Massdrop x Fostex T-X0 Planar Magnetic Headphonessearch
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Massdrop x Fostex T-X0 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Massdrop x Fostex T-X0 Planar Magnetic Headphones

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What is the difference between these and the T50 MK3n? I fund a MK3n for 100usd second hand. Which one would be better?
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Fun times ahead mate! :D
For sure!!!! Already in love with the 58X :-))))
If i were to game with these would I need to use a stereo mic since it looks like there is no place for an add in mic
Check out ModMic5. I use it with AKG 7XX and it's awesome. Quality is great and mic sounds phenomenal.
Balanced Argon T-X0

Custom TRRS cable from zap cables.

TRRS to 4-pin XLR from aliexpress...
(These are seriously hard to obtain..)

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Thank you! Will the silver or copper variety have any difference in sound or quality?
Go with copper, any difference will probably be so small, that it's probably not worth the difference in cost.
I would absolutely love to see a MK3 version of this in all black.
Just nope
this is the last reliable source to get mk2s for modding, if you want black mk3 just paint them.

Completely unrelated, but have you notice how warped is the spacebar key in one of the promo shots?
Now I do, good eyes. haha
Buy one and send it to
Thank me later and make sure and get the deerskin strap and ZMF lambskins for MK2.
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Yea it's nice and close in sound to an Argon but a little more treble, little less mid bass, I am trying to figure out which pads are best between ZMF lambskin and Protein ovals.
The lamb ads a bit more Soundstage, but muffels separation a little bit, compared to protein.
I'd say take the lamb, it feels and smells so great
I was in on the original drop. Sold mine off because the sound signature is terrible. Well constructed and some are happy with the Argon mood, but I'd rather just start of with t50rp mk3 instead.
These are some of the worst headphones I've ever used stock. If you buy these you are buying them to turn them into Argon MK2s. If not you are going to be extremely disappointed, because these suck stock.
Argon all the way but you must get the ZMF lambskins to complete the sound signature of Argon and optional deerskin strap!
Just got mine back from modhouse, my mind is blown.. i am A/Bing them with another set of TX-0s and its a completely different headphone, the bass extension and sound stage are stupidly large. If i owned the 6XX's that i used while waiting for the mod to be completed they would be taken out of rotation for sure. I do tend to prefer exciting headphones over neutral ones though. I will be doing an A/B with LCD Classics tonight.
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I have them too, did you get the deerskin strap and zmf's?
Yes on zmf pads no on deerskin strap.