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Hey everyone,

The concept for this was driven by the question, “what’s in your current EDC rotation?” - variations of this question drive much of the discussions on our site and across social media. For many of our members, the core items - keys, wallet, phone - but beyond this, enthusiasts in the communities we serve tend to have multiples of other items like knives, pens, and watches.

You might just be starting a collection and looking for room to grow, or you might have dozens of knives and just use this to display what’s in your current rotation - either way, we designed this box around the idea that yeah lot of people like the idea of carrying a different knife every day of the week, whether you’re into #terzuolatuesday #wharncliffewednesday #FerrumFriday or whatever else.

I started working on this awhile back, after looking at my own storage “solution” for knives and other EDC items at home, and realizing. I checked around to see what else was available - I found some knife storage, and some dump trays for EDC stuff, but it seemed like nobody had really come up with an elegant solution that really tailored to knife collectors.

I thought about it for awhile, talked to some knife designers, and posted in our Talk area to see if other people had the same issue or other solutions. (

Members posted some great photos of all kinds of solutions, from tool chests to plastic bins and even some custom-made solutions - but again, I didn’t really see anything that was purpose-built to display knives and hold other items as well. So, I set about making something that I thought our members would enjoy based on this idea

From there, I enlisted the help of our in-house engineer, John Yu, who saw there was unused space below the knife tray and came up with the idea for hidden storage underneath, and did a lot of work in CAD making sure that our manufacturer understood this...because, let’s face it, not everyone “gets it” when you try to explain you need an elegant solution for people who own so many knives they need a special box to keep their favorite ones handy.

This was particularly fun for me to work on because it’s the first product that I’ve really designed from scratch, and also because it was built specifically to serve the Massdrop community. Thanks for checking it out, hope you like it!

* The drop will begin at 6:00am PT on Wednesday, April 25th.
* The price will be $119.99 (shipped to US addresses).
* This drop is limited to 1500 units
* The AAA flashlight will only be included on this first pre-production drop.
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Just joined the drop! Will we be able to specify any options for the flashlight (color, CREE vs Nichia)?
Thanks! No, it will have to be a surprise - they will be randomly distributed when they ship.
Massdrop Please bring this back, I really want one! This is definitely one of the sleekest thing iv'e seen on here!
I havnt received a MD email since the Valet contest and I am wondering when or if the results had come out/emailed out? I emailed MD on not receiving emails like i used to and my settings were never altered but... Maybe someone here would know. Lol...
I’d request for the next run of these a locking feature....I have small kiddos. Also a glass top as acrylic scratches so easily. I’d buy in a heartbeat then.
Who were the winners for that competition?
Were there winners actually picked??
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And now it’s been two weeks. We are well into June.

”And the winners are…” 🤗
Well I will give them the benefit of doubt and hope that they will announce it when they ship the boxes. I will be in Europe in a month, and I would like to know if I need to let people know if there is a package coming or if it will not
i thought setting a reminder would send me an email when it was ending but i missed it and i realy liked this box i hope it comes back soon
I joined the drop 4 hours before it ended. Once it ended the payment charges were made. I then recieved an email asking to update my information from an email that Massdrop sent me. The link that was sent did not work as the Massdrop page text said "I dont have permission to view this page". How can I be asked to update payemnt information if I dont have access to the page? Now the drop is over and I have no idea if I am appart of it or not. Emailed customer support. Hope they can help where I am apart of this drop.
I'm looking forward to reading the first reviews of these, once they get sent out to folks.
Nice first attempt. This is almost there. As others have mentioned, you need to run that watch selection across the bottom to accommodate more options. I'd expand the knife rack to float over the middle section to accommodate larger folders, or make an option where the middle section is divided into two parts that accommodate narrower items like pens/lights with the secondary storage underneath, or make the middle row the full width.
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why dont they just make it to where when u click buy u can select the exact type of modular design that u want like a watch holder a knife holder etc
Per the description, the slots are open-ended to accommodate larger knives. We had to draw the line somewhere, otherwise the box would just keep getting bigger until it wasn't practical. If we made a box to hold 10 knives all up to 6" long, and 6 watches, and sunglasses, now it's a safe more than a valet box. So your feedback is noted, but we did consider the range of knives before making the decision about slot size - and then quite purposefully leaving them open to allow larger knives to overhang.
Over $45usd for shipping to Australia? Surely you could've found cheaper? Spewing
Wouldve commited at a lower price point.
31$ shipping D:
Interesting and beautiful case - but when i clicked to Join the drop the name & address-fields don´t allow special characters.... I don´t know if I´m willing to risk that kind om money on a shipment if I can´t enter the fields correctly. The special characters are å, ä, ö...
Thanks, we'll pass that info to the website team. Will it still arrive safely if you use just plain "a" or "o" I hope?