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Brous Blades Satin Raven

Brous Blades Satin Raven

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Hell yes! Can't wait.
Thanks again for joining this drop! Shortly after the drop ended, we submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Brous Blades Satin Raven. The vendor informed us that the bulk order was picked up and is on its way to our warehouse. Based on the tracking provided, the order is scheduled to arrive by 8/11.

We will keep the group updated throughout the fulfillment process. You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 8/12.

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That kind of price and they using cheap-ass tool steel? What a JOKE. Total rip off. This is about twice what it should cost.
Sebenza is more my aesthetic at this price range, but it's cool that these are available.
Not saying I will not or haven't bought expensive knives, I bought strider, extrema ratio and still have them, and I do use them. Reason? Those knife manufacturer back up their products. No Bs lifetime warranty with superior quality steel.
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In that point, fair enough. And lifetime warranty is a must for something at this price point for a knife in my philosophy.
Otherwise just seems unethical
Although for me I can't put that kind money out on something seems to precious to use as a daily driver. But as a guy whom have spend a few thousand dollars on knives, I guess I do understand someone just had to have a second kind cool blade.
Hmm, $500 knife made out of D2 and have a 1 year limited warranty? What?
Life time warranty on everything. Check their website!
MassDrop offered its own 1 year warranty while Brous Blades offers lifetime warranty:

Every Brous Blade comes with a lifetime warranty.

Since my Raven comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jason Brous, it has lifetime warranty on top of MassDrop 1 year warranty.
$15 off? Lol.
The Raven is not on their website (yet). So for now you won't be able to get it anywhere else... in Europe at least.
For the people wondering, Brous usually makes 100 of each edition. They are also sold other places as well, so not massdrop exclusive. Also, each additional edition is added on to the existing number of units (ex. CF is first 30, blackout is 31-60).
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Really like their Dynamic tanto but the shipping costs are too much (58 bucks).
That would make it a 600 plus blade!
If this drop is 24 units how did I get 65 out of 250 Knives made
Awsome, but it takes some getting used to. The flipping action is GREAT! The safety is well hidden and has 2 stages, at least for me. I think this is done so that you don't sheer off your thumb when your closing the blade. I thought it was a fault in making but looking closer there is a small, what looks to me like a ball bearing stopping the blade from closing all the way in one go, and this is checked by a very small hole in the blade. This does make a small circular groove in your blade on the right side of the main bearing, but it's minimal..
Otherwise very smooth and very BIG, at least for what I'm used to...
The design is out of this world!
P.S. in the beginning, flip it HARD to lock well. After about 30 flips it locks smoother.
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It's a question of balance.
You just explained the reason. Since the hollow side has the additional screws and attachment to the frame lock as well as the pocket clip, it makes sense to hollow up the side so the total weight comes close to the weight of the opposite side which is a solid piece of titanium with nothing else on it.