Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Low-Cut (3-Pack)search
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Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Low-Cut (3-Pack)

Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Low-Cut (3-Pack)

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All large are gone?
under ankle socks blow hard, 1/4 darn tough only
Wondering if I should go an L or XL if my shoes size usually range from 9.5 - 10
Amazon reviews say large
The socks fit comfortably but start pilling from the first use
Are you guys going to bring back the Oatmeal/Grey combo? Glad the drop is reactivated, but was really hoping to grab that color combo!
when will massdrop restock? Only 1 color available currently. I would like a 3 color pack in large. or a set of 3 in gray.
These are excellent running socks. The cushioning is very resilient, so I don't need to be as thick as some specialty running socks (dual-layer, sometimes). Long runs sometimes find me in the rain, and wool keeps my feet warm until I can get back. I wish there were some more XXL's, though.
Massdrop needs to get its shit together when it comes to shipping. I bought a pair on the 19th (they were in stock), they did not ship until the 23rd, and are not due to arrive until the 31st. Almost two full weeks for an in stock item to go from New Jersey to Florida. That is absolutely insane. This is probably the last time I’m ever buying from Massdrop, unfortunately. The $5-$10 you save on most items is not worth it when you can get something similar or better off amazon with free 2 day shipping.
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They do not arrive until the 31st of March... I ordered them March 19th.
No, please read more carefully. I’m irked that it’s going to take almost two week to get them. it wouldn’t matter if it took them 4 days to ship (since its technically 3 business days FROM when I ordered). It’s the fact that it’s taking 5-6 business days to move from NJ to FL as it seems they use the slowest possible shipping method. That’s bonkers.
Are you going to restock the raw wool mediums? I bought some a while ago and would love to get more.
Looks like they recently restocked the raw wool color. As of 2018/06/11 all sizes are in stock.
Some of these pictures are under ankle and some are over ankle, I’m confused.
Bought these for my wife, and she absolutely loves them! Well insulated and a great moisture manager.
Where's Oatmeal and Grey/Grey variants?

Let me know if you do a shorter, under ankle, version.
On my foot these are "under ankle" in Large with a 10-10.5 shoe US. I would not qualify them as "no-show" however
Same fit for me in an 11.5, under ankle but not quite no-show.
Value is not as good as I initially thought.

Buyers beware - they start pilling fairly early especially on the heels.... after like ~5 washings.

First set I bought were solid for the few times I used them for hiking as "spares" and not my main. Thought they were decent, so unfortunately, I bought another set.
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I've been in two drops of these drops now, wash mine along with all my other socks with regular detergent and softener, through the dryer and don't have the issue you're describing after over a year.
ecoleman Onslash cbjz

I used to wash and airdry, not anymore. Had some time today -> check out my images. Black was washed just twice.