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Just purchased a second hand T-X0 locally. This headphones appear to be very hard to drive. The sound coming out from the headphones is very quiet compare to my AKG M220 pro.

I am using a generic USB external sound card to drive this headphones.

I purchased an used Sound Blaster E1 on EBay. Creative claims that this portable USB DAC headphone amp supports headphones with impedances of up to 600 ohms so we'll see when it arrives.

On the comfort side, it is a lot more comfortable than the AKG M220 pro.

Updated on January 21st 2018
I just received my Sound Blaster E1 thru mail today. What a night and day difference from the generic USB external sound card. It is sufficient to drive the T-X0 with no issue. I am very happy with it so far.
Just received mine in good condition.
I love it very much powering it with Massdrop O2. Will compare it with m40x with hybrid pads.
Sound stage just wide enough, separation is just nice, compare to m40x with hybrid pads, m40x is narrower.
Treble is a tad less than m40x, so not as fatiguing for me compare to m40x.
Bass is the selling point of this is the bass. More present than m40x.
More comfortable than m40x, but fostex is A LOT heavier. And doesnt secure on head easily.
Has this plasticky smell though. Hope it goes away.
I should compare these with k240s though. Maybe later.
Thanks Massdrop!
Yeah, I noticed the odd smell to them as well when they arrived a few weeks ago. It may something applied to the leather band for curing or preserving? The pads are nice but like you say the overall weight takes some getting used to and you need to be careful moving around since they tend to slip. Anyway the smell does seem to be going away slowly. I'm pushing these with a Fostex HP-A3 DAC-amp which does OK on its own. Just added a Little Dot 1+ hybrid (w/ GE JAN-5654W tubes) amp going from the HP-A3's output connectors and it helped expand the sound on these a bit more and made the bass punchier which I like :)
I got in on the first batch and bought two pair which did not have any smell. Might be the headstrap. You can actually replace that with a more comfortable one that can be found on amazon. I find that after about 3 hours I notice the strap start to hurt on my dome so I might replace mine with a softer one. Also the closed back mods some people do are neat. The smell though, I did not have to deal with that.
I have one for sale, just used it couple times for like an hour max, will sell it for the drop price. Item is in US.
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Hello @Oscarin, it was $149.99 + CA tax.
How much would it in US currency, shipped to USA
Anyone in the states looking for a barely used set (twice) with an extra V-Moda cable?
Pads - So I bought the Dekoni Sheepskin pads. Being a bass head, I want a little extra bass to the stock pads. However, the change is so dramatic that I do not like the Dekoni Sheepskin pads at all! To my ears, the change is a lot more bass (not quality bass but muddy bass) the sound stage is tighter and treble is harsh. Anyone else have experience with changing different pads? I am not sure what to do now as I have swapped back to stock pads. The Dekoni Sheepskin pads feels and looks premium quality, just that I do not like what I hear through them......
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I put the Dekoni protein leather pads on mine and the sound signature went way too v-shaped. The mids that are so great on these headphones dropped out and raising the volume made them sound crowded and intense, which my guess was on account of them having a smaller ear opening and sealing so well, maybe too well. IMO these headphones need to breathe a bit. One of the Dekoni reps said that a hybrid sheepskin/velour was in the works (IIRC). With any luck they'll have them angled too.
Interesting and thanks for the input. One of Dekoni's rep recommended me the Elite Velour. Been waiting for their reply for 7 days now with my needs so will see what they recommend in the end to help out. I purchased this thinking it is a closed back (as I need a closed back for work and I already have a K712 open back) but this ended up semi-closed...... agree with you that these headphones need to breathe a bit. I tried blocking out the vents and they sound t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e!!! Angled pads sure is preferred but I tend to turn them at an angle (even with angled pads) for a better seal around my head.
I wish to say here that the earpads from this Fostex T-X0 is of very high value!!!! I use this pair of earpads on Beyerdynamic T1 first generation and got perfect results. With a little sacrifice in ear and a little naturalness of the soundstage, this T-X0 earpad turned the T1 to my favorate tonal headphone. This is the best pad-rolling result on Beyerdynamic T1. Highly recommend all of you to try it if you happen to have a T1!! Oh my god this earpad itself worths the $150 price mark when paired with T1.
I cannot put the stock pads back on anymore, they just waste what T1 could do.
I'm getting a buzzing sound in the left can, disappointing honestly, What should I do
Maybe the left driver is loose, open up and tighten the screws. You can search some info, it's quite common in this model. If that doesn't works, contact support.
Selling an unopened pair if anyone is interested. Bought other headphones after these were delayed
I am very interested, let me know if you still have them for sale, what your price is, and if you could upload a timestamp picture
Also interested, shipping to Spain?
So, I opened these, plugged them in, and started playing some of my favorite music. The first thing I noticed was how much I didn't like the sound. A bit muddy, a lot of lost presence, and an unimpressive sound stage. BUT WAIT...I realized that the reason I got these was because they are based off of one of the modded pairs of headphones, and that I got these TO mod them. So I 1) covered up the vents with electrical tape (on the inside), and 2) taped a cotton pad (like one of those non-stick medical ones) over the driver...put them back together, plugged them in, spun up a good song and BAM! wayyyy better. Still don't compare to some of my favorite pairs, but definitely a way better sound that I enjoy!
Are these still notorious for being hard to drive like the original TRP Series of headphones?
Planning on buying these or the HE-4XX if they ever get dropped again.
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Interesting........Thanks for the output!
The GE JAN-5654W (milspec) tubes I'm currently using in the Little Dot 1+ in conjunction with my Fostex amp are doing well with no background noise. I referred to the tube rolling guide at Head-Fi here:( which gives a good list of compatible tubes in each of the EF91,92 or 95 series.