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Massdrop Cache EDC Display Valet

Massdrop Cache EDC Display Valet

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Hey EDC and Blades enthusiasts! We've been checking out the loaded up Caches and noticed some great layouts. Heres how we have our display Cache setup in the office to showcase our collaborations.
How do you use your Cache? How are you all utilizing the space you have? Post a photo of yours, and in the comments tell us what you're using your hidden compartments for. We have some things hidden away in ours. We can't tell you yet but will show you all pretty soon.
Do you think they will ever offer this in more color options. great collection there this seems like an easy way to select your EDC for the week
I'd be more interested if it was more geared towards watches. I don't have knives to display. I use my knives to cut things and therefore they get beat up.
Yup, originally was in on this drop, but cancelled that after the Terzuola snafu by MD and the delays. Looks like it finally hit the buyers..
It took forever but I've had mine for a while now. The build quality is pretty solid. It's hard for me to justify $120 for it, but I can see why it costs so much after owning it.
I want this, but seems real expensive for a synthetic leather box goodness... nothing says "every day carry" louder, than "EDC Display Cache". Peek hipsterism
...actually, what would say it even louder, is if there would be a Starbuck's cup holder included with it.

I think I might need more display Cashes
Yup, thats me ;-)
So much knife slot? WTF? are we living in a post apocalyptic world? pls do more watch slot.
Lol. $120. Lol.
is there enough clearance when the box is closed to put sunglasses in some of the knife slots?
Yes, I have a variety of different sunglasses and they all fit perfectly.
Good idea, good layout, but not for any $120. I might consider it at half that price. There is no good reason that what is essentially a leather covered wooden box with a hinged clear plastic top, an injection molded insert and some nice-ish fabric glued on should cost cost $120. If it's made in China, (and no where in the drop does it give the country of manufacture) theres no way I'd pay more than $45 for it. If it's made in the EU or US, I might pay $65 for it. As it stands this is one of the biggest rip-offs I've seen on this site yet.
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Ah yea, well bottom line is... this crap probably cost $5 to manufacture. Insane what they are charging... Even crazier are the people buying this!
Yep! If this was made with reasonably good quality components I'd consider it at the price. It should have a glass lid and leather, at a minimum. I'm pretty sure these are made for MD by Wolf and the Wolf products do use glass and leather... so obviously MD sees a chance to fleece their customers here.
More watch slots, less knife slots. My knives are tough and don't need as much protection as my watches.
A knife for every day of the week? Is that a thing? Fresh underwear, fresh blade? Is this backed by the NKA? There has to be an NKA, right?
Used to be an NKA. Too much back-stabbing. Funding was cut, slashed their management and severed too many ties. Eventually, they folded. People that like certain things tend to...accumulate those certain things. It would be wise to sell off an inferior item each time a superior item is acquired, but people don't apply that logic to fetishes, I mean hobbies. Knife Hobbyist can enjoy their collection and practical types that recognize knives are specialized can select an appropriate blade for the occasion, e.g. that chunky multi-tool isn't going to work in these dress trousers. Any chance of walnut wood and real leather, should be the question asked.

Nice lay out I really like it
So, I paid the extra $15 for expedited shipping (2 day) and we're on day 3 and the FedEx listing for my tracking number shows only "Label has been created." Emailed support. No reply yet. Anyone else experience this after paying for expedited shipping?
The light weight of the unit and plastic top means that there's no way this is worth $120. Sell it for the appropriate $50 and I'd be interested. If you guys insist on overpricing the piece, up your game and use better quality materials. I like the design and it would be just the right type of layout for my EDC collection, but it's simply overpriced. As a comparison, here's a unit on Amazon for $43. It has velvet covered slots, a drawer, and a real glass top. It is even covered in leather, although it would obviously be the cheap PU leather at this price. Regardless, it's less than half the price of the Massdrop unit, but better quality materials.
Good find. I just bought that from Amazon, much better deal!
Who makes these?
The overview states: Finally, the bottom of the case is designed to be stacked atop another drawer. Is this drawer available somewhere?
Not yet, but we're working on it. We posted about this when it first dropped - we wanted to make sure there was enough interest in the primary product before we started making the drawers for it. Stay tuned, we hope to have more on this in the first quarter of 2019.
Rich boy toy.
If I get this I would have to buy 5 more knives which would be an issue haha
Dammit...I think they're onto us Mike ;)
Hey everyone, We wanted to check in regarding the quality control check on the EDC Display Valet. QC has officially been completed and we are glad to say this product is now being prepared for shipment. After individually inspecting each unit by hand, we decided that nearly 10% of the total drop did not adhere to our standards and we’re now confident that only the highest quality units will be delivered to you.
A few pictures of our team conducting QC at the warehouse are below.
Again, thank you so much for your patience and we look forward to you receiving your display valet soon!
Awesome update
I appreciate that you have taken the time to do this update to the extent that you did, and have handled the QC issue the way you have. I would rather wait and have it right..Well Played.
Dang after looking at everyone's loaded boxes, I realized mine did not look the same,I'm missing the step- like top half of the hidden compartment ...this sucks
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looks like your with your organizational skills a shoe box would have done the trick. Nice collection man. What is the knife second from the left in the right hand box to the back.
Yah, I purchased another box to display my favorites in a more organized fashion 😁, hope it comes without missing parts this time... That knife is the Kershaw link I believe.
@Massdrop what are the chances of this thing dropping again? I need this in my life.
You may not believe this, but it literally drops tomorrow! Hit Request and you should be notified when it goes up.

That’s freaking fantastic
Hi I got a notice that mine was shipped out October 26th, but when I try the tracking number there is no shipment found. Has mine been lost???
Contact support and they can look into that for you.
I would very much like this drop to come back.
Please drop this again soon.

This is what I call a lay out brother!! Love your collection
I thought I had good news when I got "has been delivered " message, but come to find out my box was delivered to New Jersey somewhere and I live in Maui bummed! What now:( we've been waiting so long for this.
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Mine was supposedly shipped out October 26th according to the message here, but I haven't received it yet and its November 15 already. I tried the tracking number and no shipment found.
After talking with customer service, they sent me another one that I just got in a couple days ago.