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Massdrop Copper AAA Pocket Flashlight

Massdrop Copper AAA Pocket Flashlight

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Hey everyone,

Based on the success of the AAA Brass and AAA Blue Titanium lights, and the community's interest in other copper lights, we've brought back one of the most popular "Massdrop-Made" items in a new style.

Copper is a favorite material, due to its good looks when new or with a patina, and also it's excellent heat dispersion properties. In addition to the difference in housing material, this AAA light is also the first to feature a Nichia 219C LED, which is 6% brighter than it's predecessor, the 219B, and also more efficient.

There are only 1000 pieces available in this drop - which are all in the warehouse and available for immediate shipping after the drop ends. Thanks to everyone who joined the drops for past AAA lights and made this possible! Whether this is your first AAA light or just the newest one in your collection, we hope you enjoy it!

Carry On -- Jonas
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Suggestion, Add a Massdrop label, maybe even specify the LED as 219c or XP-G2

so that when I lego my other copper tools and maratacs, I can tell which is which.
When will there be copper again?
Too much vague nonsense here. Where's the fricken switch? The video typical disco shit shines nothing on ops. I'd get the on off always high light if they'd only make them. But it's a rip like that ANT light which craps the side switch in a few weeks. LAME!!!
Is there a way to "hack" the flashlight so that it always turns on at the highest setting?
I think this drop is for suckers.
Pricing is in line with what flashlights like this were going for several years ago.
LEDs are pretty ubiquitous now.
Copper is ugly. Quit doing this.
Tactical flat black please?
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who hurt you
I don't know but they were driving a Fiero and wearing copperfit socks.
3 months old and my first one has already died. Contacted support but it looks like they're backed up so I don't know when I'll get a response on my issue.
Just got mine yesterday. Really loving the look and feel of it.

At the risk of sounding stupid with a basic question: Do I need to just keep clicking it on and off to cycle through the brightnesses? The little instructional card says "click to turn on/off," and "press to select brightness." Using different verbs (click vs. press) makes it sound like you can perform different actions but I'm unable to do so.

Am I missing something? Thanks...
you must click on and off
the instruction to press instead of click is only true for the mechanical switch model that has a black rubber button, that is not sold in this drop. The black switch click is LOUD btw, not silent like the eSwitch on the massdrop model:

there are a couple other differences, the mechanical Tool is MLH, not LMH like the electronic Massdrop Tool. And as you can see, the pocket clip is black on the mechanical model.
Ah, thank you! Very helpful. I haven’t seen any of that info before.
These look so cool!!!
Bought 3 units in brass finished MD-31441-1645-1645282 at its last drop and understand it was a collaboration of the brand & massdrop with massdrop undertaking its warranty. The warranty just passed. 2 units has faulty on/off switches (used less than 10 occasions, sure is a quality & manufacturing defect). Removing the switch nechanism from its end-cap need a special tool to unscrew to remove. Wrote to massdrop & it disclose cannot provide brand's service contacts due to contractual obligations.
Prospective buyers kind above & also replacing a new blub need a special tool to unscrew holder from housing. Currently, I am waiting for Gwen from community support. Has been a preferred & regular customer at its drops and is very unhappy massdrop this service issue. Communications just went D E A T H..
I would kill for one of these lights that is single mode on/off. While I am wishing for things how about a reverse click switch to allow for momentary on before the click which turns on the light?
Hey Massdrop,
I have purchased several of these. They are great. The one I purchased for my GF ended up losing its pocket clip. Is there anyway we can replace these clips without puchasing a whole new light?
I'm going to have to agree with you here.... I use the clip on the brim of my hat to make the light hands free and I know I will someday lose one. It'd be nice to have the ability to order spare parts.

spare battery holder:

Make this an 18650 size and I'd be all over it . I feel it's too small imo. Although, it didn't stop me from buying 2. It looks so damn good.
This size works so well inside the pen/marker slots in my backpack. I'd love the 18650 battery life, but this seems to be the perfect brightness and size to actually carry all the time. (At least for me.)