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Massdrop x Fostex T-X0 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Massdrop x Fostex T-X0 Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Looking forward to when these come back! Hopefully its soon.
For Whenever the drop comes back:

These are very muddy to start off with. But, these need burn-in(100 hours).I am using Brainwavz round pads that helped alot. I also covered the port partially. These need a very powerful amp, much more than the mach3's, I am using the emotiva BASX amp. A bright, crisp DAC will help, I am using the topping D50. Now these work well for my heavy music listing cans.
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The TX-O need power & they have broken in plus the new pads all made a change in sound But the game changer was the BasX A-100.
This is my goal also now, A-100 with a great DAC, bypass resistors in AMP and prepare for unbridled POWER!!!!! Very nice!~
Does anyone else have like excess glue on the prongs that go into the cups? Theres some on the left cup and it creates a lot of noise everytime i move the cup. The right cup makes noise, but not as much (basically noise from the plastic). Theres also a lot more creakingin general than I would have expected.
As for audio (dont really know much and only have 6xx's to compare): increased bass and I finally understand what people mean by "muddy". Some things just sound less clear and the bass feels overpowering. Even at lower volumes it feels like theyre trying to rumble my whole head.
Dose anybody know the exact tool to remove the screws from the leather headband.
Thanks any help would be appreciated
T20 torx with protection
thank you appreciate it.
Torn between getting these or keeping my DT700 Pros...
The dac and amp has arrived but im waiting on these
I received my T-X0's today and I have to say that I am not in agreement with the negative reviews. Nope. A couple of hours of pink noise and about 6 hours of using them with a variety of music, i.e. Classical, Rock, Jazz, and they already sound a whole lot better than they did straight out of the box. If the Argon mod is as good as it is purported to be these are going to be one of my best investments in headphones. To my ears they sound detailed, have nice highs without being harsh. Bass is there without sounding mushy. Mids may be a little recessed. I have no real complaints. I've been driving them with an Aune X7s 2018 edition, Topping D10 Dac, and iPad Mini 4 playing Tidal Hifi as the source. I also have a Cavalli Tube Hybrid and Little Dot MK II that I will test with over the next few days. I'll also try some other music genere as well, e.g. Rap, and EDM to get a fuller picture on the bass response. They are also very light and extremely comfortable. I like'em! Update: 9/3/18; I’ve been switching back and forth between these and my HD6XX’s. I like these in a different way than I like the HD’s. Sorry, but I can’t really describe it yet. The mids are recessed but I find that with enough power that that can be overcome somewhat. They are not bright, which I like. Piercing highs are not my thing. They sound good on my Aune X7s, Massdrop CTH, and Massdrop 02 Amp. 11-12 O’Clock on either of those amps delivers good performance. I tried them on my Little Dot MKII but I don’t think they sounded as good. If that’s the case even after modding so be it. I definitely want to do the Argon mod. There’s so much potential here. However the current turnaround is 12 weeks. I can’t be without them for that long. I’m going to get a set of the ZMF Lamb skin pads to hold me over until the wait is shorter. I may try some mods on my own also in the meantime. I haven’t tried any bass heavy music yet. I’ve spent the last days since I started this post listening to the Dead. I find their music a good test because of the range of instruments they used. It’s a good sonic workout for any headphone. One last thing. Based on the review comments at the bottom of the overview I don’t think Massdrop considered the TX-0’s to be the ultimate result. I think they were expecting people to mod them. I think a lot of people bought them without that being a consideration that came to mind.. More later. Update: 10/22/18; Well, I got a pair of Dekoni Elite Sheepskin pads from the previous drop which came today. I've been listening for a few hours with them on and have to say that I like the improvement. The mids sound a bit more forward, and bass a bit more defined. over the stock pads. The drivers are farther from my ears as these pads are thicker. I guess that makes part of the difference along with the different material. Obviously, I don't know all of the language to describe what I'm hearing. I won't say that these pads have transformed these headphones. Only extensive modding will do that. But I do thinkthe improvements from the new pads bode extremely well. I got the Dekoni pads rather than the ZMF pads because they were cheaper. I am going to have to try the ZMF's though. The Dekoni pads are comfortable and are not hot. I also like the smell. I also like the smell of the T-X0's comfort strap. It's leather and I don't view it as cheap. Anyway, I continue to like these cans. Update: 11/1/18; It is a week on with the Dekoni pads on and I believe the sound continues to improve. I think the treble has opened up more. It is more present without being sibilant and fatiguing. I'm listening at relatively high volumes on different amps I have available. I was mostly listening on an Aune X7s, but switched today to my CTH and I think I like the way they sound through the hybrid the most. It adds a nice warmth without darkening the sound further. The Dekoni pads have definitely improved the bass and opened up the soundstage. The other amp I've used is the Massdrop 02 Amp. It is a solid driver of the cans and sounds great too. I have to try this on my LD MKII again next. I didn't like the sound as much on that when I first got these but it has been a while that I've been using these now so the sound may have improved. Last comment today is that they sound really lush on the CTH. Listening to the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack right now. "Coconut!"
I bought these back in August and immediately sent them off to Ryan at Modhouse. Got 'em back today and can say, without reservation, they are well worth the wait! Whatever he does to these is, simply, magic...he's like an alchemist, turning iron into gold! The mids (vocals) are placed right in the middle of the widest soundstage I've ever heard from a closed (semi) set of cans. The bass, which was thin before the mod, is now punchy without being overdone. Unlike you, I prefer highs a little more pronounced so I boosted them by 3db and they are now, to me, just perfect! I opted for the balanced mod, the ZMF protein pads (super comfortable) and grabbed a 3.5mm to XLR cable from Periapt which puts me all-in at about 350 bucks and I truly beleive these are the best cans that can be had for that price. I'm also using the X7s which powers these easily.
I bought these with the intention of getting them modded into Aragon’s. I specifically wanted to start with T50RP MK2’s. I’ll live with them for a month to burn in and see how they sound. Mine have shipped and am looking forward to them.
I ordered the Fostex T-X0 and wanted to compare them to my Beyerdynamic T90 headphones. I'll post back how they compare.
What is the difference between these and the T50 MK3n? I fund a MK3n for 100usd second hand. Which one would be better?
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Fun times ahead mate! :D
For sure!!!! Already in love with the 58X :-))))
If i were to game with these would I need to use a stereo mic since it looks like there is no place for an add in mic
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dont touch them after you get the argon mod done. I would get the balanced option + ZMF lambskins. I didn't get balanced unfortunately, and I love my cowhide ZMFs but the recommended pads are lambskins.
+1 on modmic. It is great and they provide 2 of the female magnet pieces for two different headphones. The sticky part does not leave a residue when removed. All in all, it's the best way to modify higher quality headsets for attaching mics. Only other option would be a stand mic.
Balanced Argon T-X0
Custom TRRS cable from zap cables.
TRRS to 4-pin XLR from aliexpress... (These are seriously hard to obtain..)

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ZMF Lambskin
Periapt offers a balanced 3.5mm TRRS to XLR now for the Mark2 Argons now with a 14 day wait.
I would absolutely love to see a MK3 version of this in all black.
Just nope this is the last reliable source to get mk2s for modding, if you want black mk3 just paint them.
Completely unrelated, but have you notice how warped is the spacebar key in one of the promo shots?
Now I do, good eyes. haha
Buy one and send it to Thank me later and make sure and get the deerskin strap and ZMF lambskins for MK2.
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Yea it's nice and close in sound to an Argon but a little more treble, little less mid bass, I am trying to figure out which pads are best between ZMF lambskin and Protein ovals.
The lamb ads a bit more Soundstage, but muffels separation a little bit, compared to protein. I'd say take the lamb, it feels and smells so great
I was in on the original drop. Sold mine off because the sound signature is terrible. Well constructed and some are happy with the Argon mood, but I'd rather just start of with t50rp mk3 instead.
These are some of the worst headphones I've ever used stock. If you buy these you are buying them to turn them into Argon MK2s. If not you are going to be extremely disappointed, because these suck stock.
Argon all the way but you must get the ZMF lambskins to complete the sound signature of Argon and optional deerskin strap!
Just got mine back from modhouse, my mind is blown.. i am A/Bing them with another set of TX-0s and its a completely different headphone, the bass extension and sound stage are stupidly large. If i owned the 6XX's that i used while waiting for the mod to be completed they would be taken out of rotation for sure. I do tend to prefer exciting headphones over neutral ones though. I will be doing an A/B with LCD Classics tonight.
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I have them too, did you get the deerskin strap and zmf's?
Yes on zmf pads no on deerskin strap.
Today, I decided it was to time to have a look inside the driver cups and see what mods have been done.
Just want to preface this with that I joined this drop with the nostalgic in tension to replace my dearly beloved modded T50rp that I gave away to a friend many years ago.
When received these beauties I felt the quality was much nicer than a usual pair of MK2 T50's but the sound left me wanting.
Anyways, opened up the cups by removing the screws (7) and then having to pry open the baffle from the cups as they are adhered with some kind of sticky/gluey lining. Once removed, the internals of the cup had hardly been touched. Only a bit of lining to the back of the drivers and fully open port vent at the bottom of the cup which had the stock felt tape over it.
Just wanting to see if the usual easy mods can make a difference to the tuning of the T50's, I went and sealed up 3/4 of the ports with some duct tape (I know, not the best type but available at the time!), cut up some cotton sheets roughly 4x4 cm and plonked it in the cup to sit literally right behind the drive when it is all assembled.
Putting it all back together I actually missed those days of modding these headphones, especially when I got to fire it up through the MCTH. I seriously wasn't expecting much but hot damn, Hello midrange...oh is that a little more sub I can feel hrmmm and the treble....I can here some of that toasty hot treble that these things can usually kill you with (LOL). This is a NICE mod, little effort, with some appreciable improvement!
I'm gonna call this STAGE 1.
P.s the Baffles on the driver side are untouched and you could go to town with some artist clay and dampen it more!
Anyways, hope this helps!
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After modding the TX-0 with some cotton in the earcups and medical tape on the magnetic driver it did help brighten the sound but the higher frequencies seem a bit too hot for me now. I also purchased the Massdrop Hifiman HE4XX and like them more for planar. They sound better all around, more comfortable for longer wear and do not distort at higher volumes with my amp.
Yeah, I don't blame you, the T50's are more for people who like to tinker. There is potential in them drivers, if you have the time. I don't have time for them anymore. Was my first planar that I modded long ago, which why I grabbed these as a nostalgia trip. Alas, there are a good assortment of planars nowadays, which is a good thing!
Glad you're enjoying your HE4xx, by all accounts they are indeed a great buy! What amp you running with your 4xx?
I finally managed to climb up the planar ladder and got my hands on the Hifiman Edition X's (Gen 1). That's some audio bliss right there (you know what I'm saying!).
I heard this at a friend's house yesterday. He put it up on sale on eBay and its the last day of auction, so my impression's limited to his DirectStream+Emotiva A100 setup.
One word: dark. Two words: very dark.
Either massdrop played too safe, or there's just that much room of improvement on Fostex's end. Either way, these sounds significantly more congested than Dekoni Blue. They don't have much treble, and bass is pretty wonky since it doesn't reach anywhere near the lowest registers. Mids on these are pretty enjoyable tho, it gives some of my familiar songs some refreshing air. With that being said tho these are very hard to drive like all Fostex mods. An amp is an absolute must, but unfortunately even if you feed these enough power they're still pretty lackluster. Well you get what you paid for. For $160 dollar this isn't that bad of a deal really, you can do much worse but honestly when you can get Cascadia Talos for just $100 more I don't see why you still want these. Those are in another league. I've sold mine and now V2 comes out imma buy them back. These? Unless they're $60. Duh.
Anyone have a pair they want to sell? Live in US, Cali to be more accurate. If unopened/unused I'll do 150 if used then maybe 130
The pads are part of the problem.Roll the pads and listen again,i changed mine to dekoni elite sheepskin. Night and day difference.
Z-Review on T-X0, ouch!
The review kind of make me wants to send my headphones to Mod House to get the Argon mod. Anyone done that and if so what's your thought on it comparing with stock?
Yeah, I saw Z's review earlier and can relate a little to his first impressions. I've had the T-X0's for a few months and I noticed a less sparkly and sort of muffled sound at first but over time they seem to be getting better. I do drive these with a Fostex DAC-amp outputting to a Little Dot hybrid tube amp. These do require more power than my other headphones. Even my Beyerdynamic (80 ohm) 770 Pros are not requiring me to dial up as much as the T-X0's. I like the somewhat darker tones my T-X0's produce. These are my only planars and I would like to compare with another like a HiFiMan or Monoprice version. Audeze is just too crazy high in price. The Mod House conversion to the Argon looks like a good deal. I think I'll give itsome more time and maybe try minor DIY mods.
I feel the same way about the T-X0's, comes across as "Very" dark sounding, the tune is a little to safe in the treble department and the bass sounds very tame. Lot's of potential though as these don't get the head time from my other headphones. Can be a great chillout headphone but there needs to be more bass, also the mid's can sound amazing but all too often sound far too distant. Guitars just don't have that bite with this tune and vocals far too distant.
I really didn't want to mod these as I just wanted my T50rp set and forget but...
Decided to give my T-X0s away to a mate at work. I just couldn't get into them. Far more impressed with the HE4XX which I use for my couch listening. Also have a pair of HD6XX in the cupboard which I also prefer over the T-X0. Was powering with a Creative X7 in high gain mode. Power didn't seem to be an issue, but not to my tastes.
Not impressed with these. They sound very dark, hollow, muffled, and veiled. Not nearly as good as the MK3s.
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Yep. Could you contact me @
My set is on eBay if you want. I think they are the only set for sale in the U.S.
Grabbed a pair of these for $100 on eBay. #452. That's a pretty low serial #
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Just got mine back today from modhouse. I'm completely blown away by the improvements..
I thought these initially sounded very dark and veiled, though with a lot of bass slam. Was tempted to get rid of them, but after fairly extensive burn in/usage they've opened up quite a bit. However they are inefficient and require a good amplifier to drive, otherwise they will probably sound like crap. Much better than I initially thought!
Ay, I prefer them to the 6xx
anyone here selling a pair and willing to ship to the philippines?
whats a phillipino dollar worth
I am- in the end, I'm happier with a pair of Sennheiser I also got. Let me know if you're still interested.