totally unhelpful.
Its a flashlight not something complex, it should work for more than a year. Or let us buy tail caps so we don't have to throw it away.
Please read also my earlier comments for the product in this discussion. Gwen, Toby even Lumintop not extending any help, even though I offer to buy them. Read discussions here. Many earlier backers asking for help on this issue. But no one seems getting any, except the lucky few, those still under warranty. Last drop bought 3. 2 failed just after warranty (14 month). The question here, why Massdrop still promoting a product that is not near perfect. Have they consider replacing it to a "clicky" switch, if Lumintop has not perfected the so call e-switch. Prospective backer, if buying ask for extended warranty on tail end cap (switch) or prepare to bin it, if it does fail after the warranty. If it is a massdrop/lumintop collobration. I am of the opinion lumintop dont keep inventory for this product at all
Pretty bummed, I've been carrying this for a few months and the main part unscrewed at some point and fell off my keychain. Still got the switch part but lost the majority.
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Lolol nice! My switch works fine but would love a backup as heard they can malfunction quite often. If you are in the market I do have a brand new blue-titanium one (full light) and yes, have mixed and matched and looks pretty sweet with a brass tail switch.
Shucks, just picked up a copper AAA lumintop and would love your switch. ;) If you find it, I'd be glad to shoot you some funds to cover your scavenger hunt.
I cannot get my flashlight to turn on. What could I be doing wrong?
Most likely you & me have the sane issue. The on/off e-switch faulty. I bought 3 units, from the last drop. 2 units. Toby & Gwen from support community not helpful at all for after sales. Not extending any help even though i wanted to buy the spare tail cap (end cap) to replace. Many who bought have encountered this problem. The support community don't try to solve this problem. Yet try to get backer to support the drop. Very un-enthtical bussiness behaviour.
Thanks for your response and advice.