Massdrop 35° or 20° 800-fill Down Sleeping Quiltsearch

Massdrop 35° or 20° 800-fill Down Sleeping Quilt

Massdrop 35° or 20° 800-fill Down Sleeping Quilt

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as a data point, i slept in the 20º version of this in low of 38º fairly moist air this weekend (california coastal redwoods area), capilene 1 top and bottom + EE hoodlum, and was not warm enough at all once it dropped below 40º.
Any timeline on when this will return?
I believe 21w without a response = never
I used this for the first time during an overnight backpacking trip in the Smoky Mountains this past weekend. I paired it with just a Thermarest Z Lite Sol sleeping pad, with the campsite situated in a valley next to a creek (Campsite 50, for those that are wondering).

This quilt is awesome. Coming from a traditional/mummy setup, this thing blew them out of the water. I was worried about the closed foot design, especially compared to the EE quilt it's based around, but I think it is actually a good thing. With the provided straps I was able to keep it in place on the pad; the quilt, lay-flat, design I was able to roll around as needed without feeling constricted. Personally, I left the foot vent open and would move my feet in or out depending on need without worry of being too cold, and felt that the open top design (I didn't use the top strap) let me easily pop an arm or two out as needed, too.

Possibly the best piece of camping equipment I've purchased (my WindBurner from MSR is up there). I would buy this again, maybe next time it will be at a slightly lower price since the quilt it is based on came out to be just $1 more...
Does anyone know when this product will be available again? This is made by Enlightened Equipment correct?
This one is made by Massdrop and is similar the the enlightened equipment quilt. The EE Quilt is currently available. When this one is available is anyone`s guess.
I would love to see a 0 F version of this.
Thought I would write a quick review after the first few cold nights I spent with this quilt. Took this on a hunt in interior Alaska, where the weather was mixed with rain, wind, sun, and more rain. Nights ranged from mid 30s to the low 20s. I used this with the Massdrop Klymit Ultralight V on my Helinox cot. The first night, I wrapped the straps around the cot, rather than around the pad hoping to keep myself from sliding on the cot. That did not work so well, wrapping the quilt around the cot made for some dead air spaces that quickly become cold spots. Once I readjusted and wrapped the quilt around the pad and adjusted the neck to be snug, I eliminated the cold spots and was toasty. I slept in my down puffy, with the hood over my head. No issues whatsoever. The whole system, quilt and pad, are small enough that I can stuff both of them in a 10 L dry bag. All in all I am very impressed and quite satisfied with this setup for fall hunts in AK. And for what it's worth, this was the first trip with the cot and I will never leave it behind again.
what was the price on these? need to pick up a 10-20 degree quilt for this fall and debating on options
To insure the quilt stays dry in the pack, during rain, has anyone found a suitable lightweight dry bag that works well? The description mentions a 7 liter stuff sack is included, so I imagine something in the same size would work. I see Outdoor Research offers 5, and 10 liter dry bags. Just wondering what my options may be. Possibly even cuben fiber. Thanks!
Many ultralighters use a trash compactor bag as a waterproof liner for their whole pack. Cheap, light weight, and durable due to being used for trash compacting machines. I actually just use regular plastic garbage bags as liners. I live in the Pacific Northwest with crazy rain and I've never had a drop of water get through. Just twist the top tight and tuck it.
thanks. That's what i've been doing, and will continue for now :)
Finally got to put my 35 degree quilt to a real test last weekend, and couldn't be happier with the results. Used in conjunction with a Borah Gear UL Bivy + tarp and Exped Synmat 7 in temps into the mid-30's (some spotty frost on the ground) at some of the high passes in the Olympic mtns. First, the weight savings (over the REI Sub-Kilo I typically use here) were much appreciated on a pretty brutal trek. I think I used every feature on the quilt - no drafts with foot-box drawcord, mid straps kept quilt on the pad (and me), and the upper snap and drawcord kept me comfortable when the temps dropped. Stayed warm throughout, even when the quilt got slightly damp from one severe rainstorm, and some heavy dew. The quilt dried out relatively quickly when the sun came up. For the record, I sleep with light merino long underwear, a nano puff jacket and merino cap. I'm extremely pleased with the function and value from this quilt!
I received my 35 degree quilt about 10 days ago, and just used it this week on a 2-nighter in Sequoia at 9,000 feet with a low temp around 45 i'm guessing. I sleep warm anyway but was using a Thermarest XTherm pad, with thin base layers, wool socks, and nothing on my head. Worked GREAT. and i didn't bother to use the additional straps to secure to the pad. I was on the fence about quilts, now i wonder if i should have gone with an EE Revelation rated to 20 degrees. Hmmm. chuckling... two quilts in my future? Packs surprisingly small and light, but then I'm used to an older Marmot down Sawtooth mummy bag. I just wish it came with a cotton storage sack.
Just got mine today and pleased with everything except the £45 customs charge. I guess it's still a good deal though.
Mine arrived yesterday (7 June) in Australia. Great service!

Looks great and felt very warm on my test.

Very happy.
I slept under this quilt, in a bivy sack, on top of a cheap closed cell foam pad, over the weekend. I was warm as toast without the cramped feeling of a mummy bag. This was a great purchase.
what was the overnight temp?
Don't know. It was not at the bag rating of 35, so I can't make a cold temperature promise to you. But, I will be trying it in colder weather. I was warm when I usually get cold feet or cold shoulders and at the same time I was able to stretch out where my mummy bags feel claustrophobic. I worried about cold drafts or rolling out from under the cover while sleeping. Neither of those happened. I woke up more refreshed than usual in camp.
Mine has been stuck in Des Moines for 3 days en route to SF, CA and ETA increased by 6 days from an original estimated delivery of July 1. Did this happen to anyone else?
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Arrived today! This thing is so cool!
Glad it got there, I just looked and my post office picked it up today so mine will be here tomorrow for sure! Props to Mass Drop for getting them out on time.