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Massdrop x Fizan Compact Trekking Poles

Massdrop x Fizan Compact Trekking Poles

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[Updated July 24, 2017]
Hi Everyone - we are running this drop every day, and shipping within 3 business days of your order. We listened to all of your comments about wanting these poles for an upcoming adventure. We are excited to offer this new process so that you can join at any time and receive your poles quickly, especially during peak backpacking season. Please help spread the word about these great poles!


Original post below:

Greetings Outdoor Adventurers,

The original Fizan Compact Trekking Poles have been a favorite here on Massdrop every since we started selling them. They have the strongest twist-lock mechanisms, and are one of the lightest collapsible and adjustable poles in the world, at a fraction of the price of the nearest competitors.

We have taken the comments and reviews from the thousands of members who bought the original poles, and working with Fizan over the last year to come up with this Massdrop exclusive. The new Compact poles sport a reshaped grip, a soft, smooth strap, a burlier grippier hiking tip cover, and a third set of larger baskets that will be useful in snow or sand.

I used to think trekking poles were unnecessary and even dorky, but that was when I was first getting into backpacking as a college student. One winter I went on a particularly treacherous 3-day trip along the California coast, where we hit rain, hail, swollen river crossings, and numerous steep up and downs. The poles saved that trip and I became a convert. I now recommend poles for most people, regardless of how often or hard you hike, or how much you carry. It helps you going uphill, saves your knees on the downhill, stabilizes you on rocks and river crossings, and can help you avoid injury from falling. I find that it helps me keep a nice pace, regardless of speed. And for many of us, poles are useful for serving double-duty as part of our shelter structure.

I'm really excited about these poles because we're talking the most affordable, reliable ultralight poles and making them better, based on your feedback. Please read more about the history and development of this new generation of poles:

Dan Durston at Into Cascadia

Dave at Engearment

Danielle at The Trek

Kenneth Shaw at Ultralightandcomfortable

And here's the 2011 BPL review for the original Compact 3:
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Quick q: forgot to get some earlier in the year. I head out for a trip October 8th. Best to order from elsewhere at this point?
Should be good! These will come back on 9/24 and will have 2 day shipping
where can I get replacement tips for the poles?
The peoples need another drop.
Compact 3 coming back?
Are these going to be coming back?
Does anyone know if the Compact 4 is actually 49" max or if it can be extended more. I have a trekking pole tent, and I want poles that can collapse short enough for bikepacking as well as hiking. The Compact 3 is out of the question. My tent needs about 50". It would be fine if the Compact 4 can be extended to 50", even if it's slightly beyond the "max" mark.
Are the Compact 3 coming back in stock soon? I would love to use them for my hike in 10 days.

I bought a pair of these poles, but one of them arrived defected. The measurements were printed upside down so they're useless, and additionally that same pole's internal locking mechanism has problem locking already. How can we remedy this?
Great light weight poles!!
Highly recommend.
HOWEVER! Had these tethered to my pack with points down for about 70 miles. The middle telescoping section came out of one. Lost the locking mechanism. Just a threaded post with nothing to screw into. I’ve located the parts on a British site. They won’t ship here. Massdrop - please tell us who else sells and services these poles. Seems to be a sig demand for parts.
Really great poles: strong, lightweight, easy to adjust. Before I had fibreglass poles but this Fizans are same weight and much stronger
Mine arrived with only the snow baskets, missing 2 sets of baskets and tip covers. Anyone else?
How about getting in some StickPics for these poles? Massdrop has sold thousands of these poles. That should be good for quite a few sales of StickPicks as well.
Would these be appropriate for winter hikes?
Some woodland camo colored/patterned poles would look trick! :)
Are these safe to lean on without risk of the expandable sections collapsing? I have Fibromyalgia and balance issues and I am looking for something to help me walk more trails while camping at state parks. No heavy duty hiking, but I may need to lean on them to go up and down small inclines and slightly rocky areas.
Why wait? Just go to for the same exact thing in the black and white color scheme for $59.77 shipped to the States.
When will compact 3 be back in stock?
Should be back up and available now!
TY, already ordered them.