Massdrop x Fostex T-X0 Planar Magnetic Headphonessearch

Massdrop x Fostex T-X0 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Massdrop x Fostex T-X0 Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Just got mine back from modhouse, my mind is blown.. i am A/Bing them with another set of TX-0s and its a completely different headphone, the bass extension and sound stage are stupidly large. If i owned the 6XX's that i used while waiting for the mod to be completed they would be taken out of rotation for sure. I do tend to prefer exciting headphones over neutral ones though. I will be doing an A/B with LCD Classics tonight.
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Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated.
a few weeks in now, my impressions havent changed. The Argon mod is out of this world good, they make me crave getting back to my desk and listening.
Today, I decided it was to time to have a look inside the driver cups and see what mods have been done.

Just want to preface this with that I joined this drop with the nostalgic in tension to replace my dearly beloved modded T50rp that I gave away to a friend many years ago.

When received these beauties I felt the quality was much nicer than a usual pair of MK2 T50's but the sound left me wanting.

Anyways, opened up the cups by removing the screws (7) and then having to pry open the baffle from the cups as they are adhered with some kind of sticky/gluey lining. Once removed, the internals of the cup had hardly been touched. Only a bit of lining to the back of the drivers and fully open port vent at the bottom of the cup which had the stock felt tape over it.

Just wanting to see if the usual easy mods can make a difference to the tuning of the T50's, I went and sealed up 3/4 of the ports with some duct tape (I know, not the best type but available at the time!), cut up some cotton sheets roughly 4x4 cm and plonked it in the cup to sit literally right behind the drive when it is all assembled.

Putting it all back together I actually missed those days of modding these headphones, especially when I got to fire it up through the MCTH. I seriously wasn't expecting much but hot damn, Hello midrange...oh is that a little more sub I can feel hrmmm and the treble....I can here some of that toasty hot treble that these things can usually kill you with (LOL). This is a NICE mod, little effort, with some appreciable improvement!

I'm gonna call this STAGE 1.

P.s the Baffles on the driver side are untouched and you could go to town with some artist clay and dampen it more!

Anyways, hope this helps!
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Thanks Volly, appreciate the updates.
I'll probably do similar minor mods with the taping, cotton and some acoustical foam like this person's guide:
Haha...This was the vid I dug up when modding, haven't modded these in a long while, great minds think a like! (How good is Chromeo btw!?!) :D

Had a listening session with the mods last night and I can finally say these headphones have got their soul back! Much brighter and more coherent, might work on the bass mod some more as there's room there for improvements. The detail in the midrange has come up good and way more enjoyable!

Anyone not digging there MT-X0rp's do the mod, can't recommend it enough tbh!

Also: - BlueMonkeyFlyer.
I heard this at a friend's house yesterday. He put it up on sale on eBay and its the last day of auction, so my impression's limited to his DirectStream+Emotiva A100 setup.

One word: dark. Two words: very dark.

Either massdrop played too safe, or there's just that much room of improvement on Fostex's end. Either way, these sounds significantly more congested than Dekoni Blue. They don't have much treble, and bass is pretty wonky since it doesn't reach anywhere near the lowest registers. Mids on these are pretty enjoyable tho, it gives some of my familiar songs some refreshing air. With that being said tho these are very hard to drive like all Fostex mods. An amp is an absolute must, but unfortunately even if you feed these enough power they're still pretty lackluster. Well you get what you paid for. For $160 dollar this isn't that bad of a deal really, you can do much worse but honestly when you can get Cascadia Talos for just $100 more I don't see why you still want these. Those are in another league. I've sold mine and now V2 comes out imma buy them back. These? Unless they're $60. Duh.
Anyone have a pair they want to sell? Live in US, Cali to be more accurate. If unopened/unused I'll do 150 if used then maybe 130
The pads are part of the problem.Roll the pads and listen again,i changed mine to dekoni elite sheepskin. Night and day difference.
Z-Review on T-X0, ouch!

The review kind of make me wants to send my headphones to Mod House to get the Argon mod. Anyone done that and if so what's your thought on it comparing with stock?

Yeah, I saw Z's review earlier and can relate a little to his first impressions. I've had the T-X0's for a few months and I noticed a less sparkly and sort of muffled sound at first but over time they seem to be getting better. I do drive these with a Fostex DAC-amp outputting to a Little Dot hybrid tube amp. These do require more power than my other headphones. Even my Beyerdynamic (80 ohm) 770 Pros are not requiring me to dial up as much as the T-X0's. I like the somewhat darker tones my T-X0's produce. These are my only planars and I would like to compare with another like a HiFiMan or Monoprice version. Audeze is just too crazy high in price. The Mod House conversion to the Argon looks like a good deal. I think I'll give it some more time and maybe try minor DIY mods.
I feel the same way about the T-X0's, comes across as "Very" dark sounding, the tune is a little to safe in the treble department and the bass sounds very tame. Lot's of potential though as these don't get the head time from my other headphones. Can be a great chillout headphone but there needs to be more bass, also the mid's can sound amazing but all too often sound far too distant. Guitars just don't have that bite with this tune and vocals far too distant.

I really didn't want to mod these as I just wanted my T50rp set and forget but...
Decided to give my T-X0s away to a mate at work. I just couldn't get into them. Far more impressed with the HE4XX which I use for my couch listening.
Also have a pair of HD6XX in the cupboard which I also prefer over the T-X0.
Was powering with a Creative X7 in high gain mode. Power didn't seem to be an issue, but not to my tastes.
Not impressed with these. They sound very dark, hollow, muffled, and veiled. Not nearly as good as the MK3s.
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Yep. Could you contact me @
My set is on eBay if you want. I think they are the only set for sale in the U.S.
Grabbed a pair of these for $100 on eBay. #452. That's a pretty low serial #
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Just got mine back today from modhouse. I'm completely blown away by the improvements..